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Breast-Feeding women are a special category of patients with hemorrhoids. It is very important that funds for their treatment was not only effective but also safe both for the mothers and for their babies. Therefore, getting rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy – is extremely important task, to solve which it is better to consult a doctor.

candles from hemorrhoids during lactation

Cause of hemorrhoids after birth

According to statistics this disease occurs in almost half of the expectant mothers. After children, eighty percent of women face this problem. The reason for this is the very process of birth of the child. He creates an environment in which there hemorrhoids.

When the expectant mother straining, intra-abdominal pressure rises, increasing blood flow to the rectum. Her veins swell and overflow, which can be a result of the formation of the above-mentioned nodes. If they had formed during pregnancy, the birthing process can not be ruled out increase and hair loss. All this causes a sharp and sudden pain.

Another cause of hemorrhoids after childbirth can be a violation of the chair, which, incidentally, is common among young mothers quite often. Based on the foregoing, we can safely say that hemorrhoids in lactating women – the actual problem to date.

which is better suppositories of hemorrhoids

Treatment during lactation

The choice of treatment for hemorrhoids in women after childbirth should be approached with great responsibility. All drugs are absorbed through the mucosa of the rectum and enter the bloodstream. After that they are in breast milk. This means that for a child there is always some risk.


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The Choice of drug to be used in the treatment of hemorrhoids in nursing mothers, dependent on the core complaints of the patient and the location of the nodes. The current facilities that are struggling with hemorrhoids, are available in the form of suppositories and ointments. The first more rational use of internal, second – at the outer position of the nodes. What better candles from hemorrhoids to choose?

A Similar facility should be very natural. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or make your own. The preparation should include marine algae, vegetable oils and other natural components.

The Most popular tool for breastfeeding mothers with this unpleasant disease – sea buckthorn suppositories of hemorrhoids. They have a number of useful properties that help in the shortest time and easily win over the resulting nodes.

candles with propolis hemorrhoids

Effective assistant

Sea Buckthorn candles are allowed to apply for breastfeeding and during pregnancy. The use of this tool saves the mothers from numerous unpleasant symptoms and cures of the hemorrhoids without any side effects, which, unfortunately, characteristic of most medicines derived unnatural way.

The Only problem that accompanies the course of treatment candles with sea buckthorn – the flow of their content. The consequence of this deficiency are stains on underwear, which cannot be deduced by any means. Therefore, before you use suppository hemorrhoids during pregnancy, should be reserved in advance a large number of pads is large. This is extremely important in the event that if you are going to use candles with sea buckthorn rectal. Perfect dark linen, or old sheets. The mattress should be covered with a protective oilcloth. Briefs should be moderately tight and tight. If all of the above tips will prove to be ineffective, it is possible to use a cotton swab that is inserted after insertion of the candle into the anus. Also good tool is treated as an individual making candles. To do this, just moisten a cotton ball in sea buckthorn oil. This method reduces the potential for leaks.

effective candles from hemorrhoids

Nursing mothers should remember that rectal suppositories of hemorrhoids during pregnancy are only after the liberation of the intestine. Also need a diet that will eliminate the occurrence of cases of flatulence. After the candle was introduced, no less than thirty minutes to be in a relaxed state.

What better candles from hemorrhoids to choose if this drug you still not come?

Magical properties of propolis

Bee Products do not need promotion. Their effectiveness is undeniable. Using these products to treat countless dangerous and serious diseases. Therefore, hemorrhoids is not an impossible task. For the treatment of this disease, there is a wonderful tool called propolis. This exceptional product, which is produced by bees, is very popular in medicine. Thanks to the incomparable healing properties of this tool hemorrhoids can be treated successfully.

what are the candles for hemorrhoids

Positive effects on the body

This product contains propolis, is having extraordinary effects of anesthesia. It relieves itching, dries and cauterizes the skin at the nodes, and accelerates the process of restoring the integrity of the rectum. Candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy reduce inflammation and swelling. Nursing mothers it is important to know that propolis, possessing antibacterial properties, prevents entry to the affected areas of any kind of infections. Another advantage of the funds – beneficial effect on the fluidity of blood. The impact of effective candles from hemorrhoids eliminate stagnant processes that promotes rapid recovery of hemorrhoidal veins.

Method of application

The Tool is used in the form of enemas, lotions or candles. Best effects the latest drug. Candles with propolis from hemorrhoids that were purchased at the pharmacy are advised to use twice a day in the rectum for one and a half to two weeks. Procedures should be performed to ensure complete removal of hemorrhoids.

If you want to make candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, then you will need the following ingredients: eighty grams of petroleum jelly and the same quantity of wax. The basis melt, and then, carefully stirring, it was added twenty grams of propolis. In a prepared torpedo-shaped molds, pour the mixture. They are placed in the freezer, where it is stored for some time.

The Candles with propolis hemorrhoids used before bedtime. The course of treatment is approximately ten to fifteen days.

sea buckthorn suppositories of hemorrhoids


The Above means-are universal preparations that are perfect for pregnant and nursing mothers. What plugs are hemorrhoids use, or sea buckthorn propolis depends solely on your preferences.


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