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Gout – a pathology that develops as a result of violations of purine metabolism. The disease is accompanied by deposition of urate in the epiphyses of bones, joints, cartilage of the ears and complicated by aseptic inflammation.

General information

Most of the pathology in exposed men after forty years. Often gout-a hereditary constitutional disease. Other causes pathology it should be noted the excessive consumption of alcohol, meat. Often the disease is accompanied by diabetes and obesity. Disorders in purine metabolism lead to disorders in the secretion or an increased formation of uric acid, the accumulation of salts.

Symptoms of disease

For gout the most typical are inflammation of the synovial membranes, tendon sheaths, joint capsule. In areas of urate deposits is marked destruction of bone and cartilage. This, in turn, leads to subluxation and deformation of joints. On the earlobe, in the periarticular tissue form alopecia, urate deposits – "tofi". They are surrounded by connective tissue. Often deposits urates are found in the kidneys and other organs. cure for gout

Therapeutic interventions

What are the drugs for the treatment of gout? What are they? What is the mechanism of their action? Is there a best cure for gout? More on that later. Before talking directly about the action of a drug, it should be noted that pathology is accompanied by pain and stiffness. In this regard, among other things, medications are aimed at eliminating these symptoms. First, you need to visit a specialist. The doctor based on the patient's condition, severity and tolerability, recommends what drugs to take for gout. In the case of the development of pathology of the self is not allowed.


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medication for gout the price fulflex

Cure gout "Fulflex"

The price of the medication is within 200 rubles. The tool is available in encapsulated form and in the form of a liniment for application externally. In the product there are extracts of white willow bark and scented roots martinii. The tool has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent effect, shows anti-edema effect. In ointments, in addition to the above components, there are extracts of white birch, chestnut, fir, juniper, eucalyptus. The liniment contains vitamins P and E. For greater efficiency specialist may recommend a comprehensive treatment, using both dosage forms drug. Thus, patients should strictly follow the doctor's instructions.

Method of application

Capsules is recommended in patients with fourteen years 1 each only once. The drug drink during the meal. Duration of use – month. Externally for gout "Fulflex", the price of which is indicated above, is applied twice a day on affected area. The liniment may be slightly RUB massaging movements. The ineffectiveness of therapy is not recommended to change the schema of the application. what medication to take for gout

Side effects

We Describe the cure for gout in the application can trigger bradycardia, arterial hypertension. However, to say that these events are quite rare. At intake, patients may experience indigestion, diarrhea. The therapy sometimes observed hepatitis, stomatitis, disorders in the activity of the liver. To side effects, which causes the cure of gout, should also include violations of taste, neuropathy, headache, ataxia, fatigue, paresthesia. In some patients the drug causes hematuria, interstitial nephritis, leukopenia, infertility, diabetes. Among the negative effects experts also point out an allergic reaction in the form of boils, rashes, irritation of the skin. Probably bleaching hair. The drug can cause swelling, cramps, depression, drowsiness. medications to treat gout

Cure gout "Allopurinol"

The Cost of this drug varies a hundred rubles. The drug contributes to infringement of synthesis of uric acid, dissolution of urate deposits. This cure gout, among other things, prevents the accumulation of uric acid salts in the kidneys and tissues. The dosage regimen is set individually. A means of "Allopurinol" in contrast to the drug "Fulflex" are permitted to assign patients to 15 years. Recommended for adults between 100 and 900 mg, in accordance with the severity of pathology. Taken after meals 2-4 times/day. Children the dosage is based on weight – 10-20 mg/kg With impaired renal function the maximum number of drug – 100 mg. gout medication allopurinol


Not assigned the medication, pregnant, lactating patients, patients with severe impairment of renal or hepatic activities. Contraindications include hypersensitivity to the drug. The tool has an impact on the speed of psychomotor reactions. In this regard, it is not recommended to engage in activitiesrequire greater attention.

Special instructions

When you receive the funds, "Allopurinol" we need to ensure optimum fluid intake per day – not less than two liters. Dose adjustment may be required for patients with impaired liver function, hypothyroidism thyroid. Patients with malignant pathology, the gout medication should be taken before therapy with cytostatics. In these cases, the recommended minimum dosage. On the basis of a comprehensive admission medication "Allopurinol" and cytostatics requires regular monitoring picture peripheral blood. During treatment is not allowed alcohol. Asymptomatic hyperuricemia is not true for the indications for use drugs. The appointment of children is carried out only in the presence of malignancies (especially leukaemia) and certain enzyme disorders.

best cure for gout


It Should be noted that the pathology may progress unusually, not accompanied by acute attacks. The changes in the joints occur gradually. Often the disease is accompanied by early vascular atherosclerotic disorders, hypertension, formation of stones in the urinary tract. Picking up a cure for gout, the physician should consider the overall clinical picture. In some cases, for appointment of adequate therapy may require additional diagnostic measures. The systematic and timely implementation of prevention and treatment can halt the development of disease and prevent acute gouty attacks. Along with drug therapy is of great importance to lifestyle and diet of the patient.

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