What happens when you quit Smoking day by day? Body recovery after Smoking


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Everyone would like to have good health and live happily. But there are people who because of certain reasons cause your body harm. One gets the impression that they don't want to be healthy and live a long life. According to psychotherapists, addictions such as alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction, there are those who wish to avoid any mishaps and unpleasant situations, hiding from them. Causing harm to yourself, such as if a person challenges and personality, and others. This behavior may be due to a variety of assumptions, but, of course, negative results always have an impact on health and quality of life of the individual.

Psychological effect from addictions

The People in power of bad habits, feel caught in a vicious circle from which it is extremely difficult to get out. And indeed it is. People are feeling the effect of euphoria, and it seemed to him that he successfully copes with problems and negative emotions. However, he does not think over the fact of what caused his troubles and failures. And he feels that this needs to be done: after all, you can create positive emotions by artificial means. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, sweet food and fast food – all of this drowns out the loneliness, anger, boredom, and melancholy, unpleasant experiences. But stress and depression does not disappear, the problems are not solved by themselves, and people not making any effort to self-education and self-improvement.


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According to many experts, addictions exposed for the most part, persons with unstable mentality and also those who has developed strong-willed qualities, and that people who feel loneliness, emptiness and not realize himself fully. Bad habits often appear in adolescence, because of the desire not to differ from their peers to prove their masculinity and belonging to the company or (closed figures) to cope with the anguish and inner conflict.

A Big role in preventing the development of dependency the school plays. The teachers have a huge responsibility for the life and health of future generations. Promotion of healthy lifestyle, refusal of harmful habits because of their destructive effects on the body and mind – these topics must be present at extra-curricular activities, especially in high school. Then the youth will be aware of the various negative consequences and will not be as prone to curiosity and eagerness to try new things, to experience the thrill.

The Mechanism of formation and development dependencies

Many experts believe that the psychology of bad habits based on the propensity to escape from reality. This is most likely the property of weak natures. For example, the person does not like his job. Instead of trying to understand yourself and need to start looking for possible new employment, he often makes a break for Smoking, wanting to cope with stress. Or someone acute shortage of close relationships and joy, but instead find ways to feel less lonely, he uses a lot of desserts and fast food, trying to forget about negative emotions.

The formation of addictions, according to psychologists, due to the lack of self-love. After all, a man who knows his worth, respects my body is irreplaceable and unique, never will be poisoned by products and substances not healthy, to gain weight or failure to act.

However, such people sometimes can understand. In fact, not all feel loved and needed. Someone, for certain reasons, lacked warmth.

The Problem of psychological dependence can be solved, for example, through the study of literature. For this purpose perfect book by Richard O’Connor “the Psychology of bad habits”.

Tobacco dependence

The Article deals with the above problem, and it examines the impact of Smoking on the human body. Also it describes what happens when you quit Smoking day by day.

Now, this addiction, like tobacco addiction, may occur already in adolescence. Get used to nicotine very quickly. However, the one who smoked cigarettes for the first time, argues that faced with the disgusting sensation. But over time the body adapts and is not so strongly rejects toxic substances.what happens when you quit Smoking in days

Rare to meet a person who never in my life have not tried tobacco. Exhilaration associated with exposure to tobacco smoke causes smokers to reach for a cigarette when experiencing fear or failure. Gradually psychological dependence is more pronounced.

We must remember that this habit causes damage to all organs and systems, leading to premature aging and reduced life expectancy.

Although cigarette manufacturers it does not stop. Appear all new and new types of tobacco products.

Types of cigarettes

Tobacco products are very popular. Speaking of their varieties, we can distinguish several types:

  1. Strong (typically used by men and long-time smokers).
  2. High strength (available in red and black packages).
  3. Light (light cigarettes in packs;they prefer mostly boys and girls).
  4. Ultralight (popular with novice smokers and those who quit Smoking).
  5. Extra light (cigarette in white packages).

There Are slim and standard tobacco products and products containing fragrances.types of cigarettes

Types of cigarettes also includes cigars, cigarillos, and have recently become popular and fashionable vaping Smoking product based on a couple. But this variety is no less dangerous than the other, although some believe it is almost harmless. VAPI widespread among teenagers and inspire young people with a fragile body and a fragile nervous system, a strong psychological dependence. Craving – not only a negative effect. Couples and flavors negatively affect physical well-being of young people.

