Hammak for the cat on the battery: the pleasure of your pet and convenience for you


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It is no secret that cats love heat, soft surfaces, height and that they are not disturbed. How many owners of these animals have been tormented with pulling their pets out of closets and with unsuccessful attempts to insist that the pet slept on the allotted place, and not on his favorite sweater! It should be admitted that the victory most often remains for the cat, and the owner on an industrial scale buys brushes to remove from the clothes wool.

At the same time, the issue is solved quite easily. You just need to take into account the wishes of his furry friend and equip him with a bed where he will definitely like it. For example, hang a hammock for a cat on the battery. It is not so expensive, and if you want it can be built and independently. Pleasure will get not only the cat, but also you.

What to consider when choosing a hammock

Often in domestic pet stores accessories for animals are represented by the brand Trixie. The hammock for this manufacturer's cat can be picked up under the specific parameters and requests of your pet. For example, if your apartment walks Maine-kun or similar in weight domestic "nobleman", the first thing you should pay attention to - is the frame. For such a weighty specimen it is better to choose a sunbed on a metal base, and, preferably, that it was light, otherwise your radiator will come off under the cumulative mass of the bed and its owner.

The second nuance is the kind of fastening. The hammock for the cat on the battery is fixed by rounded hooks. For the plate radiator provided rectangular attachments.

The third point is the tastes of your cat. If it climbs directly on the radiator, almost burning the paws, he needs a hammock that would fit to the battery, that is hanging from it. If the purr prefers to keep some distance from the heating device, buy a raised option, which between the sunbed and the hot surface will be a gap.


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And lastly - pay attention to what will be covered hammock for the cat on the battery. These animals are very fastidious to the fabric and are unlikely to agree to nylon or other slippery synthetics. On the other hand, the fabric should be quite strong, stretching, easily removed and resistant to the truth. All of these characteristics must be specified in the instructions for the item.

Pros of battery rookery

The main and undeniable advantage that the hammock has on the radiator for the cat, is that to accustom the animal to it will not have. The hammock takes the form of the body of the pet, in whatever position he is in it. Look only at which of the batteries the cat prefers, if there are several "heaters" in the house. The next plus is the vacant place, which used to be occupied by a lying place. In addition, the hammock is removed easily, so that in case of need to remove it will not be difficult. In addition to the fact that in winter the cat in such a bed will bask, in the summer here he will enjoy the coolness of the cold battery. Believe me, the hammock will become a favorite holiday destination of your pet, and your belongings and furniture will cease to need daily cleaning of wool.

Lack of a cozy place

There are not many of them, but you need to think about them in advance. First of all, near the radiator cat overheats, and if he jumps out on the balcony or settles down under the window to look outside, can catch a cold. Because of the constant heating, the animal's hair dries up. This can cause not only premature molt, but also more serious problems, so it would be nice to ask the veterinarian about this. And the main drawback - if your pet has some disease, for example, hot ears, then overheating can aggravate the situation. Therefore, in this case, consultation of the veterinarian is mandatory. And, of course, the hammock for the cat on the battery should not be installed, if the animal recently underwent surgery.

Cat's sunbed from an unnecessary dryer

Those who are unlucky with pet shops, may well build a hammock for the cat with their own hands. If your beast is of normal, not gigantic size, as the basis of a very successful solution will be a metal dryer for dishes: it has suitable hooks, and it is designed for weight, larger feline. For the sake of reliability, vertical bars can be attached to the battery links with a string. The cutters remove the straps at the bottom of the dryer so that the hammock can sag. In size (with the capture of the "back" that fits to the radiator), multiplied by two, a piece of dense but soft material is cut off, on three sides sewn and turned out. The synthepon, folded into two or three layers (depending on its thickness and desired finite softness) is folded in different directions and put into the case. On the fourth side, lightning is sewn in the corners of loops or ties, so that the case does not fidget. Then the design can be hung on the radiator and invite your cat to evaluate it.

Raised sunbed

This hammock for cats with their own hands is designed for those animals that do not like fat too much, but are kept close to the heat source. Two G-shaped stands are chipped from the sturdy wide boards. For reliability on the vertical andHorizontal planks are nailed by the strut. Both stands are fastened with a bar of such length that the cat in the hammock was comfortable. It turns out as if a curved double-toothed fork. Long ends it hammers behind the battery, and on shorter puts on a sagging cover. It is done very simply: two pieces of fabric are arranged on both sides to make a cloth pipe. On both sides, stepping back, another line is made: here will be in the straps of the hammock. The third party is sewn tightly, and with the fourth a mattress and lightning for its change is inserted.

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