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Poroshenko Marina A., not even being the first lady of Ukraine, always looked at social events is aristocratic and restrained beauty. And those who know her closer, found that it – not without a sense of humor, very sociable and easy going person that is easy to say on a variety of topics.

And by the way, Marina points out that not much in relation to itself the definition of “first lady”, because he sees in him a kind of isolation, isolation from the rest of society, while she is ready to do everything necessary and rolled up their sleeves, to help her husband.

In this article we will try to elaborate on that, what is the wife of the fifth President of Ukraine – Maryna Poroshenko (biography of this woman can not cause interest).

Poroshenko Marina

Some facts from the biography of the wife of the President

Bore the maiden name of the name Perevedentsev, the future first lady was born in 1962 in Moscow, where at that time her father worked. Later, when he was promoted and appointed Deputy Minister of health of the Ukrainian SSR, the family moved to Kiev, and it was there that he graduated from medical school and received a red diploma "cardiologist" of Maryna Poroshenko.

The Nationality of the wife of the President – Russian, and before the events of the Euromaidan, she belonged to the UOC-Moscow Patriarchate.

Love Story

Petro Poroshenko, the future first lady met in his student years at the University disco. And, according to Marina, a mutual feeling they were having immediately. However, in interviews she emphasizes that even decades later, disappointed in the object of his love – Maryna Poroshenko have always been proud of her husband and felt his strong support.


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And in the beginning of their relationship the young people had six months to wait for the next meeting. And it happened-on the farm. The fact is that regardless of the future profession, all students in the Soviet Union were required assistance to the farmers in the harvest. During this “romantic” pastime and a stronger sense of the future spouses.

A year after the first meeting, they decided to get married, but, alas, immediately after application to the Registrar, Peter was drafted into the army (in those days students had no delay in the call). However, soldier Poroshenko has released for 10 days, so he can celebrate their big day – and the marriage took place. And then he had to go back to the part.Marina poroshenok young photo

What is the most valuable Maryna Poroshenko

A photo of first lady can be seen in all media, and most often she is depicted on them in company with his wife. That says a lot. It's no wonder the couple Poroshenko in Ukrainian politics is considered one of the most prosperous. In thirty years of marriage his wife gave birth to four children: Alexis, Eugene and twins Alexander and Michael (whose family affectionately called Mika).

Despite the fact that Marina graduated from medical school with honors and became, incidentally, the first Ph. D. in our young independent state-Ukraine, – she did not hesitate to devote myself to the family.

At first, while Peter was studying in University, she was the sole breadwinner, working as a cardiologist in October the hospital and while receiving a salary of 120 rubles.

Journalists Maryna Poroshenko have long been associated with the highborn wife of the Decembrist. For the sake of her husband, she abandoned a career and claims to have never regretted it. After all, her credo-to help his wife.

Maryna Poroshenko


According to Marina, she never discusses with her husband working time, considering that at home he needs to relax and escape from worries. This rule was established in the family a long time ago, and the couple scrupulously adhere to it.

Most of the time a woman spends with a family, where there is another unwritten rule – all the holidays to celebrate together. Married not so long ago, the eldest son Alexei continues to maintain this tradition.

In Marina Poroshenko leads a pretty modest life – she loves to sew, embroider and cook. No exotic tastes, proud of modern VIPs, she's not. Although one family tradition that Marina is rightly proud of. Every year, for many years, the husband gives her a birthday trip to any country of the world. So, they have already visited many interesting corners of the planet.President's biography

“After the holiday is often want to relax”

His visits, the family tries to get maximum impressions, not forgetting the sports Hobbies. Winter love to go skiing and in summer you can go diving or Cycling. “Often the result of such a Packed programme of holiday you want to relax advanced», – she laughs Maryna Poroshenko.

In his youth (photo of the first lady in student's years you can see in the article) she had to be very focused and purposeful time to prepare for the defense of the thesis, to give birth and raise young son, while her husband served in the army. To the same discipline she taught and the children. They always had a tough schedule of day, and no failures in it is not allowed.

Marina considers Herself a strict mother, and Peter, too, cannot be called soft by his father. As emphasized by the President's wife in the family was always dominated by Patriarchy: the word of the father – a law not subject to discussion.

About the way you dress, Maryna Poroshenko

Photos of the first lady now, perhaps, the most popular in Ukraine. After all, Marina secretly is considered the most elegant of the wives of the presidents who ran the country. And it is justified – its public outputs are always a demonstration of impeccable taste in clothes and accessories and hairstyle.

Maryna Poroshenko photo

She prefers the classic style, complementing outfits precious jewelry, invisible natural makeup and understated hair, but not shy and folk elements. So, thanks to the first lady in the country has become fashionable to wear a stylized embroidered shirts.

For special occasions Poroshenko Marina picks up the outfits together with the legends of the fashion industry in Ukraine-Victoria GRES and Lily Pustovit, while offering your own ideas, once convincing in its subtle taste and ability to dress.

Want to know what a man look at his companion

Any man does his woman. This wisdom applies to the image of the Marina, invested in business growth of your life partner whole women's wisdom, and remarkable force of his personality.

Maryna Poroshenko nationality

In September 2015 Poroshenko Marina with her husband-President was celebrating the thirty-first anniversary of their wedding. And the head of state and published in the media touching the photo of his family, which shows he, his wife, children and grandson, signed it with words of gratitude. Perhaps this is what lives of any woman in the world – to hear words of gratitude from a loved one after a few decades spent side-by-side!


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