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Constant hunger could indicate either the presence of any diseases and unhealthy lifestyle that lead to this phenomenon. To determine the exact cause of constant hunger can only be a specialist. Nature in the human brain incorporated a lot of functions which helps remove waste products, follow the dream, not let you starve.

constant hunger

Center in the brain

In the cerebral cortex is the center responsible for power. It is in connection with the organs of digestion, carried out by means of the nerve endings and allows you to control the feeling of hunger. The food centre is divided into two sections, one of which is responsible for saturation, and is located in the hypothalamus and the other in charge of hunger and is in a sideways sector. Thanks to these sections of the brain receives a signal about shortage of energy and nutrients, and onset of saturation. With what may be due to the constant feeling of hunger?

Methods of receiving a signal

The Brain center responsible for power, gets information about a sufficient flow of food in the body in two ways:

1. By means of signals transmitted by the nerve endings emanating from the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Through processing information on the amount of nutrients entering the body with food, namely amino acids, glucose, fats etc.

the constant a feeling of hunger causes

Causes of constant hunger

Causes a constant feeling of hunger even after a meal can have very different nature. The main ones are:

1. Hyperlexia. Is a condition where the patient constantly feels a sense of hunger, even though in the body there is no need for replenishment of nutrients.

2. Hyperthyroidism, manifested increased synthesis of enzymes produced by the thyroid gland.

3. Diabetes. The constant feeling of hunger, this disease patients experience very often.

4. Gastric pathology such as ulcer disease, or gastritis with high acidity.

5. Dependence on food is a psychological nature.

6. Intense mental stress, for example during a session with students.

7. Failure in the hormonal balance of the body.

8. Intense physical activity that cause large-scale waste of energy.

9. The restriction of used products, mono.

10. Prolonged stay in a state of depression.

11. Thirst.

12. Violation of the menstrual cycle.

13. Unbalanced diet – a common cause of a constant feeling of hunger in women.

the constant a feeling of hunger after meals

The Famine comes at a time when the body signals the brain about the lack of energy. This is a normal reaction of the body which prevents the depletion and protects all organs and systems. The constant feeling of hunger can occur due to two main factors: physiological or psychological disorder.


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The Process of power supply is normal

In normal condition the process of nutrition is as follows:

1. The brain an impulse is sent that requires a refill of energy.

2. Food provided to the organism.

3. The next pulse according to the saturation.

4. The hunger abates.

If the constant feeling of hunger haunts of man, it speaks of a rupture of one of the above links. The constant desire to eat, if you do not take measures, will inevitably lead to overweight and diseases that will follow.


The Feeling of hunger a person feels at the moment when the stomach sends to the brain the first pulse. True hunger occurs approximately 12 hours later after a meal. This period varies from individual to individual and is not common to all.

the constant feeling of hunger even after eating causes

Hunger is characterized by stomach cramps that last for up to a half minute. Spasms happen with a break, and there is a tendency to gain. After a certain period of time cramps become regular and spicy. Then begins “to suck in the stomach”, with the abdomen growling.

How to get rid of constant hunger, of interest to many.

Emotional trauma

Emotional turmoil have the ability of suppressing hunger for some period of time. It is established that patients with increased blood sugar levels suffer more severely than others.

Also, there is a constant hunger for gastritis.

Doctors quite often hear from their patients ' complaints on this score. However, to determine the cause of this phenomena it is quite easy. This is due to the large number of factors that can cause this symptom. Sometimes women in the first stage of pregnancy have a constant desire to eat. This is a physiological phenomenon that does not require special attention and does not cause concern.

A Hunger after a meal

There Are patients who feel constant hunger even after a meal. The causes of this phenomenon are:

the constant feeling of hunger what to do

1. The drop in blood glucose caused by psychological or physiological factors. Prolonged disruption of the balance between glucose and insulin may cause the development of diabetes, which subsequently will lead to a permanent feeling of hunger. Attempt to stop this feeling will inevitably lead to overeating and obesity.

2. Sudden change in the regime and quality of food. It can be a corrective diet, fasting for health purposes or moving to new climatic conditions. For a certain period of time, the changes the body in a new way.

3. A significant limitation in the frequency of meals and the amount. To feed should be fractional, not to force the body to starve. Reducing the number of meals will inevitably lead to the fact that the body will require to eat.

4. The state of stress. When the body experiences negative emotional turmoil, he actively tries to fill the level of the hormone of joy and the easiest way to do it by eating something tasty. This is called stress-related eating and is quite common. This desire generates in the brain the connection between a stressful situation and food. In severe cases, to stave off the hunger pains caused by stress, obtained only from a qualified psychologist.

5. Intense mental activity. It is also a factor that can cause the feeling of hunger immediately after a meal. Quite often, people engaged in mental work, neglect a healthy diet and replace a complete meal for a snack. Such a regime cannot be called healthy, and it leads to the fact that in a very short period of time after the food a person is hungry again. The workaround is to change the power mode. This means the transition to three meals a day with useful snacking between meals.

the constant a feeling of hunger in women

6. Frequent dieting is also able to provoke constant feeling of emptiness in the stomach. When the body is under scarce supply, he tries by any means to fill the gaps. He does it even at least get food, and often creates a stock. So the people sitting on a strict diet sometimes, instead of the expected reduction get weight gain. You should pay careful attention to the desires of the body. This will help to avoid unwanted effects and complications. Preference should be given balanced diet and not strict diets.

7. The deficit of microelements and vitamins in the body can also cause a feeling of constant hunger. If you want to eat salty, you should add to your diet foods rich in magnesium. Harmful sweets like candy and cookies can be replaced with dried fruit and bitter chocolate (in moderation). Cabbage, fruit and poultry, will help to fill reserves of phosphorus, chromium and sulphur.

8. Another factor that can cause a feeling of constant hunger is premenstrual syndrome. This is due to the fact that in this period in a woman's body there is a deficiency of estrogen. So the woman irresistible wants something to eat. The only advice that can be given in a similar situation – to give preference to useful food, even increasing its amount. It is also recommended to drink more clean water.

It is Important not only to ascertain the reasons for constant feeling of hunger, but also to promptly begin therapy.

the constant feeling of hunger diabetes


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