Kalina: the therapeutic properties and contraindications


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About the healing properties of viburnum know since ancient times. This berry is harvested with the arrival of cold weather when other plants are asleep. But if the berries are harvested after the first frost, bark, leaves, flowers throughout the growing season.

Blank Kalina

Description of the plant

Kalina – a common plant that grows almost everywhere: in Russia, Europe, America, North Africa. The medicinal properties of cranberries are appreciated worldwide, it also fits well in any landscape, complementing it, which has been grown in home gardens.

Kalina belongs to the family Adoxophyes. It is a shrub with red or black berries. Plant height can reach four meters. Bark gray-brown, the leaves are long, about eight centimeters. From above they are dark green, and the bottom – grayish-green, wrinkled. Blossoms are white or pink and white flowers, gathered in inflorescences. The flowers are small, fruit-bearing. Fruits globose or oval, can be red or black with a large bone, juicy, with a bitterish astringent taste.

The plant Blooms in late may - early June. The fruits begin to ripen in early September.

Chemical composition

The Medicinal properties of cranberries determined by its chemical composition. The berries contain many vitamins, minerals. They contain carbohydrates, tannins, organic acids. They also contain tannins, resins, phytosterols, pectin, essential oils.

Berries have lots of vitamin C, E, A, P, K, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium.

The Bark is rich in tannins, palmitic, formic, Caprylic, linoleic acid. It has vitamins, volatile.

Useful properties of viburnum

Healing properties

Due to the unique healing properties of viburnum is used in the treatment of almost all ailments. This plant helps to fight pathologies of the cardiovascular system, including ischemic heart disease. It helps to cope with angina, asthma, pneumonia. Infusions and decoctions recommended in skin diseases: boils, eczema. Helps to deal with the pathologies of the nervous system, including hysteria, insomnia, neurasthenia. The berries and other parts of plants used in the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract, respiratory catarrh, bronchitis, pertussis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis.


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Using cranberry helps to lower the cholesterol level in the blood, stimulates expectoration of sputum by coughing, increases tone of the uterus, used as a diuretic, decongestant. Folk remedies made from viburnum and help to deal with violations of water-salt metabolism. The herb stimulates the production of bile. Correct application helps to improve the immune system, tones and combats vitamin deficiency.

A Century ago, viburnum used as a diuretic, wound healing, tonic, binders. According to popular belief, there is not a single disease, which would not have helped Kalina.


Before you start treatment of diseases, it is necessary to know the contra-indications and medicinal properties of cranberries. This plant contains a lot of vitamin C, which can cause overdose, which is manifested by the appearance of the rash. For the treatment of ailments using only guelder rose, but black is considered poisonous and used only as a garden decoration.

In some people, the bitterness of viburnum causes fever.

Not a remedy for violation of blood coagulability, inclination to thrombosis, arthritis, gout, acidity of gastric juice.


Harvesting of bark

The Therapeutic properties of the bark of viburnum red in order to combat the various ailments. Preparation of raw materials carried out in the spring, when it starts the movement of the juice. To remove the bark, it is necessary to remove lateral branches. Then carefully removed the bark. The workpiece is dried in a ventilated area as long as the crust will not begin to crumble when pressed. Dried raw materials are stored in glass containers in a dark place.

From the bark is prepared broths used to stop bleeding, rinse the mouth with angina, stomatitis, drink for headaches, insomnia.

Harvesting of flowers and leaves

The Medicinal properties of cranberries red allow the use of the plant as anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, diaphoretic. To do this, use the flowers and leaves of the plant. They are collected in may-June. The workpiece is dried in a ventilated area. Once the raw material is dried, it is placed for storage in paper or cloth bags, glass containers.

Harvesting berries

The Therapeutic properties of berries of red viburnum as many pharmacy drugs. The workpiece is carried out after the first frost, around October, but the collection time depends on the region. Fresh berries represent the greatest value in the treatment of pathologies. One can make juice, grind, is, entirely, put into tea.

Recipes Kalina

Benefit of cranberry

Knowing the therapeutic properties and contraindications of viburnum, it's safe to say suitable this plant is for you or not.Undoubtedly, Kalina brings a lot of benefits, but to achieve success in the treatment of diseases, it is important to know what parts of the plant from which help.

  1. Pathology of the respiratory system. When you cough, pneumonia, bronchitis used in the juice, a decoction of berries. They contain substances that help activate the process of sputum discharge.
  2. Diseases of ENT-organs. In tonsillitis, quinsy, pharyngitis it is recommended to use a decoction of the flowers. It can be taken internally, use for gargling. After treatment Kalina helps to restore the voice.
  3. Disruption of the functioning of the digestive system. In Kalina contains pectin, tannins. The berries of viburnum are useful for gastritis with low acidity. When feeling of heaviness, nausea, it is recommended to eat a teaspoon pureed viburnum.
  4. Viburnum bark Decoction is used for bleeding.
  5. All parts of the plant can help fight vitamin deficiency. The berries, bark, and flowers contain many vitamins that strengthens the immune system. This plant is a good preventive measure during the influenza epidemic, SARS.
  6. Medicinal properties of the fruit of viburnum help to cope with metabolic disorders.
  7. Kalina helps with swelling is used as a diuretic.
  8. Fresh berries are recommended for hypertensive patients.

