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Today, many owners of cats and cats prefer to include in the diet of their pets dry food. Modern manufacturers develop their recipes so that the animal gets all the substances and trace elements necessary for the normal development of the body. One of the most popular varieties of such balanced food is "Our Brand" - cat food. Reviews of it by veterinarians and ordinary pet lovers are positive.

Manufacturer of "Our Brand"

This wonderful useful and inexpensive food is made by the company of the same name at the Gatchina KKK plant. This company started its work more than fifty years ago. During this huge period of time, the plant's team has accumulated a huge experience in the development of recipes for animal feed. Today they are made on modern equipment from the highest quality products. At the moment, the company "Our Branda", the site (feed and their composition are represented on it in full) which is located at the nm-pride.com, is one of the most famous producers of animal feed in Russia. Products intended for cats and dogs include vitamins and minerals that are very useful for their bodies.

Opinion of pet lovers

Of course, "Our Mark" (cat feed, reviews of which allow you to judge him as one of the most popular) is not as widely advertised as the same "Viscas" and "Royal". However, the opinion about it in experienced cat breeders is higher even than about these brands. This is mainly due to the naturalness of the products used for making them. And, of course, an important role in the popularization of this product is played and its not too high cost. As the reviews say, cats receiving this food, look healthy, do not lose weight and do not shed.


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Criticism of this brand causes only not too much meat contained in the product. Particularly sensitive cats sometimes also develop an allergy to corn, which is part of most varieties of Gatchin product.

Veterinarians' reviews of "Our Mark"

A good opinion about this feed was formed not only in cat lovers. Specialists - doctors of veterinary clinics - speak well about "Our Mark". They also believe that this food in usefulness and nutrition is absolutely nothing inferior to well-known foreign brands, and in some respects even surpasses them. For example, dry food "Our Brand" does not contain dyes, preservatives and GMOs. Buying it cat, you can save the animal from the appearance of future problems such as indigestion, obesity, premature aging, worms, etc. of course, only if you give it to your pet correctly.

So you can safely buy "Our Mark" feed. The veterinarians' feedback on it is positive. They are not particularly good at the fact that Our Mark contains too many "animal products". Translated into the usual language - it is ground into powder horns, beaks and bones. In their opinion, such a product is not digested very well.

How to feed "Our Brand"

So, "Our Brand" - food, reviews about which cat and cat owners are mostly excellent. How is it right to give animals this product? The recommendations of veterinarians in this regard are:

  • If you give the cat dry food, it should be sure to provide it with constant access to drinking water. During the day, the animal in this case should drink at least 20 ml of liquid.
  • You can't mix dry food with traditional ones. The fact is that "Our Mark" contains absolutely all the necessary micronutrients and nutrients for the animal. Extra can just hurt the cat.
  • Purchase should only be that type of feed "Our Brand" which is designed for cats. You should also pay attention to what age of the animal it is designed for.

Although veterinarians strongly recommend feeding cats and cats with such food, many pet owners prefer to give them food from their table, comparing dry foods with something like "fast food" for animals. What exactly to give your pet, to decide, of course, you. However, "Our Mark" cat or cat will not hurt in any way. Many lovers of these animals buy this product, including in order to feed stray cats, as it is inexpensive.


To date, the plant produces cat food "Our Mark" the following groups:

  • For kittens. This variety is made from chicken and rice. Among other things, it can be used for pregnant cats.
  • For adult animals. One component is rice. The second - depending on the variety - lamb or chicken. In addition, adult cats and cats are fed from vegetables and beef, as well as rabbit and
  • For old animals. This variety is usually bought for cats older than seven years. It is a granular food suitable for sensitive teeth of "elderly" cats and cats.
  • For neutered animals. Feeds in this category are balanced in such a way as to benefit such low-active animals.
  • For especially fastidious cats. Make this variety of rice and salmon.
  • Among other things, the dry food "Our Mark" includes such trace elements as copper, iodine and zinc. A hypoallergenic product for sensitive animals is also produced. At the moment, Our Brand produces two types of feed - dry and soft canned. A very interesting variety are pate of this brand. They cook them from chicken. And the bird is grown at the Gatchin enterprise itself. Fish are also bred at this plant, which also goes on to prepare food, including for cats and dogs. All our Brand products are certified to meet international standards.

    General information about the composition of the feed

    In addition to, in fact, nutrients, "Our Brand" (cat food) contains digestible fiber. This element contributes to the correct flow of the digestion process. In addition, due to its presence, the animal's body better absorbs nutrients.

    Another useful element, which is part of the dry feed of this brand, is taurine. This substance has a very beneficial effect on the sight of animals. To strengthen the immunity of cats in the feed, the manufacturer also includes all sorts of antioxidants. For example, a very useful vitamin E.

    "Our Mark" feed: line-up


    Percentage content













    Vitamin A

    8000 IU

    Vitamin E

    200 mg

    Vitamin D3

    750 Me

    Feeding standards

    You should know about that, too. "Our Brand" - food for cats (reviews about it are positive), which should be given, of course, in certain quantities. Feed it to the animal so that it does not overeat and does not remain hungry. The specific norm depends mainly on the weight of the cat or cat. Thus, small animals, weighing 2-4 kg, give about 30-80 grams of feed per day. Cats more (5-6 kg) are fed 70-120 grams per day. Pregnant and lactating cats sometimes have to double or triple the norm. So, a large animal weighing 6 kg can eat almost half a kilo of product per day. Of course, to navigate in the amount of food should be on the appetite of a cat or a cat.

    How the animals themselves feel about Our Mark

    Opinion about this domestic feed in cat owners and veterinarians, as you can see, is the most positive. But what do the animals themselves feel about Our Mark? According to the observations of their owners, this food cats and cats really like. Including the most capricious and fastidious. And there is nothing surprising in this. In addition to its attractive appearance, balanced composition and nutrition, our Brand's feed also has excellent taste. Among other things, this company produces and granular varieties of them. In the latter case, the food also takes care of the mouth of the animal that eats it.

    In order to keep the product fresh for a long time, Our Brand specialists have developed a special packaging for it. However, of course, when buying, you should pay attention to the shelf life of the feed, as well as the date of its release.

    How to store

    So, "Our Brand" - cat food, reviews of which allow you to judge it as one of the highest quality products on the Russian market, certainly deserves the attention of fans of homemade fluff. However, it should be stored correctly. Granulated dry foods for cats and dogs can stay fresh for a very long time, even if already poured into a bowl. The main thing is to completely exclude their contact with water and not to allow swelling. However, you still need to follow some rules when storing. The package brought from the store is best to print and pour its contents into some closed container.

    A soft, moist version of the feed should be stored in the refrigerator after opening the package. When feeding the animal, you need to make sure that the product in the bowl does not heal for a long time.

    As you can see, "Our Brand" - food for cats, quite high-quality and well suited for a pet of any weight and age. Among other things, you can save a lot with its use. However, of course, everything is individual. Starting to feedcat or cat this dry product, be sure to follow the behavior and health of the pet. Perhaps, the animal will begin to show signs of allergies or the product simply "will not go."

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