Not a stuffy nose - what to do? How to remove nasal congestion in the home


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If there is nasal congestion, what to do in this case? What processes in the body are able to cause development problems? How to remove stuffy nose at home? Which drugs can alleviate the condition? All of this will be discussed in our publication.


no passes nasal congestion what to do

Snot, nasal congestion – such a condition often indicates the development of inflammatory processes that affect tissues of the nasopharynx. To ignore the challenge. Because in the future it can lead to serious complications. To determine what treatment should be resorted to in certain situations, it is necessary to consider the causes of nasal congestion in adults and children. Among those worth noting:

  • Respiratory diseases of a chronic nature.
  • The body's Reaction to exposure to allergens.
  • Passion for the consumption of tobacco products.
  • The Presence of tumors in the tissues of the nasopharynx.
  • Reducing the protective functions of the body.
  • A Deviated septum.
  • Congenital blockage of the airway.
  • Work in companies with a high level of harm.

What is nasal congestion? What to do? First you need to determine the objective cause of the phenomenon. We can not do without a visit to a otolaryngologist for appropriate studies.


Cause of nasal congestion in adults is often chronic sinusitis. In this case, to resolve the issue will allow only a holistic approach to treatment. Therapy should be aimed at the elimination of the pathological process and restoration of normal outflow of mucus from the nasopharynx.

In most cases, to cope with the trouble in the sinus, it gives the possibility of drug treatment along with the traditional methods and physiotherapy. If such treatment does not give result, often perform a puncture, which strikes the channels of the nasopharynx. However, a recent decision resorted to only in extreme cases.

When the sinusitis does not pass nasal congestion – what to do? To facilitate the status, you can resort to the use of such pharmacological preparatov:

  • "Amoxicillin".
  • "Augmentin".
  • "Micropin".
  • "Azithromycin".
  • "Fluimucil".
  • "Guafenesin".
  • "Muradin".

Due to the effect of taking the above-mentioned agents has been the elimination of purulent secretions from the nasopharynx and liquefaction of mucus. Specimens do not provide the ability to completely cure the sinusitis. However, they significantly accelerate the process of recovery.


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how to relieve nasal congestion in the home

A response to contact with allergens supports activation of the immune defense. The body tries to get rid of irritants. Often, it is accompanied by the effect of nasal congestion. During the body's fight against allergens arise the urge to sneezing, in the nose and throat slime.

If you experience allergic nasal congestion, to resolve the problem, you should first identify the stimulus, and then exclude contact with him. In cases when the blockage of the airway causes the effect of suspended in the airspace of dust, it is necessary to abandon the carpets, at least use a broom and a vacuum cleaner to limit yourself from interacting with textile materials. To remove also have feather pillows and feather beds, replacing them with products with silicone filler.

If a food Allergy is to eliminate the effect of nasal congestion it is important to exclude from the diet products which can harm. If you notice a wrong reaction of the body to makeup, you should start using mineral resources. Often the reason is the use of household chemicals. An alternative to the latter may be plain soap, baking soda, other people's cleaning products.

Eliminate nasal congestion for allergies will also allow reception of antihistamine pharmaceutical drugs. The most affordable among such funds acts as calcium chloride, which can be cheap to buy in every pharmacy. If the body has adapted to the active substance, one should use antihistamines of new generation.


Most Often develop nasal congestion during colds. Causes negative status effects on the body pathogens of viral infections. Blocking airway mucous secretions occurs when the pathogens begin to multiply in the epithelial tissues of the nasopharynx. Against the background of these processes occur inflammation. In the respiratory tract of accumulated mucus, which is required for excretion of metabolic products of the infectious agents.

How fast to break through a stuffy nose when cold? You need to blow your nose more often, and provide the conditions for a speedy recovery. At first, it is important to adhere to strict bed rest, regularly airing the room.

To Eliminate the effect of congestion of the respiratory tract allows the administration of drugs, the active ingredients which effectively fight manifestation of viral and bacterial infections. We are talking about medications with the contents of components such as phenylephrine, Pheniramine. Thesesubstances not only destroy pathogenic microorganisms but also have a narrowing effect on blood vessels, which helps to eliminate congestion and the unlocking of the sinuses. The combination of these drugs with paracetamol allows you to remove the three main symptoms of flu, namely fever, accumulation of mucus in the nose and throat and headache.

