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Do you know who the black Russian Terrier is? If you have never heard of such a dog, then we suggest you learn more about this breed. In this article, we will describe the appearance of the representatives, their character, and give advice on maintenance and care. So, who is the black Russian Terrier?

Characteristics and appearance of the breed

The Black Terrier is a large dog with an athletic, muscular build. The backbone is strong, the back and chest are broad. The breed is characterized by powerful jaws, a long head and a pronounced transition from the muzzle to the forehead. The tail of these dogs is quite short, set high. As a rule, it is stopped, leaving several vertebrae (three to five). The height at the withers of an adult representative of the breed is about seventy centimeters for males. Females are slightly shorter (66 cm on average).

Breed characteristics

Despite its impressive size, this dog is calm and not annoying. The black Russian Terrier will not be constantly spinning under your feet. The character of that dog is strict, but he communicates well with the kids, treats them carefully. A black terrier can afford almost anything for a child.

With other representatives of the fauna gets along quite peacefully. But in the process of growing up, it can begin to dictate its own rules.

It is impossible not to note the loyalty of the black terrier. The best thing for him is the company of the owner. To her, he will prefer the most fun games with his fellow tribesmen. The black Russian Terrier is always on the alert, regardless of whether it is at home or on a walk. He knows that his main task is to protect the owner, his home and the "pack". Of course, without any reason, the dog will not rush at a passerby, but if an extreme situation arises, he will do everything possible to protect the owner.


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Be sure, even a young representative of the breed can be relied on. If the owner is in danger, the Russian Terrier will not spare his life. "Blackie" can easily knock down a person. The strength of the jaw of this dog is such that it will easily bite the cuttings of the shovels, so it will end badly for the attacker.

In the apartment, representatives of the breed do not cause much trouble. Due to the fact that black terriers do not shed, their owners are spared from wool on carpets and clothes. Another indisputable advantage is that the coat of this dog has no smell, even after rain or bathing. Here is such a here is he-black Russian Terrier.

The care of its fur is not particularly difficult. Just need to comb it with altonorte, trimming or single combs. On average, the procedure should be performed three to four times a month. Although especially loving owners comb their pets daily. Thanks to such careful care, the coat becomes more elastic and grows faster. It is also necessary to check whether the dog has tangles. If found, then be sure to remove it using a koltunorez.


You need to bathe the dog as soon as it gets dirty. After walking on the street, it is necessary to wash the paws, tummy and other contaminated areas of the body. For bathing, use special shampoos. Make sure that during this hygienic procedure, no compounds get into the eyes and nose of the dog, cover them with your palms. After bathing, wipe the pet with a towel, and after twenty minutes you can already dry it with a hair dryer.

Additional hygiene procedures

Ears should be checked weekly. If they are dirty, then use a cotton swab to clean them carefully. Teeth also need care. It is advisable to teach the dog to brush his teeth from childhood. For this procedure, you need to use a special dog paste and a brush (you can use a regular one).

Education and training of the black Russian Terrier

It is necessary to train this dog from the first days of life. The process of training should be everyday in order to correctly shape the behavior of the puppy in society.

Since childhood, you need to show the dog who is the owner of the house. Therefore, do not be afraid to infringe on his freedom. Remember that any dog is hierarchical.

There must be bans. For example, do not allow the dog to sleep on the bed, or take away sneakers, or other things. But there shouldn't be too many restrictions. From early childhood, the puppy must remember a few dozen things that are "impossible".

When raising a pet, be sure to make an adjustment for age. While the black Russian terrier is small, the training should be softer, with fewer requests. It is not necessary to demand from a two-month-old puppy that he does not do his "business" in the apartment. At an early age, the baby still does not understand what "endure"is.

Since childhood, you need to play quiet games, as terriers are characterized by excessive excitability. Violent display of emotions is also not worth encouraging. Talk to your pet more often so that he can understand more words, so that in the future it will be easier to communicate with him. If you start doing this from a small start, then in the future, in addition to commands, the dog will understand at least a little of your speech. To train specifically, you need to start with three and a half or four months. At this age, you can learn the basics. First, teach the dog commands such as "Sit" and "Lie", as well as"Next".

The latter needs to be worked out very well. When the dog grows up, it will be strong, and not everyone will be able to keep it. Therefore, the dog must understand you so that you can control it at any time. During training, especially at first, do not use negative stimuli, only encouragement and affection. You can also mechanically force the dog to make a particular command, but all training should take place calmly, without aggression.

Russian Black Terrier: owner reviews

The owners of such dogs claim that they have found in their face real loyal friends who faithfully serve, guarding the house. With their own dogs, these dogs are always easy-going. What else the owners note is the reverent attitude to children.

The owners also state that for the proper development and health (physical and mental) of the animal, such a dog needs daily long walks, as well as constant training. A dog of this size without the basics of obedience, as you understand, is simply dangerous to society. Therefore, proper training is first of all, so the owners say.

The dog needs fair treatment, as the black Russian Terrier is a person who requires respect for himself and persistent upbringing. The love and kindness of the owner towards this shaggy friend works wonders with the "blackie".

The owners believe that the black terrier is not a dog, it is much more. He becomes a full-fledged member of the family.

A small conclusion

Now you know who the Russian black terrier is, we have provided a description of the breed in our article. We hope that now you understand what positive and negative qualities this dog has.

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