What is dangerous intercurrent diseases: types and complexity of diagnostic


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The Term “intercurrent disease” is used to describe complications occurring in several areas of the body. One kind of inflammation is superimposed on another, making it difficult to correct diagnosis. The symptoms may not correspond to the known techniques of differential analysis, the common man is quite difficult to describe the cause of his ailments.

Ways of dealing with mixed inflammation

When revealed intercurrent disease, try to follow the established rules for the normalization condition of the body. For this purpose, a variety of drugs that help suppress acute symptoms and identify the root cause of illness. So, in the early days of remove allergic reactions increased proportions of glucocorticoids. A similar approach after a strong stressful situations or injuries.

Intercurrent disease

To prevent correct diagnosis, include nausea, vomiting. Severe complications called addisonicescom crisis, to deal with it and have hydrocortisone. When resuscitation is quite far and you have to rescue a person in place, use hydrocortisone hemisuccinate in 100 grams or about 4 mg dexamethasone is administered intravenously to eliminate the load on the digestive system, already affected by infection or other disease.

If a man already informed that he have a place intercurrent disease, moving long distances, you should always take a medical history. In the case of ill health the doctors or paramedics to quickly establish the type of inflammation and will make the right decision on the introduction of the product concerned.


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What is meant by the term?

Intercurrent illness describe the condition of mixed types of complications impacting on one another. Due to the negative actions there is a rapid deterioration of health. So, chronic illnesses may provoke acute inflammation in any part of the body. And this, in turn, affect the future development of the original ailments.

Intercurrent illness

Chronic rhinitis complicated by allergic reactions and could lead to the development of inflammation of the lungs or bronchi. Asthmatics suffer than healthy people, in the formation of the common cold. And herpes gives a more pronounced symptoms with a decrease in immunity from the flu or sore throats. Diabetics get complications in the presence of infection in the intestines.

Intercurrent disease in these cases — it is SARS, allergies, flu and sore throat. This group includes only those inflammations that are acute, with independent causes.

Exacerbation in children

It is Important to consider what is called intercurrent infections, in the treatment of children with chronic nephritis. Any failure of the respiratory system and even common boil may result in severe condition. Therefore, the treatment begins immediately in the presence of symptoms of ill health. Often used concurrent therapy with drugs directed action against the infection, additionally trying to repay the affiliated symptoms of the disease.

What is called intercurrent infections

Often, you first need to pay the jade with antibiotics, and after that treat inflammation of the adenoids or tonsillectomy. Because during acute States such procedures are contraindicated. Vaccination in chronic inflammation in the kidneys unproductive, as immunization of the body with advanced infection. The replacement for this is compliance with medical treatment: the child is under constant supervision, normalizes its power, follow the bed regime.

Elevated blood sugar

There are the following intercurrent disease in diabetes mellitus:

  • CySECNye infection.
  • Pathology of the pancreas.
  • Physical and psychological Trauma.
  • SARS.
  • Viral and bacterial infections.
  • Inflammation in the internal organs.

Any decrease of immunity and development of diseases independent of the etiology leads to deterioration of chronic diabetes. Therefore, if you notice any discomfort, even minor, try to lower insulin in the blood. These measures are required for internal normalization of metabolic processes of the body.

Recovery of the complications high blood sugar

The Broken hormonal background always arises in the development of symptoms of diabetes. Restore normal state by the change in the dosage of insulin according to the blood glucose. To facilitate the well-being of the patient dose did not reduce, but rather increase depending on the complications.

Intercurrent disease in diabetes mellitus

So, when hyperthermia is followed by the following method, the dose is increased depending on the temperature of the body:

  • Bridging strap 37 degrees - increase insulin dose by 10%.
  • Above 38 degrees - the dosage will be calculated as 25%.
  • Above 39 degrees - add 50%.

You Should avoid overdoses of insulin. This can only aggravate the situation.

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