Eating every day a tablespoon of fresh or frozen berries, you can avoid heart problems. Activates the process of renewal of the blood.

the Benefits and harms of viburnum


Knowing the therapeutic properties and contraindications of the bark of viburnum, as well as other parts of the plant, you can decide whether it is suitable for the treatment. To make from the bark a medicine, will need ten grams of the crushed material, which is poured in a Cup of boiling water. Means to insist half an hour. Was adopted by means of a tablespoon four times a day.

The Therapeutic properties and contraindications of viburnum berries help to determine whether you can use this plant. From the fruit make an infusion used as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory agent and also as a means to enhance immunity. To prepare the medicine, you need two tablespoons of viburnum grind and cover with water. The broth is boiled for fifteen minutes, then allow to cool. Taken means one third of a Cup three times a day.

Medicinal properties of viburnum berries help to fight hypertension. To make them medication, you need to take a three-liter jar, into which put three cups of berries. They poured two cups of boiling water. Container tightly closed and insist night. In the morning, the medium is filtered through a sieve. Separated ground pound and a half kilos of honey. This slurry take a spoonful three times a day. You can fill the slurry obtained by the infusion and take a third of a Cup.

In neurasthenia helps the following means: a spoon of bark pour a glass of water and boiled for half an hour. The decoction is taken one third of a Cup three times a day.

When the cold takes five hundred grams of the mashed berries of viburnum, spoon the leaves of currant and mint. Everything is mixed, add honey. The composition is heated and infused hour. Taken for colds.

The Therapeutic properties and contraindications of viburnum red let you know whether it is possible to accept it for treatment of ailments. However, to do no harm, it is better to consult a doctor.

To cope with a sore throat, cough, fever, used a decoction of the bark of viburnum. To prepare it, you need a tablespoon of bark pour a glass of water and boil fifteen minutes. The tool then infused for two hours. Taken a tablespoon up to four times a day.

For chronic cough take a tool made from one Cup of berries, filled with a liter of water and boiled for ten minutes. Taken means one third of a Cup in the form of heat. Part you can add honey to taste.

For pneumonia used for the infusion of two tablespoons of mashed berries mixed with a Cup of honey. The part is on the spoon up to five times a day.

Helps Kalina headache. To make it medication, you will need a spoonful of berries to mix with sugar in equal proportions. Then this sweet vehicle is taken as tea two times a day. Can be used for headaches flowers of viburnum. They poured boiling water and insist for about an hour. Infusion is taken by the spoonful twice a day.

Treatment Kalina

Folk treatments viburnum

The Beneficial properties of red viburnum berries, medicinal properties help to cope with uterine bleeding, pain during menstruation. To overcome these pathologies, it is necessary to prepare from the bark of the alcoholate. For this hundred grams of the bark is poured into a liter of alcohol. Vehicle was infused for a week. Taken thirty drops twice a day.

Viburnum Berries help relieve stress, elevate mood. To prepare good tea, berries, mixed with honey or sugar, then the mixture is added to tea spoon. To give the drink a better taste you can add cinnamon.

To improve the tone of the uterus, drink tincture of bark, made with ten grams of bark and cups of boiling water. Vehicle was infused for five hours. This remedy has antiseptic, analgesic, vasoconstrictor effect and increases the tone of the uterus.

In times of epidemics it is recommended to drink vitamintea helps to increase immunity. For its preparation you need to take a spoonful of the fruit and brew them a Cup of boiling water. Tea infused for two hours. Accepted one hundred milliliters in the morning and evening.

Kalina helps relieve irritability, insomnia. From these diseases prepare a folk remedy, mix a spoonful of the bark of viburnum and a teaspoon of lemon balm. Then takes a spoonful of the mixture and pour a glass of boiling water. The composition is cooked for half an hour, and then removed from heat and the same infused. Taken by the spoonful four times a day.

Recipes of treatment with viburnum berries

Harvesting berries for the winter

The Berries of viburnum can prepare for the winter with sugar. Take a pound of cranberries and sugar as. Berries pounded, then added sugar. To save all useful properties, raw jam leave the bones and skin. Then for some time the mixture is left aside to dissolve sugar. Ready jam expanded in jars and stored in the refrigerator.

Optionally, you can remove the bones. In this case, raw jam will have the look and consistency of jelly.

From the berries of viburnum prepare compote and close them for winter. Their drink as a medicine. To make the compote, you need to take two cups of berries, and the same of sugar (a glass jar). Sugar is best added directly into the jar to remove the sour taste of the compote. The berries are boiled for five minutes. Then the broth is poured into a jar, add sugar and roll the iron lid.

Berry prepare a five-minute jam. To do that, you need to take a kilogram of sugar and a pound of berries of viburnum. Sugar berries are put, and after it dissolves put on fire and boil for five minutes, laid out on the banks and roll. You can grind the berries with the sugar and boil for three minutes.

Viburnum in the garden

Great value plants make it indispensable in the treatment of almost all diseases. Because of this, people often plant shrub on the site.

The Plant can grow in the shade and in the sun. It loves water, so need frequent watering. The best planting time-spring and autumn. To prepare plants pits with a size of 40 x 60 cm, put them in the compost, wood ash. After planting the shrub watered.

Feed the Plant three times per season: early spring, during flowering and during the pouring of the fruit. For this purpose, or organic, or mineral fertilizers. Feeding is carried out in the spring of NPK, in the summer of phosphorus and potassium in the fall. The granules mix with the soil.

Under the care of a plant it is important to water it at least twice a week.

To Kalina grew lush Bush, it should be formed. Pruning is carried out in the spring.

Following the rules of admission of viburnum, you can forget about colds and many other diseases. But before you can use folk remedies, consult a doctor.

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