Mucus in the urine.


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Today, medicine is actively developing, moving from invasive to non-invasive. The majority of both therapeutic and diagnostic procedures are currently low - or non-invasive and comply with the norms of human physiology. Then there is no violation of the integrity of the internal and external environment of the body, in homeostasis remains unchanged and is not happening so widespread earlier, the breakdown of adaptive capacity.

Current diagnostic techniques involve obtaining information through intake of various biological material. The liquid environment of the body, as well as other, serve as diagnostic criteria of certain diseases. Primarily, this is due to the fact that the composition of these biological environments in the norm constant. Secondly, the slightest, even minor, changes the state of the organism reflected in the changing composition of the liquid medium.

Such liquid media include blood, urine, cerebrospinal and synovial fluid. However, the latter, due to the high invasiveness, are rarely used. While blood tests and urine tests are standard and are assigned permanently, almost any changes in the body.

There is a whole list of criteria that are pointing to a particular disease. As for the urinalysis, then it determines the color, density, pH, transparency, protein and mucus in the urine.

In General, urine is a water solution of electrolytes and (a small amount) of organic substances. Normally, the mucus in the urine contains small amounts and in the diagnosis of the overall analysis is not detected. To quantify content in the sample of mucus used by the system “advantages”. Identify the maximum quantity accepted for “++++" minimum “+”. The color of urine-straw-yellow, the density varies from 1010-1025. In addition, this biological fluid is normally transparent and does not contain protein.

The mucus in the urine is synthesized in the epithelial tissue. The inflammatory process in the organs of the urinary system, as well as a long stagnation of the body fluids can lead to overproduction of mucus and obstruction of normal drainage, the result is mucus in the urine. Reasons that can be caused by inflammation-systemic (or General) or local. Systemic causes-diseases of the urinary system of a General nature, not associated with local infection. That is, in this case, the inflammatory process develops as a result of “descent” infections.


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As for local inflammation, the infectious agent gets into the urinary system from outside through the urethra. This group includes a large number of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and others.

However, most often mucus in the urine to a violation of the rules and requirements of taking urine samples for analysis.

Because of certain anatomical features of the female reproductive and urinary system, mucus in urine in women can indicate an inflammatory process in the reproductive system.

The mucus in the urine can appear as a result of the stagnation of body fluids in the bladder or kidneys. The latter often occurs when prostatic hypertrophy in men and kidney stones.

In case of detection in the analysis of mucus, to confirm diagnostic data the procedure can be performed repeatedly. If the mucus is still found in the urine, the patient is sent to the urologist for further thorough examination and diagnosis.

Thus, the mucus in the urine – this is not necessarily pathology. Perhaps the reason lies in the irregularity of the sampling of urine for analysis. However, in any case, this diagnostic measure requires re-confirmation. In the case of repeated detection of mucus – carried out more comprehensive diagnosis of the genitourinary system.

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