Drops for nasal congestion

remedy for nasal congestion

What drops from the nasal congestion are the most effective? Among them special attention deserve the following drugs:

  1. "a long time" – the main advantage of the means is the possibility of safe use, both adults and children. Thanks to the optimal combination of active ingredients in the drug, reduces the risk of side effects.
  2. "Nazol" – an extremely effective remedy for nasal congestion which you should use in the development of the common cold, acute rhinitis or sinusitis. The only contraindication is the prohibition on the use of the drug for the treatment of children under 6 years.
  3. "Nazol advans" – a remedy for nasal congestion based on safe ingredients of plant origin. Part medications includes oil of camphor, eucalyptus, menthol. Auxiliary substance is the propylene glycol. The product is removes the effect of dryness of the throat and soothes irritated mucous membranes.
  4. "Naphazoline" – a drop from nasal congestion that are suitable for adults and children. The tool provides a way to remove the swelling of tissues in cases, when airway obstruction occurs under the influence of bacterial and viral infections.
  5. You – the main active ingredients among the ingredients are: petrolatum, boric acid, eucalyptus oil. These components not only solves the problem of nasal congestion, but also fighting with the main reasons that cause the common cold. Side effects when using the drug occur rarely.
  6. "Glycine" – such drops from nasal congestion gives the ability to quickly cure a cold. Presents cure also helps reduce swelling of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx. To use the means recommended in cases where other drugs don't work. However, drops are not recommended for the treatment of rhinitis in children aged up to 7 years.

What drops are you pregnant if nasal congestion?

A Safe solution for pregnant women when blockage of airway mucus are vasoconstrictors. Medicines in this category do not harm the developing fetus. After applying them for a short time easier nasal breathing. The effect can remain for a long time.

The Optimal drugs for use in pregnant women during the development of the common cold schitayutsya:

  • "Vibrocil".
  • "Dolphin".
  • "Pinosol".
  • "Sanorin".
  • "Grippferon".
  • "Flixonase".
  • "Vibrocil".

In Addition to constricts blood vessels, means pregnant women can also use drops that are intended for washing of the nasopharynx. The most safe and extremely effective drug presented character acts Akvamaris. This medication comprises purified sea water. Salty liquid gives you the ability to wash from the respiratory tract of pathogenic bacteria and to feel faster relief.

How to remove nasal congestion in a child?

drops from nasal congestion

Obstruction of the nasopharynx of the baby can become quite a serious problem. This is especially true of infants. Because young children are not able to tell us about the nature of the problem and experience discomfort when breathing through the mouth.

If the child does not pass nasal congestion, consider using saline. Preparing the tool as follows. Takes a fourth of a teaspoon of salt. The substance dissolves in half a glass of warm boiled water. The composition should be applied in order to wash away accumulations of mucus from the respiratory tract. For this you need to put the baby in a horizontal position and to tilt the head back. Few drops of saline solution should be put in each nostril, then wait about a minute.

Helping your child can be another way. Kid needs to lay on the stomach to mucous accumulation began to emerge from the nasopharynx. Then it is necessary to turn a scarf into a cone and carefully clean the nostrils of the child. You can also use a syringe. From fit, you should squeeze the air, and then inserted into the nasal passages and gently push on the rubber body.


What to do inhalations for nasal congestion? For starters, you can try to use a proven method. It is necessary to boil the potatoes in their skins, then mash to form a slurry. This should add a few drops of eucalyptus extract. Next you need to cover your head with a towel and start inhaling the vapors of this composition.

A Good alternative to the above option will provide the boiled water in which to dissolve a few tablespoons of honey. To unlock a stuffy nose enough to breathe such pairs for 15-20 minutes.

Quite an effective solution to look for inhalation of propolis. You can use the pharmacy alcohol tincture with the contents of the substance. Per litre of boiled waterit is sufficient to use about 40 grams of propolis. Breathe over a bowl of need, covered with a dense blanket.

