Stomatitis in children: treatment and folk remedies


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Stomatitis in children – the phenomenon is quite common. The disease is not always severe, but it in itself is quite unpleasant. Especially for infants as it creates almost constant pain during waking hours.

Food fun

The appearance of the characteristic ulcers in the mouth of the child every parent interested in the fact that as soon as possible to get rid of them. Besides that the baby refuses food because it hurts to chew any, even the sweet and soft food, he is still experiencing constant itching and burning sensation that causes thrush. In children treatment is quite problematic since the baby is not to explain the reasons for the pain, and extra methods so quickly to appease, as for external wounds and ulcers, which are treated with ointments, powders or sprays. The process of rinsing until a certain age children is also unclear. Therefore to treat ulcers have almost forcibly wrapped in a bandage soaked in medication with your finger. Rare procedure without the loud crying of the baby.

Treatment of diseases

In addition, the inability to eat normally brings additional difficulties. Especially infants. The requirement of food, pain at its decision and, as a result, malnutrition-all this aggravates oral thrush in infants, treatment is particularly difficult. In addition to painful sensations of the mouth, they can become inflamed and enlarged lymph nodes, which further create problems in the meal. In addition, often with sores has fever, General malaise, fatigue and lethargy.


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Stomatitis mostly – childhood disease and most often affects kids from one year to five years, until their immune system got stronger. Infants the same protection derived from breast milk antibodies, because suffer from this disease less often. But since they still mucosa thin and can be traumatized by any in the mouth with an object with sharp edges, even their own fingers with uncut nails, and occasionally infants are susceptible to the disease.

Types and distinguishing features of stomatitis

The Causes of the disease several. Depending on their assigned treatment, prescribed method of certain drugs. It is important to know exactly what type of stomatitis sick child, not to aggravate the illness is the use of those drugs. The little kids all pulling in the mouth due to the itching of the gums during growth of teeth. Because parents consider sores in mouth toddler the consequence of infection through different dirty objects. This is only partly true. So, for this reason, it may be stomatitis-year-old child whose treatment is complicated due to the intense growth of teeth at this age and disclosure of the gums where you can easily get the disease. All types of the disease several. As its causes. The following types of stomatitis:

  • Bacterial;
  • Aphthous;
  • Allergic;
  • Herpes;
  • Fungal.

Depending on the type are the sores and drugs to treat them. As a rule, the period of the disease is inflamed and covered with blisters and wounds on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. But often, as in the case of herpes, you can observe the stomatitis on the lip in a child. Treatment external ulcers is more effective than internal, as they are easier to dry, and unpleasant sensations in the mouth is much less. But from the calmer the child carries the disease.

a Canker sore on the gums of the child

And this kind of stomatitis, as allergic, which is not always manifested by sores and blisters in the mouth, can be characterized by a strong reddening of the gums and tongue. If it is not timely to identify and begin treatment, it can develop into fungal or bacterial. And their distinctive features – painful sores in the mouth. Each kind of disease has its own characteristics and specific method of treatment.

Treatment of fungal stomatitis

They Often suffer infants, because the causative agent is transmitted in the process of feeding mother's milk fungus of the genus Candida. Sometimes this kind of stomatitis is also called Candida on the name of the argument vector. Feeding period occurs contributing to the development of infection environment, and if it was somehow ingested, it develops very quickly. Fungal stomatitis in children treatment and course of illness differ somewhat from most types of this disease are not typical of sores in your mouth, and pronounced a white coating on the gums and tongue. So, along with the Candida and fungus called thrush.

But begins the process of the disease with dryness, itching and a slight burning in my mouth, which feels a little. Parents can smell a rat, focusing on feeding the child. Children under years more often than usual attached to his chest, trying to get rid of itch, and those that are older, on the contrary-refuse to eat, especially hard and bitter. In infants the color of the plaque in the mucous membrane of the more you give in white, while kids three to five years it is mainly yellow, in rare cases-grayish. Noticing these signs of stomatitis on the gingiva in children, treatment should start immediately while the RAID did not cover the entire cavity of the mouth and outer corners of the lips. He is eliminated in two stages. First – disinfection, the second – pain.

The Reproduction of fungal spores on mucous can interfere with the alkaline environment in the oral cavity, which you can create at home. For this approach baking soda, boric acid or methylene blue (methylene blue). Each drug has its own recipe of preparing a solution for rinsing. A number of treatments of the plaque depends on its density. One, it is sufficient to rinse the mouth two or three times a day, others – five or six. The course of treatment is ten days. Even with the obvious signs of relief of the disease, it cannot be interrupted using the solutions until the plaque is removed completely. Your doctor may prescribe other suitable treatment for drugs, giving as an insecticide and analgesic effect. Yourself to buy them at the pharmacy is not necessary.

Almost SARS

In people with lowered immunity, not only in children but also in adults herpetic stomatitis – another kind of disease – not uncommon. It begins with the appearance of herpes on the lips or nose, the bacteria which easily fall into the mouth the mucous membrane and form fluid-filled little bubbles. The next stage of the disease – appearance of ulcers on the spot to burst bubbles. In addition, in children the illness may be accompanied by not responding to fever medicines fever, chills and dizziness. In many respects the symptoms are similar to those seen in SARS. It speaks of the already advanced forms of ulcerative stomatitis in children. Treatment in home conditions, especially severe forms of the disease difficult. You need medical intervention.

Stomatitis on the gingiva

All recognize three stages of herpetic stomatitis: mild, moderate and severe forms. Increased lymph nodes, the temperature is kept at 38-39 degrees. Bubbles in the mouth, resembling a rash, cover not only the gums, but and perioral areas of the face, especially in severe form of the disease. Possible nausea and vomiting. The symptoms are similar to acute respiratory infection and even treatment methods are similar, as the basis of – the use of antiviral drugs. However, you need to start with erosive mucosa disinfection of wounds and sores by rinsing the mouth for one minute infusion of chamomile or calendula. If children do not understand how to correctly carry out the procedure, they can simply hold the liquid in his mouth and then spit it out. In no event it is impossible to swallow. Also the mother or other adult soaked in the prepared solution can bentovim swab to wipe the mouth, where the ulcers. Further, the stomatitis on the gingiva in children, treatment begins with decontamination, enhanced by the use of therapeutic agents: ointments, gels, sprays. They help and speed up the tightening of wounds at the same time.

Isolated aphthae

Unlike herpes, which begins with the appearance similar to the dense rash of vesicles and aphthous stomatitis is characterized by the occurrence of one, rarely two or three reddish aft on the gums and inside the cheeks of the child. It is very important to distinguish these types of diseases, because the drugs to treat them it is necessary to apply different. And be sure to visit a pediatric dentist, which will determine a variety of ailments, and prescribe the most effective medications. It is important to remember that methods to treat stomatitis in a child of 5 years old differ from those applicable to toddlers one to two years. The older children consciously perceive the value and features of procedures. They can rinse the mouth, more tolerant to treatment with ointments and gels. However, drugs can be the same, as both these groups of children belong to the same age category, in contrast to the infants.

Aphthae represent rounded deep wounds not pale, and bright red color. They are quite deep, but the bottom is not torn, as with the defeat of herpes, and even and smooth. The development of disease can be covered th...

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