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Email is one of the oldest services in the global network. With it, users can exchange messages and transfer a variety of files. Today, despite the development of more convenient and simple instant messenger, email still enjoys considerable popularity. Without it is impossible to make a registration on many websites, it is also one of the main tools for the exchange of business documents.

"Rambler-Mail" has appeared over 15 years ago and over the years I accumulated a large number of users. Even when the interest from the "Rambler" was reduced to a minimum, the email service used by millions of people every day. This is due to the ease of remembering addresses, old contacts and wide popularity of the Rambler as a media portal. Settings "Rambler-Mail" is quite simple and accessible to all. For convenience of work mail messages, most users prefer to abandon the use of the web interface. Instead, use separate client applications or applications for mobile operating systems. In this article we consider the most common configuration options "Rambler-Mail".

setup mail Rambler

Settings for Microsoft Outlook

The Outlook of the company "Microsoft" is one of the most common programs for working with email. It is used as a business - because of the rather wide and convenient feature set, and individuals. Settings "Rambler-Mail" in it is repeated in virtually other services, however some features still there.

When you first start Outlook, the program automatically prompts you to create a new account email. If not, then you need to run ‘automatic configuration Wizard” with “Add account”, which is located in the menu “File”. During the wizard, you must provide your name, selected during the registration address and password. Mail setup "Rambler" in Outlook then automatically. It's simple.


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Rambler configuring mail on the iphone

Setup "Rambler-Mail" on your iPhone or iPad

Apple Devices are very popular, and e-mail them is an integral function. This allows you to send and receive emails almost anywhere. Before performing the settings of "Rambler-Mail", you must ensure that your mobile device has an Internet connection. After this you should run the app for Mail. If the setting is "Rambler-Mail" on your iPhone or iPad for the first time, and other email accounts not on the device, you can immediately select “Other” in the window that appears. In other cases, have first to go into the program settings and create a new account for e-mail.

On the screen after you start the configuration process, a form will appear into which you must enter your name and address is selected and click “Forward”. In the second step, you must populate the server for incoming messages ( and outgoing mail (, and twice to include your email address in the user name and password.

Settings for Android

mail setup in outlook RamblerAndroid – another very popular mobile operating system that is installed on a huge number of smartphones and tablets. On them also it is possible to configure mail. "Rambler" to "Android" starting with the Email attachments. After this, log into the settings and choose “Add account” and then fill in the configuration parameters. They are similar to those specified for iOS. The only difference is the need to specify the type of SSL/TLS security and server port (995 for incoming and 465 for outgoing mail).

Other mail clients

"Rambler-Mail" supports all clients for any platform that can access POP3, IMAP and SMTP. To send messages to the server to indicate and port 465 (SSL). In addition, it is necessary in the program to set authentication when sending messages. Receive emails depending on the selected Protocol occurs from the server on port 995 (SSL) or (port 993). Before you can use a third-party client to send messages necessary in the settings of "Rambler-Mail" to activate corresponding option.

Note that these settings are appropriate for all domains, which can be used in "Rambler-Mail". Therefore, when specifying a user name you must enter it completely, including the domain name, for example,

Possible errors

Most of the errors when setting up the "Rambler-Mail" due to mistyping a username or password. First of all, you need to make sure that they are correct.

setup mail Rambler on Android

If an error occurs while trying to send a message, you should check the activation of the ability through the settings menu of the web interface "Rambler-Mail". Also need to make sure that the email client authentication is enabled when sending messages. In some cases, the provider can block the standard 25 port against Spam. In this case, recommends the use of a secure connection for email transmission or to change the settings in the client port on 587.


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