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Today, no one will be surprised by such a gift for a newborn as diapers. But few people know that you can prepare an unusual surprise from them and additional accessories. Gifts from diapers, made with their own hands, will please the parents of the baby. To create masterpieces, you may need bright bibs, colorful diapers, children's clothing, soft toys, colorful bottles and some other things. This article offers a master class "Gifts from diapers".


"Cakes" made of diapers are very popular. This is beautiful and fun, especially since there are many options for their implementation. It's harder to make locks. And parents who are fond of sports can independently make a retro scooter.

The idea of such a gift is simple. It is enough to buy several packs of diapers, disembowel them and, showing imagination, create something unusual.

Making a scooter

When discussing what to give a boy, they often offer cars, robots or police officers, without thinking that you can independently create gifts from diapers. For the boy and his parents, this is an ideal option. In addition to the fact that such a gift looks unusual, it is also necessary for the child.

For a boy, it is better to make a scooter. To make it, you need to prepare:

  • 60 pieces of diapers;
  • Cardboard;
  • 2 disposable diapers;
  • Tapes;
  • A small terry towel;
  • A pacifier.

After all the elements are collected, you can start creating a scooter.

The main course of the assembly

First of all, you need to roll the diapers into rolls, securing them with elastic bands for money. Next, a wheel is formed and wrapped with a diaper. It is very important to make such gifts from a diaper with well-washed hands.


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The main frame is made of corrugated cardboard. Since the material is not particularly dense, it is desirable to stick it on ordinary dense cardboard. As an option, a sheet of the box from the vacuum cleaner is suitable. It often has the right shape, and even the hole needed for the headlight is in the right place. You should pay attention to the direction in which the cardboard bends, since it must be very strong. The second sheet of cardboard is used for the footrest, it must be sheathed with a towel. In principle, gifts from diapers are made very easily, the main thing is to be patient and treat their creation with love.

Making the moped seat and handles

The base of the back side should be wrapped with thin cardboard. Additional diapers are placed in a box that will act as a seat. It is upholstered with non-woven fabric that imitates the fabric. The color is chosen according to your preferences. A bottle is twisted through the front cardboard, it acts as a horn and a headlight. Since the diameter of the neck is smaller than the lid, it will hold perfectly.

The handles of the moped are made of holographic cardboard, which is superimposed on the usual one. Next, you need to make an oval-shaped box for the rear wheel. This stage requires special attention.

The whole structure is connected with sushi sticks. They are pulled through rubber bands, cardboard, and wheels. You can decorate the scooter with ribbons on the handles and a metal sign. Such unusual surprises will bring a lot of fun.

Original surprise for a newborn

Both boys and girls can independently prepare an unusual "cake". To do this, the following materials must be available:

  • Diapers – 40 pieces, or more, the number depends on the size of the "cake";
  • Rattle/soft toy;
  • Large bottle;
  • Elastic bands for money;
  • A small blanket;
  • Socks and bibs;
  • A set of children's combs;
  • Wide satin ribbons;
  • Thick cardboard;
  • Baby soap and powder;
  • Underwear elastic band;
  • Packaging film.

Having shown imagination, you can make amazing gifts for newborns from diapers.


In order to make such an original " cake", it is necessary to roll all the diapers into a "roll" and secure them with elastic bands for money, so that they do not unfold. After that, the children's blanket is rolled up with a narrow strip, after which they make a "roll" out of it, inside of which they insert a bottle. The container will serve as a reliable support. For stability, the entire structure is tied with a linen elastic band. Pre-rolled diapers are distributed around the blanket and re-fastened. The first tier is ready. In this way, amazing gifts are created from diapers. How to make the second tier and decorate the cake, described below.

The prepared blank is placed on the base, which is cut out of cardboard according to the diameter of the future cake. The base is decorated in different ways: painted, pasted, decorated or sheathed. It all depends on the flight of imagination. On the first lay out the second tier of rolled diapers, tightened with an elastic band. The "cake" is ready, it remains to decorate.

