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When choosing a pet, it is impossible to pass by such a dog as a pug. The description of the breed should begin with the history of its breeding, which is so rich that legends and myths still surround these animals. Images of short-faced dogs with bulging eyes, carved in jade stone, are found at the stage of the origin of Eastern Buddhist civilization.

Characteristic features of the breed

A pug, perhaps, has a special role next to a person. Despite the trusting pitying look, such a dog is not an empty toy. In addition to decorative functions, the breed has exceptional qualities of an assistant, friend and companion.

But still, the secret of such a high popularity of these animals lies in their extraordinary appearance. Intelligent and dark shiny eyes hidden in expressive folds, a hooked tail, short paws - it's impossible not to love a pug. Walking with him is an endless source of positivity and pleasure. The dog certainly becomes the center of everyone's attention, ordinary passers-by are unable to restrain a smile at the sight of such a wonderful creature, it is important to "lead" the owner on a leash.

The breed began to have a modern appearance thanks to the British. After the dogs got into the country together with the Dutch navigators, the breeders of the Foggy Albion slightly "conjured" over their appearance. The pug, whose price has increased dramatically thanks to breeding, has become blunt-nosed, short-legged, with a square forehead. The Chinese brothers have a more elegant physique, and the muzzle itself is sharper.

Despite the positive appearance, it is impossible to treat pugs exclusively as a toy. Representatives of this breed can become loyal and devoted friends, showing real affection. If the owner is in even minimal danger, they will fearlessly join the fight and protect him to the last. Openness, friendliness, the ability to get along not only with a person, but also with other animals, help the dog become a full-fledged member of the family. Pug puppies, getting into the house, invariably interfere in all matters, getting in the way, and notify everyone of their presence by ringing barking.

As a remark, it is worth noting that in China pugs were used as hunting and guard dogs. Already at that time, the wayward life position of these animals was manifested - pugs, like the emperor, were brought to the hunting grounds on stretchers. But such a historical fact does not speak about the laziness and impudence of dogs - it reveals to us their innate sense of self-worth.


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All of the above features harmoniously combined a small, square and funny pug. The description of the breed can be continued indefinitely. By the way, a sharp increase in the popularity of such dogs in Russia is associated with the release of the film "Men in Black", where a clumsy and cute dog played the role of a super agent. Daria Dontsova's novels also played a role.


A pug is an unintelligent dog, it does not differ in intelligence. Representatives of the breed are just companions, companions. They don't need training, and pugs don't like all these tricks - they have too stubborn a temper. Nevertheless, pets are ready to perform simple tasks that their beloved owner will set.


Representatives of the breed are kind and sociable, but with a tendency to outrage and mischief. They appreciate the attention of all family members and achieve it in different ways. Pug puppies immediately begin to show care, bravery towards the new owner, gradually becoming home keepers. Every suspicious rustle at the door is sure to be followed by a reaction.

A brighter temperament is observed in black-colored dogs. Light apricot shades indicate that this is a calmer pug. The description of the breed allows us to note that, regardless of temperament, all pets get along well even with the youngest children.

Purebred dog standard

The current standard was approved by the FCI five years ago. A purebred pug is always a stocky dog of small size, "square" compact shape. The dog has harmonious proportions and developed muscles.

What kind of real pugs are they? Characteristics of a purebred individual:

  • Weight - from 6 to 8 kg;
  • Height at the withers - from 30 to 35 cm;
  • Color: yellowish-fawn, apricot, black and silver are allowed;
  • Smoothness;
  • Head: large round without hollows on the skull, with a clear indication of the transition from forehead to nose; muzzle short, blunt, square shape;< /li>
  • Ears: soft, small, thin, velvety to the touch. They can be in the form of roses and buttons. In the second variant, the ear holes are not visible, and the roses have a hole in the middle, which slightly opens the inner part;
  • Eyes: round, large, dark, with a meek look. In a healthy dog, they shine brightly when the dog is excited by games or happy - full of fire;
  • Nose: short, not snub-nosed. The lobe is black, the nostrils are well developed;
  • Bite: it is customary to call a snack, since the lower teeth slightly protrude beyond the upper ones;
  • The chest of the breed is wide, the ribs are well curved;
  • The back is short, the top line is even. Depressions or bulges are a defect of the breed;
  • Forelegs: limbs are strong, have a moderate length, necessarily straight, set parallel, correctly positioned under the trunk. The fingers are separated, the claws are black;
  • Hind legs: very strong, of moderate length, with a parallel setting. The fingers are well separated, with black claws. A pug whose paws are excessively short or elongated is not purebred;
  • Tail with a high fit, tightly twisted, lies on the hip. A special sign of pureblood is a double curl.

Color features

If the dog has a light color, the markings should be as dark as possible. They are present on the ears, like a mask - on the muzzle, on the cheekbones, like a spot on the forehead (in the form of a diamond or "fingerprint"). On the back of a purebred dog there is a distinct straight line of dark color.

Black individuals

Black pugs are considered rare representatives of the breed. On the canvases of Brekelenkam, dated 1653, there are dogs of this color, however, this species was able to enter breeding only in 1886. Prior to this period, such individuals were rejected as non-standard litter. The difference from relatives is manifested not only in the color of the coat, but also in a brighter temperament.

Taking care of the dog

Taking care of the pet should be manifested in regular care of the dog's fur and skin. It is good if the owner uses special cosmetics. At least once a week, all the folds of the pet are carefully wiped, the ears are cleaned and the claws are trimmed. Wool can be combed every day using a simple rubber brush - dogs love it very much.

General principles of content

1. Physical activity and walking. These dogs can boast of a developed muscular system, so they really like walking, including long ones. It is advisable to take a hike with a pet to the street every day. In the cold season, pugs freeze very quickly – a walk should not exceed 15 minutes if the dog is not dressed.

