What is the normal sugar level in blood?


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normal blood sugarGlucose – one of the main energy materials of our body. When talking about sugar, I mean it. The proper functioning of body cells, including brain might be the case if sugar is normal. Because glucose we get only from food, sometimes quantity can be more, and sometimes less. However, the deviation is minor, and normal blood sugar levels by age does not change, whether it is a teenager at the age of 15 or grandfather at the age of 72. In this article we will talk about which glucose levels are correct and which are not, and also consider why they may vary.

Responsible For what glucose is and what affects the stabilization of its level in the blood?

As mentioned earlier, sugar – is the main energy material for tissues and cells. By doing the body, it the bulk is deposited in the liver in form of glycogen, which at the request of the hormones are converted again to glucose. Norma sugar level in the blood is maintained by insulin which the pancreas produces. All other the body's hormones (such as adrenaline, cortisol and others) contribute to the increase of glucose level.

how much sugar in the blood

What metrics are the norm?

To begin, we note that the norm of blood sugar levels is common both in men and women at any age. The tests always give up on an empty stomach in the period, when the body is missing any infection, as it can affect performance. So, if we talk about what should be the normal level of sugar in the blood, then it is worth considering that depending on the time of day it can change. It is also affected by the meals. In a healthy person before Breakfast the sugar will be equal to 3,3-5,5 mmol/L. anything below the first value – hypoglycemia (low blood glucose), and everything above the second value, – hyperglycemia (high level). After eating sugar figure is less than 7.8 mmol/l. Indicators of sugar in the blood from a finger and veins differ.


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What are the indicators.

The child after the age of five years, the glucose level should be the same as in adults. And from 1 year to 5 years – 3,3-5,0 mmol/l, up to 1 year – up to 4.4 mmol/L.

When diagnosed with “sugar diabetes”?

Safe to say about a disease like diabetes, can only on the results of three analyses, which indicate:

  • Elevated glycated hemoglobin (to 5.7%);
  • Sugar levels which exceed 11 mmol/l after 60 minutes after taking 75 g of glucose;
  • High blood sugar before meal.why blood sugar

Why sugar in the blood increases?

There are several causes of diabetes. Among them:

  • Constant stress, fatigue;
  • Heredity; the
  • Weight problems;
  • Viruses, infection;
  • An unbalanced diet;
  • Cancer of the pancreas;
  • Inactive.

In this article, we learned about how much sugar in the blood should be a healthy person and that affects performance. To maintain a normal state you need to eat right, move often, exercise and the detection of signs of increased sugar to consult a doctor.

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