Research conducted among groups of adolescents showed that the dependence on wapow most likely to occur in boys and girls with a strong conformism, mentally unstable and having a low level of intelligence and erudition. Some parents turn a blind eye to the habit of a son or daughter, believing cigarettes based on a couple almost safe. Unfortunately, there are many adults that are still insufficiently acquainted with the information about the negative consequences of the use of these tobacco products.

What is included in cigarettes?

In addition to the extract of tobacco smoke contains numerous compounds that cause significant damage to human health. They suppress the immune system, impair the activity of the respiratory and cardiovascular system, provoke cancer.

Those who smoke, referred to the substance abusers because, inhaling the smoke, they poison the body with harmful substances. Nicotine included in cigarettes, is a poison that affects the nervous system provoking and addictive. He does not kill smoker just because it comes in the body. How long nicotine out of body? For at least ten to fifteen hours after Smoking a cigarette. Some of the poison lingers long in the kidneys, liver and body cells.smoked cigarettes

In addition to nicotine, the cigarette includes the following components:

  1. Carbon monoxide (provokes hypoxia, reduces physical and mental capabilities).
  2. Tar (causes cancer disease of the lungs and digestive organs).
  3. Heavy metals.
  4. Resin.

If all smokers thought about what terrible consequences it entails the use of tobacco, they would wonder about how to get rid of nicotine addiction. Even passive inhalation of smoke causes deterioration of health. And what about those who touches these dangerous components with your fingers, lips, and lets them inside the cells of your body?!

The impact of harmful habits on health

Smoking, first of all, knocks down the nervous system, provoking a state of anxiety and irritability, headaches and sleep disorders.

Breathing in tobacco smoke, the person increases the risk of pulmonary and respiratory diseases, diseases of the throat. Common consequences of tobacco use – cough with expectoration of dark sputum, respiratory disorders, hoarseness.

Smoking increases the risk of pneumonia, asthma, diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as hemorrhage, heart attacks, and coronary heart disease. The use of tobacco products contributes to the destruction of the gums and teeth. It affects the digestive system, contributes to the appearance of symptoms such as decreased appetite, salivation, ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract. The habit also affects the emotional-volitional sphere. Addicted to tobacco people are inactive, irritable and aggressive, tired quickly. Due to shortness of breath, heart problems and fatigue and they can't play sports. They lack perseverance in the process of intense mental activity.

To get Used to Smoking just. Quit and get rid of the horrible consequences – are much more complicated. And, considering how much nicotine leaves the body, it takes a lot of time to fix the whole caused to the body damage. psychology of addictionsIt is Much worse when to abandon addiction requires a serious problem, such as the presence of cancer, myocardial infarction, stroke or acute attack of hypertension.

Cigarette and women

Dependence on tobacco have a very negative impact on the reproductive organs. Women who smoke have difficulties with conception and pregnancy more often than those who do not consume tobacco.

The Children of such women are often born premature (due to the impact of nicotine on their fragile body), and also have poor health and poor immunity. If one of the parents smokes at home, the child constantly inhales the toxic smoke. These harmful effects lead to poor school performance, poor memory, scattered attention, restlessness and insomnia. And sometimes, despite the fact that teachers are actively involved in tobacco dependence, children of Smoking mothers are copying their model of behavior.weight gain

Women who use cigarettes, have problems with teeth, gums, their bones becomebrittle, hair falls out, skin dries and turns yellow in the face before wrinkles appear on the body – cellulite. Smoking woman quickly gets tired, she often does not have the strength to do any housework, she is often nervous and not sleeping well.

Effects of nicotine on the male body

Smoking causes significant damage to the reproductive organs of the stronger sex.

Smokers Often suffer diseases such as prostate cancer and adenoma.

They Have reduced sexual function, and due to the low activity of sperm difficult for them to produce offspring. Children born to Smoking men, often prone to various physical disorders. As many begin Smoking in adolescence, copying the behavior of peers or adults, many youths from tobacco addiction learn addiction of their fathers. It's extremely unlikely. Wish of the Pope led by example: practicing sports, playing chess, or read the novels, not passively sitting with a cigarette in the kitchen or on the couch. Then the child will imitate the model of a healthy lifestyle.

