Hyperplastic gastritis - what is it?


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The term “hyperplastic gastritis” in medicine it means a special lesion of the mucosa, manifested in its thickening, hypertrophy. Over time, it can lead to the formation of stomach polyps or cysts. Often referred to as pathology refers to the precancerous. Read more about her we will explain later in the article.

Information about hyperplastic gastritis

Chronic hyperplastic gastritis – lesions of the stomach, which is observed rarely. Under this definition fits a disparate group of diseases, based not on the inflammatory process, and the primary of hyperplasia (overgrowth) of the gastric epithelium. Each of these abnormalities is uncommon, in General they make up only 5% of all chronic diseases of the stomach.

hyperplastic gastritis

By the Way, the researchers noticed that the development of hyperplastic gastritis in children in some cases result in regression and complete recovery of the mucosa, and in adults this is not observed, and the development of these diseases leads to its atrophy.

Cause of disease

Hyperplastic gastritis is still to be studied. The reasons for its development include several factors. The main is genetic predisposition. But equally important are:

  • Disturbances in the nutrition of the patient;
  • The presence of chronic intoxications (e.g. alcoholism, Smoking, drug abuse, etc.);
  • Disorders of metabolic processes in the body and vitamin deficiencies.

Of Great importance in the development of the described disease, the researchers attach a food Allergy. The allergen to the mucous, making it permeable and cause dysplasia (abnormal development) of the epithelium. The result is a significant loss of protein, which is also referred to as one of the characteristic features of all types of hyperplastic gastritis.


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hyperplastic gastritis treatment

Some researchers believe it is also a manifestation of abnormalities of the stomach or option for the development of benign tumors. And it should be noted that all these factors lead to the same result – enhanced proliferation of epithelial cells and thickening.


At the Beginning of the disease, patients often do not even suspect that you may have a disease. Hyperplastic gastritis is seen only after significant changes of the mucosa. And especially these manifestations are directly related to the disease and level of acidity.

chronic hyperplastic gastritis

The Most common symptom is pain in the stomach. Depending on the number of gastric juice with hydrochloric acid, the possible appearance of heartburn or belching with a rotten taste in my mouth. Some patients also complain of nausea, vomiting and phenomena of flatulence.

Atrophic hyperplastic gastritis: what is it?

One of the varieties of hyperplastic gastritis is a form in which there is the appearance of the mucous membrane of the joint areas with hyperplasia (overgrowth) and atrophy of the cells. This phenomenon leads usually to the formation on the walls of the stomach cysts or polyps and is considered the most dangerous, because it promotes the development of carcinoma.

As well as other varieties of gastritis, but this has no symptoms. Often it can only be detected by special examinations.

antral hyperplastic gastritis

But the pain in the stomach, immediately after eating, can be attributed to the manifestations of this pathology. It is often intermittent, paroxysmal in nature, irradiiruet in the lumbar region or between the shoulder blades. The occurrence of these feelings often associated with the consumption of certain products.

Often the pain is accompanied by lack of appetite, belching, increased salivation, nausea and rise in temperature. The latter may indicate the outbreak of stomach bleeding.

Development of hyperplastic erosive gastritis

In some cases the mucous membranes of the stomach, on a background of redness and inflammation appear multiple erosions. This condition is diagnosed as hyperplastic erosive gastritis.

Its development could trigger direct mucosal contact with any aggressive medium (acid, alkali, chemicals, spoiled food, etc.), leading to burns and chronic disorders of the secretory process.

atrophic hyperplastic gastritis treatment

Erosive gastritis is usually protracted and can lead to gastric bleeding, particularly dangerous if they occur over the entire surface of the stomach.

What is antral gastritis

There is still such a thing as hyperplastic antral gastritis.

Antrum – a place of transition of the stomach into the intestine, and its main physiological function is to reduce the level of acid in the food lump before it moves into the gut. But the drop in pH lowers a and bactericidal properties possessed by the gastric juice. And this, in turn, allows pathogenic bacteria to multiply, and therefore they often chooseit antral Department.

What is diagnosis

In order to properly diagnose, the patient is prescribed a differentiated examination because the signs of all forms of the described diseases have similar manifestations with other disorders abdomen – ulcer, appendicitis, cholecystitis, etc.

Hyperplastic gastritis can be diagnosed only through fibrogastroduodenoscopy (FDS). It in the esophagus, stomach and duodenum the patient is administered a special probe with an optical system so that the monitor receives the image of the internal condition of the gastrointestinal tract.

Called procedure makes possible not only examination of the mucous of the stomach and intestines, and take samples for histological or cytological examination.

The auxiliary methods of investigation include x-rays of the stomach, intragastric pH-meter, biochemical analysis of blood, etc. They help to reveal complications, to Supplement the diagnosis and to make it more accurate.

Hyperplastic gastritis: the treatment

Treatment of hyperplastic gastritis depends on symptomatic manifestations

  • If the patient has a high acidity it is prescribed antisecretory drugs (proton pump inhibitors) – “Omez”, “Proxim”, “Lansoprazole".
  • To get rid of heartburn take enveloping means (“aluminium phosphate gel”, “Maalox”, “Renny", etc.) which will help to protect the mucosa from irritation and provide antibacterial effects.
  • Atrophy of the mucosa requires replacement therapy with natural gastric juice.
  • The Presence of multiple erosions and resultant bleeding requires krovoostanavlivajushchim for drugs administered with injections – “Menadione”, “Etamsilat” etc.
  • To facilitate the processes of digestion, in violation of gastric secretion used enzyme preparations (“help”, “Mangrol”, “Festal" etc.

atrophic hyperplastic gastritis what is it


In addition, all patients should eat a diet rich in proteins and vitamins. It needs to be fractional (5-6 times a day), and it eliminates products that can be irritating to the mucous membranes. Products are steamed or boiled, well ground and eat warm.

In some cases (e.g., when there is recurrent bleeding or diagnosed atrophic hyperplastic gastritis), treatment requires surgery. With his help conduct the removal of polyps or make a resection of the stomach.

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