Tablecloth for the kitchen. The secrets of choosing


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The Tablecloth for the kitchen is both practical and aesthetic value. On the practical side it protects the screen from mechanical damage, moisture and temperature. Aesthetic value is that it can hide some imperfections of the table gives the kitchen a unique and beautiful appearance. Choosing tablecloths for your home, you must consider some features of the materials from which they can be manufactured. Equally important when choosing the tablecloth is its size and shape. There are several recommendations that will help to purchase a tablecloth suitable to the overall style of the interior or to a specific event.

Tablecloths for the kitchen.How to choose the form of the tablecloth?

The choice of the shape of the tablecloth should be based on the shape of the table for which it is acquired. All tablecloths are made of 4 shapes: rectangular, round, square and oval. If the table has a square shape, then it will fit the square tablecloth. For a rectangular table rectangular select apparel. The round table involves the purchase of a round or square tablecloths for the kitchen. Oval and rectangular are suitable for the table, having an oval form.

To create an original draping on a round table you can lay a square tablecloth. It will also be interesting to look at combining the two types on the round table: - round tablecloth-square tablecloth is offered a smaller size. They must be in a contrasting color.

How to choose the size of the tablecloth for the kitchen?

The Optimal size of the tablecloth is determined by the fact that its edges do not interfere with those who sitTablecloths for the home. at the table. The perfect size is when the tablecloth hangs down on each side of the table at least 20 cm, However, it may have a slightly larger size. The maximum permissible length "swisa" - 40 cm


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What material is best to choose a tablecloth?

For the manufacture of tablecloths usually use natural materials or fabrics with a special coating. First and second have both positive and negative qualities.

Cotton is the most popular material for making this kitchen accessory. Cotton tablecloth for the kitchen have a beautiful appearance, with proper care, durable, easy to wash and iron. The disadvantages can be attributed only to the fact that they sit in the wash.

Tablecloth for the kitchen.Tablecloths with Teflon and acrylic coating are resistant to high temperatures and liquids. Another preimushestva is that they do not slide on the table surface. There are a few drawbacks. These cloths are short-lived and quickly become useless.

One of the most expensive in cost and attractive in appearance are considered vashemu tablecloths kitchen linen and jacquard. However, for them it is very hard to care for. And for everyday use they are not suitable.

How to choose the color of the tablecloth?

Choose the color you want, based on the style of the room and colors in it. To facilitate his task, you can choose the cloth of a light shade that will fit into any interior. With the help of this accessory you can create the best contrast. If the kitchen is made in bright colors, the tablecloth bright colors will enliven the interior.

Perfectly suited for kitchen tablecloths plaid, plain or with images of fruits and vegetables.

The Use of the tablecloth for the table makes the atmosphere in the room more comfortable and warm, so do not skimp when purchasing this accessory.

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