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Hypertension – a problem not only elderly people. Such a diagnosis can be made patient and at a young age. Disappointing statistics cardiovascular disease has many causes, the main – failure to comply with a healthy lifestyle, constant stress, hectic life schedule, unhealthy diet and, of course, heredity.

To Fight hypertension irregular very difficult for many people to normalize the pressure does not help simplified antihypertensives, in the treatment use a combination of strong drugs. Their group is, and medicine is “Noliprel”. In this article we will discuss its main properties.

Since many are interested in a cheap version of “Noliprel”, you will find a few substitutions to this drug according to its principal characteristics. As well as consider a few analogues thereof.

The drug “Noliprel”, price

This is a combined tool that includes the active ingredient perindopril, erbumine salt and the diuretic is indapamide. This combination of ingredients helps to expand arteries, increase of minute volume of blood and thereby normalize blood pressure and heart function.

cheap analogue noliprelIn Other words, contained in the composition components to effectively act on the blood vessels, returning them to the property of elasticity.

Enhanced therapy with this drug is prescribed only when a weaker ACE inhibitors do not affect the body properly.

A Package of pills of this medicine costs 350 rubles. Knowing the price of the drug “Noliprel”, analogs are cheaper to pick up easy. But first you need to understand the terms that contain the attached to the medication instruction.


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Statement, purpose and side effects

Attached to the medication “Noliprel" instructions for use analogue does not define. It only specifies properties of the drug.

Assigned to this remedy for essential hypertension, if necessary, minimise the risk of such complications as myocardial infarction and stroke.

Often the drug is prescribed to people with kidney disease, heart, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus (second type).

The Medicine is taken once daily (one tablet). It is advisable to do it in the morning. During therapy with this drug must be carefully monitored for blood levels of creatinine and potassium.

In Order to prevent cases of overdose with this drug, it should appoint only competent doctor.

noliprel analogues cheaper

Pretty strong medicine against normalization of blood pressure has an impressive list of side signs of influence on the organism of sick people.

  • Arrhythmias;
  • Reduced potency;
  • Renal failure;
  • Bronchospasm, cough, runny nose;
  • Itchy skin.

The advantages of this tool include a fast action and the ability to assign medication to patients with diabetes. Cheap analogue “Noliprel” should also possess similar properties, but it is not always possible to find an exact copy of the drug composition and action.

Contraindications for admission

Do Not take the drug “Noliprel” for kidney disease, because in its composition contains a diuretic in the presence of allergic reactions to the components contained in the composition of the medication during pregnancy and lactation, liver diseases, pathologies, connected with the assimilation of glucose. It is impossible to combine the drug with antidepressants.

Drugs are identical to the combined medication

Very often people suffering from high blood pressure, wondering about what's best – the cure "Noliprel” or “Noliprel And”. Are drugs interchangeable. The only difference between them is that the drug “Noliprel” contains erbumine salt in the composition, as “Noliprel And” - arginine salt. Arginine is identical to erbumine, only prolongs the shelf life of the drugs, which contain. His presence is indicated by the letter A.

The Cost of packing of tablets “Noliprel And” is 550 rubles. To search among similar in composition and effects on the body drugs cheap analogue “Noliprel" is meaningless. Their value on a par with the original combo tool and above.

These include the cure “Noliprel And Forte”, it costs 670 rubles, tablets “Noliprel A Bi Forte”, the price - 680 rubles per pack, pills “Ko-Pirinea”, they can be bought for 650 rubles, the drug “Prestarium Arginine Kombi”, price - 600 rubles. Cheaper drugs-tablets “Ko-Prenessa”, they cost 400 rubles, and “Prilled”, the price - 300 rubles.

noliprel and Forte analogues cheaper

To Choose to the identical drugs ‘Noliprel”, “And Noliprel”, “Noliprel And Forte” counterparts cheaper need from a number of combined ACE inhibitors. They should have the same effect on the body of the patient, as a combination of the components contained in them.

It Should be understood that analogs “Noliprel Forte”, for example, or identical drug under a different name instead of perindopril and indapamide may include other components.

Currently, the revealed similarity of the impact on the patient of such active elements as perindopril, quinapril, ramipril, elanapril, lisinopril, captopril. Therefore, from the group of combined ACE inhibitors it is possible to cure “Noliprel” to pick up a cheap analogues, incorporating these substances. They are listed below.

A Combination of ACE inhibitors with quinaprilat

So, a cheap version of “Noliprel” from the group – the cure “Quinard N”, it costs 200 rubles. Is available in the tablet form. Contains in its composition quinapril and diuretic gidrokhlorisiazit. Prescribed for hypertension. Is taken once a day (one tablet). Can cause insomnia, anemia, headaches, intestinal disorders, cough, runny nose, skin rashes and itching.

For the drug "Noliprel" cheap analogue of this group of combined ACE inhibitors – pill “Quinapril Sandoz Comp”, they cost 250 rubles. Their composition and effect on the stabilization of blood pressure medication is identical to the “Quinard N”.

A Combination of ACE inhibitors with ramipril

This group of complex drugs attributed to cheap analogues of medicines “Noliprel” can be the following tablets: “Rama N", they cost 250 rubles, and “Rami Sandoz Compositum”, the price - 300 rubles.

noliprel cheaper analogues of the Russian

Stop, for example, on medication “Rama N”. Its composition comprises ramipril and a diuretic gidrokhlorisiazit. Prescribed for hypertension. Taken medication once (one pill) in the morning. Can be the cause of severe persistent cough, anemia, skin rashes and itching, nausea, intestinal disorders and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Not appointed in diseases of the kidneys and liver.

A Combination of ACE inhibitors with elanapril

Tablets “berlipril Plus” and “Banozic" drug "Noliprel” counterparts, which in their majority positive. In its composition they contain, elanapril and diuretic gidrokhlorisiazit.

noliprel cheap analogue

Appointed in chronic heart failure and hypertension. Taken once a day (one tablet). Can cause side effects such as arrhythmias, thirst, nervous tension, insomnia, tinnitus, blurred vision, urticaria, eczema, pruritus.

Tablets “berlipril Plus” cost 250 rubles, «Banozic” half the price – 100.

A Combination of ACE inhibitors with lisinopril

This group of drugs to cheap analogues of medicines “Noliprel” can be attributed to tablets the ‘Lipase”, which price is 210 rubles, and “April Bosnalek N", you can buy them for 240 rubles.

For example, the drug “Lipase” in its composition contain lisinopril and diuretic gidrokhlorisiazit. Prescribed for hypertension. Is taken once a day (one tablet). May be the cause of such side effects as vomiting, abdominal pain, weakness, irritability, loss of appetite, pancreatitis, chest pain, confusion, bronchospasm.

Combined with ACE inhibitors captopril

This group of drugs to cheap analogues of the drug “Noliprel” can be attributed to tablets the ‘Capitated”, the price - 150 rubles, and “Normales”, which can be bought for 200 rubles.

So, for example, the drug “Normales” includes captopril and diuretic gidrokhlorisiazit. Prescribed for hypertension. Is taken once a day (one half of tablet). Can cause hypoglycemia, blurred vision, rhinitis, dry cough, itchy skin, impotence, weakness, bowel irritation, shortness of serdzebieni...

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