If you got pregnant in December - how to give birth to a healthy baby


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The first winter month, which was the beginning of pregnancy, usually takes place in anticipation of the upcoming New Year holidays, so all seasonal troubles like frosts, snowdrifts, short days and long nights are usually perceived as temporary difficulties and fly almost imperceptibly. So a good mood can brighten up the worst weather. And a good emotional background for the beginning of pregnancy is very important.

But this anticipation of the holiday should not affect the ability to think sensibly - after all, a pregnant woman should think not only about herself, but also about her baby, which will reflect a lot of what his mother will do. Therefore, the safety rules for mothers should remain unshakeable: try to protect yourself from infection, avoiding crowded places, do not fall, slipping, for which you must first take care of comfortable winter shoes with non-slip fluted soles, do not get tired in search of gifts and in the New Year's rush, leaving it to others.

Unfortunately, in December in Russia, especially in the middle zone, a sharp drop in temperature and quite severe frosts are not excluded, hence-hypothermia and, as a result, - SARS, so take appropriate preventive measures in advance- at the beginning of pregnancy, an infectious disease can be fraught with complications for both the fetus and the mother. Try not to visit crowded places, use oxoline ointment or VITAON balm.

Prepare in advance for the New Year. Pay close attention to not overeating at the festive table. Think of memorable but tiresome entertainment. If you still decide to invite your guests home, make sure that they help you prepare the table in advance, or distribute the cooking among all the guests.

Speaking of gifts. Naturally, in your situation, rushing around the shops is not the best pastime, given the winter epidemiological situation. So, perhaps, to reflect on how to present a surprise of a different plan to your family and friends? Is it not worth it in the New Year to tell about the changes that await the family in the future? Although this is a very ambiguous question.


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When is it best to report your pregnancy and should you talk about it so early? Or maybe it's better to wait until the first few months are over. This question concerns many people for a variety of reasons:someone is afraid to jinx, for someone this is a very intimate event that is not subject to disclosure, someone is afraid of an ambiguous reaction from relatives or is worried about the housing issue. In general, the variety of individual situations is not transferred to the enumeration.

Naturally, depending on the relationship with relatives, everyone builds a strategy of behavior, including informing or not informing about the upcoming addition to the family in a given period of time. I would just like to note this. New Year is a family holiday that always evokes particularly warm feelings, positive emotions, it is always a premonition of pleasant changes in life, so on the wave of joyful expectations that have already begun to come true and be realized in the form of pleasant troubles associated with pregnancy.So in any case, the New Year is a good reason to report the news. And even if the suggestion that the news of pregnancy will cause more criticism than delight from someone, the New Year's mood will smooth out all the rough edges and begin the joyful expectation of a new man.

Now about the prospects. The birth takes place in September, which is one of the most comfortable months for a young mother. It is so nice to walk with your child among the red and yellow foliage, and the autumn harvest of vegetables and fruits will help the nursing mother to diversify her diet and enrich the body with vitamins and trace elements. Summer, coinciding with maternity leave, opens up great opportunities for a last vacation together.

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