Warming up the feet

snot nose

How to remove nasal congestion at home? A good method is the use of hot baths for the feet. Here are the following:

  1. Proactively prepare warm socks and a towel.
  2. Fill a roomy pelvis and a small amount of warm water. Here you add a few tablespoons of mustard powder.
  3. Capacity lower legs and gradually pour the boiling water from the kettle as the cooling fluid.
  4. Once the feet are thoroughly steamed, they were carefully wiped with a towel. Then put on warm socks, go to bed and carefully wrapped the body with a blanket.

The procedure is the most effectively unblocks a stuffy nose if you do it shortly before bedtime. In situations when it is impossible to soar feet, alternatively you can resort to warm up with mustard.


Unblock clogged nose potentially allows the application of hot compress. For these purposes it is necessary to moisten a towel in the boiled water. Alternatively, you can wrap it in the material boiled potatoes. The tool must be stowed in the nose. If the towel has cooled, and positive changes are not observed, you should repeat the procedure.

The Consumption of copious drinking

cause of nasal congestion in adults

What is nasal congestion? To alleviate the condition helps eating throughout the day a large number of drinking. Such a solution enables to make the structure accumulated in the nasopharynx of the mucus more liquid. The decision will help the body better cope with its removal from the sinuses. Especially effective variant is the use of hot drinks. This can be a fragrant herbal tea, all kinds of soups and broths with an abundance of spices, which will help to break through the nose and release the breath.


If a long time passes nasal congestion, you should use warming lotions, gels or ointments. We are talking about products containing menthol, eucalyptus oil, camphor. One of the most affordable solutions looks use well-known balm “Asterisk,”. The substance should be applied from the nasal passages. After some time there will be a relieved breath.

It is Worth noting that the aromatic substances are not able to eliminate the root cause of nasal congestion. Such remedies only temporarily relieve the symptoms. Therefore, without a comprehensive treatment of this approach to solving a problem is still not enough.

Aloe Vera Juice

long nose

One of the most effective, proven solutions to combat nasal congestion is the aloe juice. The substance has a bitter, rather unpleasant taste. However, such discomfort can endure for several days. After all, that's how much time it will take to fix the problem with regular burying money in the sinuses.

Tea tree Oil

Treatment of the sinuses with tea tree oil – another effective method of traditional medicine to combat the effects of congestion of the respiratory tract. Presents substance produces an excellent therapeutic effect as it slows down the activity of pathogenic microorganisms that multiply on the mucous membranes. The destruction of pathogenic bacteria by using tea tree oil gives the opportunity to relieve swelling of tissues and reduce the amount of mucous secretions from the nasopharynx.

In which situations you must consult a doctor?

To Use the services of a specialist are necessary in the development of chronic rhinitis. In this case, treatment involves the use of physiotherapeutic procedures. The most effective solution is unblocking the nasopharynx by means of a laser exposure. The solution allows you to remove the swelling of tissues, reduce the amount of mucous secretions, visibly breathing easier after the first procedure, even if the cold has moved in the running phase.

If the cause of constant nasal congestion acts as allergic rhinitis, can not do without the help of an allergist and otolaryngologist. First the doctor will determine the allergen, the effects of which on the body causes the development of the pathological process. The second will be an effective programme of treatment and select the best pharmacological agents.

To Contact the audiologist also necessary when the nasal congestion lasts for several weeks and is accompanied by release from the nasopharynx to the abundance of mucus. If this case there is severe headaches, the effect of the pains in the eyes, the appearance of pus in the sinuses, of the nasopharynx, such symptoms indicate the development of cold in a heavy form. In this case, the doctor is obliged to prescribe potent drugs, and complex physiotherapy. This approach will avoid more serious complications.

In conclusion

Here we found out which reasons can cause nasal congestion, as well as understand what therapy is needed to correct the problem. Finally it is worth noting that most of those in our publishing solutions allow only to eliminate the discomfort. To truly get rid of the blockage of the respiratory tract, it is importantto contact the doctor who will perform the necessary research and establish the root cause of the pathological state.

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