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A six-year-old child is no longer the small-minded kid he was quite recently. He has already had a rapid leap in physical and intellectual development. It is important not to stop there, but to continue to develop the child further, because there is already a school ahead, for which he must be well prepared both psychologically, physically, and intellectually.

Children's educational activities for children

The main condition for conducting any classes with children is the sparkle in the eyes of the child and his joy from the lesson. Interesting educational classes for children 6 years old are simply necessary for them, but on condition that they will be interesting.

You can study in special children's centers and development schools, where you can find any activity to your taste. In addition, classes can be held at home, if the child agrees. Not every preschooler is able to study at home with his mother, or rather, not every mom is able to study with her child. Some simply do not have enough patience, while others do not have enough experience to organize the learning process competently. That's why many parents prefer to turn to specialists who conduct correctional and developmental classes for children.

Physical development of the child

At the age of 6 years, the physical development of the child is very rapid. The coordination of the baby's movements increases several times, he is already able to do things that mothers did not even dream of before: do two or three movements at the same time, for example, jump up and clap their hands. Many guys at this age are already riding a two-wheeled veloviped, roller skates and skates with might and main.


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Nevertheless, physical education classes for children 6 years old are needed just like air. Kids are very restless, they need to be always on the move, this is one of the basic needs of a child. That's why it's worth giving it to a section or to dance classes. Boys enjoy swimming, skiing, wrestling, and girls enjoy gymnastics and figure skating. However, such a distinction by gender is very conditional. Good physical development is necessary for full intellectual development.

Musical educational classes for children

All children are very fond of listening and singing songs, as well as dancing to them, regardless of their age. In general, music develops a child very much, improves his memory, attention, motor skills, so music lessons are simply necessary. For one child, these classes will be more in-depth in a special music school. Many children at this age are already beginning to master a musical instrument, for example, a violin, a block flute, a piano and an accordion.

Other guys who do not have a lot of musical data, however, will be very happy to attend various musical educational classes for children. The technique of the Zheleznovs, aimed at forming a sense of rhythm, intonation and even acting skills, is very well perceived by children. The songs of the Zheleznovs are mini-dramatizations, finger games that kids just love. These also include group dances, rhymes. However, it is not necessary to look for this particular technique. It is enough to take any song and try to perform it not only with your voice, but also with your body, showing movements. By the way, these movements can be invented together with the child, thereby developing his horizons and imagination. The main rule of any class says: the lesson should be fun!

What needs to be developed in a child

In order for the future student to be ready for school days, interesting educational classes are simply necessary for him! They need to be led in several directions. These include the following:

  • The development of intelligence. This can include general development, the knowledge that the child accumulates by this age. Knowledge about the world around him, about the properties of objects, about the causal relationship of processes, and also need to develop logical thinking, teach literacy, elementary mathematics and give the basics of reading. Some children, however, read quite fluently by the age of 6, but still such a phenomenon is not widespread. In addition, many people start learning foreign languages, this also applies to the development of intelligence.
  • Development of psychological processes. These processes include memory, attention, the ability to concentrate and will. The development of these processes takes place constantly, many classes are considered as a means for their development. For example, many parents send their child to learn English in order to develop his memory.
  • Development of imagination and creativity. Many guys themselves draw with great pleasure, sculpt from plasticine, and engage in non-traditional techniques of creative art. This is not so easy for some, and therefore they need to be helped, skillfully but carefully guiding them.
  • Speech development. Despite the fact that the child's speech is already well developed, it is still not necessary to stop there. You need to read a lot, then discuss what you read, do all sorts of speech exercises.

Conditions of classes

Educational classes for children 6 years old should not be random, on the contrary, they should be strictly systematized. Otherwise, there will be no proper result, and your preschooler will not get used to studying, then you can face his protest, because he simply is not used to studying.

The main rule of any class is: they should be fun! If the lesson does not bring pleasure to either a child or an adult, it is worth reviewing the principles of classes. Educational games, classes for children will be useful only when they are performed and conducted easily and naturally.

Developing intelligence

There is a large number of games and books aimed at developing the intelligence of the baby. It is enough to play some games and perform various tasks from books so that the development of intelligence goes according to age.

Developing classes for children at home is not at all difficult to conduct, knowing only the direction in which you need to move. So, what can you do with your child at home, on a walk, to unobtrusively develop it:

  • Discuss the weather, what has changed compared to the weather that was yesterday. Discuss the seasons, what happens to nature and animals.
  • Remind the child what day of the week, date and month it is today. To remind you what day will be tomorrow and what was yesterday. Discuss the parts of the day: morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Discuss which items are made of what and what they are needed for.
  • To talk about professions, to talk about what jobs were before and what professions are new.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the development of a child's intelligence is directly influenced by his communication with adults, which is very valuable in itself. It is worth paying the child's attention to everything that surrounds him, asking him questions for reflection so that he understands himself, and does not get a ready answer.

Memory and attention development

Educational classes for children 6 years old must necessarily include tasks for the development of memory and attention. In order to develop memory, you need to memorize poems, memorize plot pictures, various small details. The task is well suited: look, remember, and then tell me. The child looks at the pictures for a short time, then they turn over and he begins to remember what was drawn on them.

For the development of attention, the game "What has changed?". This is a game in which one is removed from a sequence of pictures or toys, and then the child is asked to remember which picture has disappeared. In addition, it is useful to compare two pictures and look for differences in them.

Developing creative intelligence and imagination

Educational classes for children 6 years old must necessarily include creativity and the development of imagination. It is possible and necessary to draw with a child, sculpt from plasticine and salted dough, make applications from paper and natural materials, stage performances, glue and make various crafts.

There are a huge number of books aimed at developing the artistic skills of the younger generation. You need to create with pleasure, and then make an exhibition of the completed works or give these works to relatives and friends. The main thing is not to stop praising and emphasizing the importance of what is done independently. Educational classes for children at home, aimed at developing creative potential, are very important for the development of intelligence and various psychological processes.


Living next to a child is extremely interesting, watching how he changes from day to day is just a pleasure! Correctional and developmental classes for children should be a joy for everyone, and only in this case everything will work out!

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