Why cracked heels? Causes and solution to the problem


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badly cracked heels what to doCracked heels - a phenomenon quite frequent and very unpleasant. They bring considerable discomfort and slowly heal, not allowing them to lead an active lifestyle. Why do the cracks appear? The reasons lie in the body, or it occurs exclusively under the influence of external factors?

Why cracked heels?

The Causes can be varied. For example, diseases such as diabetes, obesity, certain skin diseases, will inevitably lead to skin dryness and cracking. In addition, skin tends to become dry with age due to changes in metabolism and hormonal level. It is not surprising that many people are facing the problem of cracked heels after 40 years. One of the options of why cracked skin on the heels is a violation of elementary sanitary-hygienic norms in the toe shoes. So, poor quality synthetic materials and improperly selected footwear can significantly worsen the condition of your feet. What else can be the options for why cracked heels? The reasons are sometimes very banal. For example, the fungal disease that is easy to get infected in public places: in the pool, lake, river. In this case, it is mandatory to visit a dermatologist who will prescribe a special drug that is effective for the treatment of the specific type of fungus.

why cracked heels causesThe Solution

So, we dealt with the question "why do cracked heels". The reasons are varied. If this problems of a medical nature, the treatment will prescribe the appropriate the doctor. If the cracked heels occurs due to inadequate foot care, come to the aid of the following tools:

1. You should regularly make a foot bath salt. The salt is a great scrub that helps get rid of dead skin cells, and warm water well razmarivaet the skin. After a bath you must gently brush your heels with a pumice stone, dry thoroughly and thickly apply bee's wax or any oily cream. Sometimes it happens that it's especially cracked heels. What to do in this case? To the saline bath, you can add a mask: a couple of tablespoons fat cottage cheese combine with honey and sour cream in proportion 1:1:1. The composition applied on the heels and leave for 20 minutes.


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2. With cracked heels effectively is possible to deal with the following poultice: spread fish oil on the feet, wrap with cling film, put on cotton socks and leave the poultice overnight.

3. Will help in the fight against cracks and aspirin mask. 10 tablets of aspirin should be diluted with water to the consistency of porridge, add lemon juice. The mask is applied to feet, wrap with foil and leave for 20 minutes. Then rinse and heel liberally spread fat cream.

Prevention of cracking.

why cracked skin on the heelsWhy do heels crack? The causes of the misfortunes we have seen, is to define the methods of prevention. The absence of chronic diseases and basic hygiene of the feet - the best prevention of cracking. Don't forget about regular pedicure (salon or home - doesn't matter). Importantly, during the procedure, was gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, and performed the foot massage, thanks to which improves blood flow to the feet. You should regularly moisturize the skin on the hands nourishing cream.

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