Iodine sulphur - an important element of homeopathy and the human body


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Homeopathy helps to treat the disease by using natural substances, when taken in tiny doses, is capable, if used in large amounts, cause the same problems in the body, which helps to fight. To treat certain problems used iodine sulphur.

Sulphur in nature

Sulfur is one of the chemical elements in the periodic table that contains and displays all the simple substances that make up this world. In vivo, in nature, sulfur can be found in the form of compounds, and in natural state. By itself, this nonmetal - yellow crystalline substance. Because of the unpleasant smell that occurs when sulfur reactions, it from the most ancient times associated c other world. But without sulphur there is no life on earth - it is part of the living tissues in the form of organic and inorganic compounds. Immense value of this natural product in medicine, both traditional and alternative, where it has been used for thousands of years.

iodine sulphur

Sulfur in the human body

One of the biologically significant elements - sulfur, as strange as it may sound. As scientists discovered in the human body in one kilogram of its own weight contains 2 grams of sulfur. It is an important element of many processes that occur during life, since sulfur enters into the composition of vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.

sulphur, iodine

Sulphur in homeopathic granules

Sulfur for many centuries used to treat various health problems - as an antiseptic remedy for external and anti-inflammatory for arthritis, as a laxative, to lower blood pressure. All the famous sulfur baths from natural sources, which can be used in Spa resorts in many countries. Homeopathy, of course, has in its Arsenal therapeutic drugs and the components of sulfur - iodine sulphur (Sulfur jodatum) or, strictly speaking scientific language, the Iodate of sulfur.



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The Use of sulfur as a medicinal component is justified by the fact that it has long been used as an external tool for the treatment of skin diseases with a complex of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial qualities. Homeopathy also offers sulphur compounds as substances that help in diseases of the nervous system.

However, physiotherapy, traditional medicine recommends hydrogen sulfide baths for the majority of patients having this procedure contraindications, to strengthen the nervous system. Preparations of sulfur should be assigned very carefully, because they can cause extensive, severe allergic reactions even in small doses.

sulphur, iodine homeopathy

Scope and principle of operation

In some cases, is assigned to the iodide of sulphur? For its application there is a lot of evidence. This substance is produced in the form of homeopathic granules, ointments or drops. All of these tools can be used as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial or biodegradable.

Practitioners of homeopathy proven efficacy in the treatment of skin diseases such as furunculosis, pyoderma. Also sulphur, iodine helps in the fight against lymphadenitis and hypertrophic rhinitis. This substance enhances the action of other drugs alternative and traditional medicine. Therefore, prior to appointment, means a homeopathic physician needs to accurately determine the patient's records. Sulphur, iodine homeopathy recommends that, naturally doctor's prescription, in the following cases:

  • Poisoning by various substances;
  • Mercury poisoning;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Withdrawal symptoms;
  • Taking stimulants (energy);
  • Diseases of the respiratory system;
  • Skin infections;
  • Diseases of the bone apparatus;
  • Inflammation of the soft tissues;
  • Infancy, of stunted physical development;
  • Rehabilitation after serious diseases.

Taking homeopathic medicines, including "sulphur, iodine 6", you should be aware that drug-induced sensations is an exaggerated form of the symptoms of existing diseases. That is why when correctly prescribed the drug iodide of sulphur person will enjoy:

  • Worry;
  • Desire to be out in the fresh air;
  • Morning cough with sputum;
  • Weakness and dizziness;
  • Problems with defecation (diarrhea alternates with constipation).
  • Frequent urination;
  • Decreased libido.

According to homeopathy, increased health problems in the first period of use of the medicinal product is a measure of its effectiveness.

sulphur, iodine

When iodide of sulphur can not be used?

Like all medicines, whether traditional medicine or alternative, iodine, sulphur, has contraindications. They are listed below:

  • Sensitivity to the means;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • A potential threat when the spontaneous opening of abscesses or cellulitis.

iodine sulphur

Homeopathy as a science of treatment of human diseases very difficult. The practitioner should be able to see the problem as a whole and breaking it into individual components. Homeopathy treats the whole body, not one disease. Therefore, the use of the drug iodine, sulphur, must be justified as sulfur, which is the basis of this component, can be dangerous.


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