Lamp LPO 2х36: description and features


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Lighting plays a very important role in any room in a residential house, public place and even on the street. Different places use different methods of lighting. In this article, take a closer look at the lamp LPO 2х36, its features, and description. It should be noted that this method of lighting enjoys great popularity.

Lamp LPO 2х36: features

LPO 2х36Such lamps are very efficient light sources. The ratio of the consumed electrical energy to light flow ten times better when compared with incandescent lamps. As for lifespan, compared to the same filament lamps, lamps of LPO 2х36 will last you up to 12 times longer.

Such light sources can be used inside and outside. They can be used to cover various public spaces, classrooms, hospitals, shops and other buildings that use normal operating conditions. Lamp LPO 2х36 you can install one, but several in a row (in a line). Light diffuser, you can use a matte or transparent. Included with the lamp is an electronic or electromagnetic BALLAST (control gear).

Waterproof lamp LPO 2х36 can be operated at the industrial points of production, in workshops and other rooms with high humidity and large dust. For the manufacture of the lamp using the optical polycarbonate or polystyrene. If necessary, complete such lamps may be battery pack for emergency lighting (1-3 hours).lamp LPO 2х36

Technical parameters of lamps

The Lamps of LPO 2х36 have the following parameters:

  1. Have basic insulation and earthing naticoidea parts protection from electric shock.
  2. Lights that are for indoor installation only, have a degree of protection against solid particles which may enter the lamp. The diameter of the particles should be not less than 1.25 cm. And lamps do not have protection from moisture.
  3. Distance from the lamp to the object that requires illumination should be more than 500 millimeters.
  4. Connected wire should be with the cross-sectional area from 0.75 to 1.5 mm.
  5. The Temperature at which the lamp can work, should be from -10 to +40 ºC.
  6. When you connect to AC the voltage should be 0,23 kV, frequency - 50 Hz.

Features lamps

  1. Fluorescent luminaires versatile in use.
  2. They are easy to install and removed.
  3. Flat shape of the lamp is greatly increases its functionality.
  4. Lamp Body metal, painted by powder coating method.

LPO 2х36 characteristics


So, in this article, we examined the lamps of LPO 2х36, their characteristics, technical parameters and characteristics. This method of lighting fit for any room (residential building, street, stock). You only need to select it and install. And then any chosen room will be well lighted for a long period of time.

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