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Are you familiar with the Hungarian Vyzhla? This is a very interesting breed of dog. Such dogs are not only smart, but also have a lot of talents. Another of their distinctive features is a spectacular appearance. So, we offer you to get a better idea of what the Hungarian vyzhla is.

A little history

The ancestors of the breed are known since the tenth century. Most likely, they appeared in Hungary. Further dogs were bred with local hunting, and then there was a modern Vizsla. The color of these dogs was yellow, which is why they were called "golden". Dogs of this breed were used mainly for falconry.


Vizsla is a very handsome and graceful dog. Their physique is graceful, but at the same time muscular. The height at the withers of the breed can reach 61 cm, and the weight reaches thirty kilograms.

This dog has strong legs and a broad chest. The tail is set low. It is usually cut off by a third of the length. The eyes are brown (slightly darker than the color itself). The muzzle is rectangular with hanging ears.

The standard colors for this breed are reddish-golden. There may also be a white spot on the chest, and light markings are allowed on the tips of the fingers. Marriage is considered brown and reddish colors.

According to the structure of the wool, the vyzhla are short-haired and hard-haired. In the latter, the coat is longer and tougher, but it does not fit tightly to the body. Short-haired Vizslas have a thick, smooth and well fitting to the body with hair.


The name of the breed "vyzhla" translates as "search". This dog really has a fine sense of smell. He's following the trail perfectly. Vyzhla is very hardy, tolerates difficult climatic conditions well, holds a stand perfectly and works perfectly in swampy thickets and on rough terrain.


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Vyzhla gets along well with children and is able to become a real nanny for them. So you can safely leave your kids with a gentle, kind and caring dog that will not only not offend them, but also protect them if necessary.

But especially the Vizsla is loyal to its owner. In addition to hunting work, such a dog can be both a watchman, barking at strangers, and a playful companion who will travel with you around the world.

Dog content

To contain such a dog is not particularly difficult, as it is unpretentious in the care and well-balanced. This dog will never bother the owner: it is quite enough for him just to be near his master.

If you do not often go hunting with your dog, then he will need an active walk. Vyzhla will be very grateful for your joint walks and runs. She also loves sports.

You can not keep such a dog on a chain or in a kennel, as it is domestic and requires special care and attention. This dog does not feel very well alone. So try not to leave him alone for the whole day.

Vyzhla can be kept both in an apartment and in a house, in a fenced yard. At the same time, do not forget about regular long walks with the opportunity to frolic without a leash.


A very pleasant process in all respects is the upbringing and training of a representative of the Hungarian Vyzhla breed. Training this dog will not give you much trouble. Keep in mind that representatives of the breed are very sensitive, so when training, first of all, you need to use positive emotions and encouragement. This dog is very sociable at work, it likes to please its owner. To raise such a dog, the owner does not need to be harsh, it will be enough to have a firm character and, of course, perseverance, since the vyzhly are smart dogs. They can learn to manipulate you in order to take a leadership position in the house.

Another feature of the breed is its love of water. Vizslas are excellent swimmers. Therefore, since childhood, do not deny your pet the pleasure of swimming.


The coat of this dog does not require careful care. You just need to regularly comb your pet using a special comb. The wool of short-haired eagles is enough to brush once a week.

Representatives of this breed should not be bathed often. It is quite enough to do this once every two months.

Diseases of the breed

In general, these dogs are distinguished by excellent health. However, some representatives of the breed have a tendency to eye, skin and cartilage diseases. Sometimes vzhl is diagnosed with hip dysplasia. In addition, representatives of the breed may have hormonal problems associated with thyroid diseases.

Hungarian vyzhla: owner reviews

The owners note the incredible mental abilities of the dog. They confirm the fact that vyzhla is a true hunter and a great swimmer. But the dog needs long walks and heavy physical activity. Without them, as the owners say, she does not feel well and can start to bully in the house.


As for the price of dogs of this breed, it can be called average. So, puppies of the Hungarian vyzhla with a pedigree are estimated by their owners in the amount of from eleven to forty thousand rubles.


Now you know who the Hungarian vyzhla is. As you can see, this is a very graceful, intelligent dog, which is great for keeping in an apartment, but needs long walks.

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