Baby anti-reflux mixtures. How to choose an anti-reflux mixture for a newborn


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Being on a mixed diet, infants can often ress before feeding. To prevent this from happening, pediatric doctors recommend the use of special mixtures, which are different depending on the type of thickener.

Anti-reflux mixture

Antireflux mixtures are prescribed only by pediatricians, in order to reduce the number of baby fishburnies. There are children whose reaction to artificial feeding can be negative. They begin to resal food, constipation and stomach colic appear. Such diseases can be treated with mixtures. The dose and brand of the product is also selected by a specialist.

Numerous advice of young mothers to each other will not replace the consultation of a doctor, because each child is different. Therefore, what is suitable for one can only increase the gag reflex and constipation in another.

All anti-reflux mixtures are made on the basis of milk. However, their composition varies. From the usual mixtures fed to infants by parents, anti-reflux differ, mainly, in its density. They are either initially thick, or become so already in the baby's tummy.

Sometimes doctors recommend mixing anti-reflux food with regular ones. In some cases, the mixtures will only work in conjunction with other types of baking treatments.

How to feed the anti-reflux mixture?

Many pediatricians rely on parents' choices. They do not prescribe a certain anti-reflex mixture. Can only advise several kinds. In such cases, you need to read in detail the composition of the drug. Any mixture should be milk-based.


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There are no special wisdoms in feeding them. Antireflux mixtures are recommended to give two, a maximum of three times a week. More frequent use can harm the digestive system.

Pediatricians advise not to shake the baby after eating, do not change his diaper, than you can provoke resing. Wait at least half an hour until the food thickens in the stomach, and only then take the child in his arms. How to give an anti-reflux mixture, we have already figured out. Now let's talk about what supplements are part of it and how they prevent resusing.

The Stone as a thickener

To achieve the desired density of the product, a gum is added to the anti-reflux mixture. This means not to constantly feed the newborn. They are replaced by one second of the total volume of food taken.

The mixture does not use any chemical additives, and it can be used from birth. It has a pebble from carob trees, which is absolutely natural fibers suitable for nutrition. They thicken already inside the stomach, getting into an acidic environment. Due to its qualities, the fibers swell and the slurry becomes thick.

Antireflux mixtures with gum do not apply for more than 3 months. Galban can prevent the absorption of nutrients. Additional components of the mixture harmoniously act on the baby's intestines, enriching it with useful elements.

Starch as a thickener

Another substance used for mixtures as a thickener was polysaccharide starch. It's completely natural. It can be used for a long time. Such anti-reflux mixtures for newborns are quite allowed to give the child instead of the usual artificial feeding.

The starch already in the baby bottle begins to thicken. For these mixtures usually use a pacifier with a larger hole than usual. They are recommended by pediatricians to newborns, as they cope with constipation perfectly.


The "Bellact" anti-reflux mixture is used during mixed feeding from the very birth of the child. If the baby from the moment of birth was on artificial feeding, it is obvious that he will be given the most gentle food. The choice is rich, but doctors usually prefer one option. The maternity hospital is likely to offer "Bellact" in addition to the usual mixtures.

This product can feed the child from birth to a year. Some doctors, after learning that one-year-old children have started bowel problems and suffer from constipation, are prescribed to add to the food "Bellact".

The desired dose of the mixture is thrown into warm water, heated to 40 degrees Celsius. Having dissolved the correct amount, the bottle should be shaken for a few minutes, so that there were no lumps. Mom should check, dripping on his arm solution, whether he has a suitable temperature. After such procedures, the mixture can be given to the child.

At the heart of "Bellact" is a cameo. Therefore, it is not necessary to replace this anti-reflux mixture with the main food. Feeding her baby is recommended only for a short time.


The "Nutrilak" (anti-reflux) mixture is created on the basis of gum. It is recommended to take children together with the main artificial feeding in the first year of life.

Thanks to "Nutrilac" the baby gets rid not only of reselrowing, but also from colic, as well as constipation.

Nucleotides in the mixture strengthen the immune system, as well as form a useful microflora in the intestine.

"Samper Lemolak"

Previously, the mixtures, which include gum as a thickener, have been named.The anti-reflux infant formula "Samper Lemolak" was created on the basis of starch.

You can switch to it from the first day of life. It contains pure protein. In addition, "Samper Lemolak" does not cause allergies.

The baby, taking the product, does not revel, because it has a small dose of citric acid. In the stomach, she turns protein into cottage cheese.

Due to the fact that children do not fully digest starch, part of it reaches the large intestine and forms there a useful microflora. "Samper Lemolak" can be used during constipation.

Each of the above powders should be diluted in water of different temperature. On the boxes with the product there are detailed instructions.

It is advisable to keep the usual mixture for feeding in another bottle. It is best not to mix anti-reflux and normal food in one dish.

Parents are advised to have several bottles for different purposes. Without a doctor's appointment, none of the anti-reflux mixtures should be used. All of them are considered therapeutic, sold only in pharmacies.

Before prescribing feeding such products to a child, the pediatrician should find out if he has any allergies or problems with the intestines. The most popular anti-reflux mixtures containing starch are:

  • "NAN."

  • Nestle.

  • "Samper Lemolak."

  • "Celia."

  • Enfamil.

  • "Nutrilon Comfort."

Popular anti-reflux mixtures for newborns based on gum carob:

  • "Humana."

  • Hipp Antireflux.

  • Nutrilak.

  • Frisov.

  • "Bellact."

  • "Grandma Lukoshko."

  • Nutrilon Antireflux.

The mixture can be given to children up to a year old. Those solutions in which there is a gum, it is best to use once a week, not more often.

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