Cake decoration

Each tier must be tied with a wide ribbon and attach a beautiful bow. If desired, you can remove the elastic bands that held the diapers. You can complete the gift with a set of rattles or combs that are placed on top of the"cake". Around place "roses" from socks. The lower tier is decorated with "flowers" made of bibs. The "cake" is ready, it remains only to pack it in a suitable container, which can be tied with an elegant bow.

Little tips

Before making gifts from diapers, it is better to find out which company parents prefer and what size the baby wears. As a support, you can install not a bottle, but, for example, champagne. Thus, there will be a surprise for the parents as well. If the addition to the" cake " will serve as a variety of hygiene products, it should be clarified whether the baby suffers from allergies.

The base for the "cake" by decoupage technology

When creating gifts for a newborn from diapers, you should choose only environmentally friendly and harmless materials. Under the base, it is better to take a white water-based paint. Then, from three-layer large napkins, cut out any pattern that is pasted on the cardboard. The edges of the stand are formed by means of a piece of sponge, which is dipped in paint and applied to the edge of the base. To fix the result, you can cover the entire stand with a transparent varnish.

Of course, choosing a gift for a newborn is not an easy task. But you can create an amazing thing by going through a simple master class.

Diaper gifts for little ladies

You can make many interesting things with your own hands. People's imagination is not limited. Gifts from diapers for girls are very diverse. For example, you can create a beautiful "bouquet of flowers". It's very simple. To do this, by analogy with the" cake", they roll diapers into rolls and collect them into a single"bouquet". Between the diapers, place children's clothing or artificial flowers with twigs of leaves.

"Stroller" made of diapers

This gift will really appeal to parents. After all, diapers are not only a popular attribute in the life of a baby, it is also a beautifully designed gift.

To create such a masterpiece, you need to prepare 10 diapers, which are fixed with elastic bands for money. They will serve as the basis for the"stroller". As wheels, 2 twisted diapers will act, they are attached to the body of the structure. A rectangle equal in shape to the diaper is cut out of cardboard. When working, it is necessary to observe neatness and cleanliness. Next, form the roof of the "stroller" and fasten it with an elastic band. Diapers, located on the edge, close with another diaper.


In order to effectively decorate the "stroller", you need satin ribbons and liquid nails. The entire structure is tied with ribbons to make it strong and stable. Many women who have already prepared gifts from diapers for girls say that this process is very exciting, it brings a lot of fun.

For the wheels, you need satin daisies, you can buy them or make them yourself. To make the core of the flower, you need to wrap the cardboard blank with a yellow ribbon. From the satin fabric, cut equal strips that will serve as chamomile petals. They are glued in a chaotic manner with liquid nails. The finished flower can be planted on toothpicks and placed in the center of the wheel.

"Train" from diapers

This gift is perfect for both girls and boys. You only need to choose the appropriate colors of the ribbons for the design. The" train of diapers will really appeal to the parents of a newborn. To make it, you need directly the diapers themselves, ribbons for decoration and any soft toys.

Five or six diapers are rolled up and applied to each other. On top, put 3 more diapers perpendicular to the lower tier. The top row is tied with a blue or pink ribbon. On top of the vertical, tied in a roll, a diaper is placed – this will be a pipe, next to the prepared soft toy. The second and third "car" are made by analogy with the first, only reduce the number of diapers to three, and they are connected to each other with a thin tape. Such a train is made very easily and quickly, and it turns out a beautiful gift. The last two "cars" are decorated with handmade satin bows. Here is such an uncomplicated way to prepare amazing gifts from diapers with your own hands.

Exclusive gifts

Such important and overnight pleasant events as the birth of a baby are rare. And I really want to emphasize the solemnity of this bright event. Today, it is difficult to surprise with a gift, so you have to invent something original and exclusive. Masterpieces of diapers will be an unforgettable gift for young parents. A snail, a train, a bicycle, a bouquet of flowers, a cake, a scooter, a stroller, a castle, a bear and other creations made of diapers made with your own hands will successfully replace the most expensive gift from the store.

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