A great gift for a child: a talking hamster


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Parents buy different things for their children. However, only a few of them in modern times know how to choose toys.

Soft toy

Want to make a gift to your pet, contact the sellers - consultants, tell them about what talking hamster to buy at a low, acceptable cost you need(http://toy-top.com.ua). Your baby will love it.

Managers are happy to help customers choose talking hamsters who are fashionable and high-quality. Have time to choose a homjac - repeat, going to the site during Christmas sales. To make it into the modern age is not difficult, having in the search engine everything you need.

Many companies offer to diversify the leisure of the child as a home-bye . You do not have time to communicate with the baby, he will replace you completely, supporting the conversation with him. The kid will play carefree while you are engaged in household chores. His hand motor skills are much better developed.

All the sounds that the child will hear, will seem to him funny and funny. They will remind the baby about the favorite characters from animated films. Dita learns new sounds. They will help him speak faster, of course, if he is not talking yet.


Made a toy usually made of plastic, textiles, faux fur;
The hamster is packed in a package;
Interactive features are there, repeats everything you hear;
Weight small, no more than 200 grams and so on.

Age limit - from 2.5 years
Suitable for both girls and future knights
Type - home toy
Works hamster - repeat from 3 batteries OF THE GAMA
Shade, from light to dark
Its height is about 15 centimeters
Famous manufacturers make it from high-quality materials
It is well suited to those children who have allergic reactions
After washing in the washing machine the appearance is not lost
There is no need for special care for it.

Where and how to buy

Some of the videos are posted on electronic pages. Be sure to watch them online. While watching, you will see how funny this toy is and how it works. The main advantages are high ecology and safety.

The hamster - the repeat does not distort the imagination of the child. He looks a lot like a real animal. You can buy it in several ways:
Visiting a regular store, the price there is high
By Skype thanks to the Internet
Using a phone number or ordering on the site.

The best way to buy this toy, both wholesale and retail, in a specialized, shopping center.
Do not delay the purchase for a long time, make an order!

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