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One of the life-threatening conditions is a hypoglycemic coma, which usually develops in patients with diabetes. If time does not help, then there is swelling of the brain. This condition in 95% of cases ends in death.

In addition, hypoglycemic coma threat that is developing very quickly. This condition occurs because of fall of level of sugar below a critical level. This can occur from an overdose of drugs that reduce it, or is insulin.

The drop in blood sugar can influence strong physical exertion, lack of carbohydrates in the diet, a long break between meals. The result is hypoglycemia, the cause of which is insufficient to provide glucose to brain cells.

The Shortage of sugar caused by violation of the diet, prolonged stress, mental strain, acute infection, starvation, hepatic failure. In addition, the cause of hypoglycemia can become a pancreatic tumor, for which there is hypersecretion of insulin.

At the beginning of the hypoglycemic condition appear as follows:

  • Sweating
  • Weakness;
  • Feeling hunger;
  • Tremors.

If at this stage the person does not help, then there are headache, agitation, sweating, restlessness, dilated pupils, paracrine consciousness and slow pulse. Human behavior may resemble alcohol intoxication.

Further develops hypoglycemic coma, a symptom of which is the absence of light reaction of the pupils. People in this state, as if asleep, but he does not respond to touch.

If there is a suspicion that a person develops hypoglycemia, it is necessary to increase the content of glucose in the blood. For this purpose it is necessary to give jam, honey, sugar, potatoes, bread, candy, chocolate. Can I give the patient a hot sweet tea, coffee, juice, mors, water.


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Then you need to provide him comfort and care within a few hours. On this day the patient should eliminate physical exertion and not to leave the house.

Note that when a state of moderate severity, which precedes coma, he can be aggressive and refuse to eat. Therefore, measures need to be taken immediately, as there were the first signs.

If hypoglycemic coma began, trying to put into his mouth the sore anything you should not. Need to call an ambulance. If you have the relevant skills then administered intravenously 30 ml of glucose solution intramuscularly or 1 ml of the drug Glucagon.

If these measures are not possible, then you can try to do an enema with 5% glucose solution. For this you need to enter the 250 ml If not this drug, then you can dissolve a tablespoon of sugar in a glass of water.

In addition, to effectively RUB jam, honey, sugar syrup in the gums and the inner surface of the cheeks of the patient. Bring people out of the vicinity of hypoglycemic coma is possible, causing severe pain. For example, pinch or hit on soft tissues. In the result, substances are released blocking gipoglikemia.

You Must understand that in such a situation, every minute counts and timely actions taken can save lives and health. Since a coma is the loss of brain cells and arise irreversible changes in it.

So, hypoglycemic coma – this is a dangerous condition. At the first sign of its approach, you must eat or drink something sweet. Because hypoglycaemia – this lack of glucose to the brain cells, resulting in their death. The longer this condition lasts, the more serious consequences which are irreversible.

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