In summer, in hot, stuffy weather, it is better not to let the pet out of the house: representatives of this breed do not tolerate the heat very well and may feel unwell. Walking in the city is strictly on a leash, and the age of the pug in this case does not matter, because even a small puppy needs to be accustomed to correct behavior. This is also important for the owner, because then the dog will not rush anywhere in case of fright, will not suffer from other dogs, etc. For children under 14, dog walking is not recommended, even if we are talking about a small pug.

2. The next point of our story about caring for a dog like a pug is a description of the place in the apartment. A dog should have its own sunbed since childhood. Choosing a place for a puppy, you should position it so that it is at a distance from the fireplace, the battery, as dry air makes breathing difficult, in addition, it is harmful to the coat. The pet likes to be among people, so you can arrange a home for him in the living room.

3. Vaccinations. It is enough to vaccinate an adult dog once a year. All marks about vaccines are put down in the veterinary book. Breeders and veterinarians strongly recommend using the services of state veterinary clinics. Puppies are vaccinated no later than two months of age. Small pugs are vaccinated again after a change of teeth, i.e. at about seven months of age.

Power supply

Among all the representatives of the dog world, a real glutton and a dainty is a pug. The description of the breed is often supplemented by this fact. These are the dogs that are prone to overeating, so portions should be strictly dosed. The recommended feeding intensity is three times a day.

The owner must adequately assess nutrition and use specialized balanced feeds. Porridges and soups will never have the same set of vitamins and trace elements that a dog needs. But without balanced food, you can't count on a strong backbone, a beautiful coat, healthy teeth. Feeding a pet from the table can have a detrimental effect on its health, because the stomach of a pug is not adapted to the digestion of cooked food. Dry mixes and canned dog meat are the best option, but it is permissible to pamper a pug with fresh raw meat.

Do not forget that the dog should have its own clean bowl for water and a separate one for food. Water should always be available to the dog.

Binding. Breeding

Breeding puppies is better done by specialists. Inexperienced breeders do not take into account the subtleties of crossing, which may lead to the birth of not very pleasant offspring. However, there are several recommendations, if followed, the owner can succeed:

  • The bitch should be given antihistamines a month before mating;
  • The weight of the animal should be normal;
  • Individuals not younger than 6-10 months are allowed to mate;
  • The bitch is able to fertilize on 10-13 days from the beginning of estrus;
  • Animals should get used to each other. When pugs flirt, they prepare for mating;
  • The mating is repeated after three days, then the probability of success increases many times;
  • The pug bears offspring for 63 days.

How to choose a puppy from a litter?

Small pugs should be chosen intuitively. A potential owner, examining the litter, can rely on his own emotional perception. A puppy who will become a beloved pet often takes a step towards himself.

Experts recommend taking into account factors such as the pedigree of the dog, the nature, disadvantages and advantages of the breed itself. It is better to consult with the breeder beforehand, who will professionally select a suitable puppy.

If a dog is purchased to participate in various exhibition events or breeding, the choice should be as thorough as possible. The puppy must fully comply with the standard, have a good pedigree. It is possible to involve a third-party highly qualified dog handler in the selection. He will assess the "champion" prospects of a young dog with an experienced look. When a pug is just a pet, such troubles are not so relevant, you can even take a puppy as a gift.

Who should I choose: a boy or a girl?

Breeders and dog handlers advise using the standard rule of crossing. It says that a "girl"-a pug will suit the owner, and a "boy" will suit the hostess. Moreover, the choice falls on the family member who will be entrusted with all the main responsibilities for the care of the dog.

Collective portrait of puppies

A pug, whose description can begin with such characteristics as dedication and courage, tirelessness and endurance, is certainly a boy. Many people will like the company of the male, his cheerfulness and activity inspire. Their breed type is more pronounced, they are "more elegant", with a wider bone, which means they are larger. However, the pug boy is stubborn from an early age, which requires certain actions from the owner. The owner will definitely need to show his will and character. The dog must feel its place.

The pug girl is more calm, lazy and friendly. She shows obedience and is always affectionate with the owners. Bitches are more understanding, easily adapt to the conditions of detention, they have a higher intelligence. However, the girls are very cunning and not so reliable. The girls' appearance is not so bright, which, however, does not detract from their cuteness.


If the dog is thoroughbred, exhibitions can be very useful. Their advantages:

  • Harmonious development of the pet;
  • Participation of the pet in breeding activities;
  • Give the dog self-confidence.

You can start a career from 4 months. Do not despair if your team has failed for the first time. There are different experts and opinions at different exhibitions, so the result of the next performance may be excellent. The victory will be so intoxicating! Dogs with pedigree are allowed to the exhibitions. Pugs whose characteristics do not meet the established standards can participate in the program out of competition.

How much does such a treasure cost?

A pug without a pedigree can be purchased for 5-6 thousand rubles. A dog that appeared in the litter from pedigreed parents, according to all the rules of breeding, will cost much more. Purebred representatives can be estimated at 35 thousand rubles per puppy. A pug whose price is below 15 thousand rubles cannot have a pedigree - this is the practice both in the capital and in the regions.

How long will the pet stay in the family?

The average life expectancy of a dog is 10-14 years. The age of six years allows you to consider the pet old. Light and black pugs have an equal lifespan. Caring for a dog, its proper nutrition is the basis of a pet's longevity.

Instead of completing

A pug is a creature that is able to fill daily life with bursts of joy and emotions, bursts of laughter. However, it must be remembered that the owner's duty is to love and take care of his dog, then this delightful look of big brown eyes will not go out for a long time.

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