Many want to quit the habit and seriously think about it. But I don't know how I'll live at least a day without Smoking. However, the sooner people take action to get rid of addiction, the easier it will be to cope with difficulties, both physical and psychological.

Rejection of the habits

The effects of Smoking are inextricably linked to the duration of the period during which the person used a cigarette. Sometimes, in order to eliminate the effects of prolonged tobacco dependence requires at least ten years. Some believe that it is impossible sharply to quit Smoking, it is better to gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes. Of course, everyone chooses the way of deliverance from habits, which is convenient specifically to him. However, many believe that it is better to give up completely, once and for all.

Next, you will learn what happens when you quit Smoking day by day. how much nicotine out of the bodySpeaking in General terms, ex-smokers there is a gradual recovery and purification of organs and systems: lungs, heart, teeth and gums, nervous system and sexual function. The person sleeps better. He feels the taste of food, will have a good appetite. The skin is more rosy and fresh. Disappears irritability, depression, and felt a surge of strength. And, of course, do not forget that the people bade farewell to the pernicious habit, to protect themselves from a variety of oncological, cardiovascular, pulmonary and dental diseases and, of course, from early aging and high risk of death at a young age.

One of the problems that concerns ex-smokers (especially women) – weight gain. In order not to gain weight during quitting bad habits is necessary to closely monitor nutrition.

Beginning of a life without cigarettes

During the first day the body after Smoking cessation is functioning perfectly. The man is elated, he has a lot of energy, he is satisfied.

Then increases the excitability, a decrease in appetite and poor sleep. On the second day the person can become aggressive, his mental state is changeable, he is suffering from breathing problems and stomach pain. On the third day he can see the nightmares, much to suffer from the lack of cigarettes. If on the fourth day of these symptoms do not disappear, you can take a mild sedative. Fifth day – one of the most dangerous for those who smoked cigarettes and decided to quit. It was during this period, the probability of returning to it. Also on the 5th day have a cough with dark sputum, and on the 6th to this is added symptom excessive thirst, hand tremors and nausea. One week after quitting Smoking occurs increased appetite. If we consider what happens when you quit Smoking in days, it can be concluded that only after a week the body is partially restored, though not without difficulty.

You Need to take into account that the regeneration of the bronchi, blood vessels and skin will take a little longer - about 14 days. And the cells of the internal organs will recover no less than a month.

Quit Smoking without gaining weight for women: is it possible?

In the modern world, many women use tobacco. Women find it more difficult to remain calm in stressful situations and to relax and gather my thoughts, they often resort to cigarettes. This affects their health and appearance deteriorate teeth fade and the hair falls out, a person acquires an earthy hue, occurs on the body ‘orange peel”. Planning to quit Smoking, women worried about this issue, as weight gain after the abolition of cigarettes. Certain metabolic processes, changes in the brain, and lack of the hormone of joy-all these factors associated with quitting tobacco, provoke the appearance of extra pounds. You should not quit before menstruation and during them. In the period of premenstrual syndrome weight gain is almost inevitable, and besides, the woman in this case, exposes himself to additional psychological stress.

Not to gain weight while quitting Smoking, you must carefully plan your diet. Candy, lollipops, confectionery and fast food, as well as sausages, smoked meats, fried foods, chips and crackers are recommended to be deleted.Sweet fruits such as bananas and grapes, it is better to limit. You should eat more grains, vegetables, braised lean meat, drink plenty of water. a good appetiteYou can Cook for a couple, it is also necessary to reduce the use of butter and vegetable oil to fifteen grams per day. Should refuse to visit such places as food service establishments, bars and disco clubs, where the temptation to smoke in company, or drinking alcohol along with harmful snacks.

Some psychologists suggest women who quit Smoking and fear of getting fat, make a list of products that they are going to eat for the day, to write their names on separate slips of paper and folded in the package. Each time, after the dish, you need to throw out the bag a sign with his name. This will help you better to control yourself.

It is important to remember that junk food – not an alternative to cigarettes. Better to find other activities that can distract from tobacco cravings (creativity, going to the cinema or theatre, traveling, nature, sports). Of course, quitting bad habits – not a simple matter. But after learning about what happens when you quit Smoking in days, perhaps many will reconsider their attitude to themselves and to their health and to take physical and psychological self-improvement.

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