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Kaniga Claudio – the famous Argentine footballer (forward), remembered throughout the world not only for its beautiful game, speed and technique, but also scandals. A close friend of Diego Maradona. Canidia participated in three world Cup in 1990, 1994 and 2002 Fought for the America's Cup in 1987, 1989 and 1991, has received numerous other awards.


Claudio Canigia, biography whose childhood is related to football, 9.01.1967 was born in the town of Henderson, located 400 km from Buenos Aires. With 6 years Canidia enthusiastically played football on yard wastes. But much stood out from all the other guys. Its distinguishing feature was the running speed.

The Beginning of the sports career

The Speed of a young man beginning to bear fruit. He has participated in competitions in athletics. At short distances run and he had almost no equal. He excelled in the long jump.kaniga Claudio

In 1985, held in Buenos Aires province championship Canidia showed such speed in the 100m that the coaches of the Argentine national team began to offer him participation in the competition, which was held in 1988.

How Claudio became a football player

Kaniga Claudio has not gone unnoticed by football clubs. To begin to test the rumors about the talent of the young athlete was sent to an experienced agent. During his tenure, he has seen many young talents, but Canidia struck him at once.

Just after the finals, the agent is “caught” this young player right at the edge of the field. And immediately gave him a business offer from the club, which Canidia he could not refuse. So “river plate” get your state one of the future best players.


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Career Stage

The First years Canidia trained with such famous football players as Gallego and Alonso. First Claudio was in an ecstatic state. He trained, ate and went on the bus with famous athletes. So I try to hone their skills and show their best side.

Over time Canidia Claudio (football and victory for him was the main goal in life) began to think about his career. He wanted to play, not to sit on the bench.Claudio canija biography

The Battle for a spot in the first team «river Plate”

Kaniga wanted to be in the national team of Argentina. But to achieve this he could, only once in the main part of their team. He has received offers from other clubs, but they were all futile. Canidia would remain easy a backup. The only option was – out of the main lineup Enzo Francescoli.

Kanije clearly favored fate. After the world championship Francescoli left in “Old world”, and his place was free. Canidia immediate advantage of this chance. Despite the fact that Claudio has scored just three goals in 24 games, the player has not gone unnoticed. His style of play and amazing speed put him in the class of athletes, some in Argentina have not been. And no one doubted that Canidia Claudio will soon be in Argentina.


An invitation to join the national team of Argentina it soon. The debut of Kaniji it took place in 1987 in the game with the Italians. His goals Claudio opened in the same year, scoring first against Ecuador. Maradona after the game praised its speed and the game.Claudio canija goals

But, the coach, Carlos Bilardo, there was a strong sense of negativity towards Claudio. It seemed to him that this player was forced upon him, as he was used to choose players. But as a replacement Kanija was not, the coach had to leave Claudio in the first team.

Football career, Kaniji in General

After this match Canidia played "Verona", then – in “Atlanta". He quickly became the ‘star" of the team and returned to the Argentina national Team. At the world Cup in 1990, scored in the semi-final goal that helped Argentina to avoid defeat and win the team later on penalties. But, unfortunately, the final game Claudio missed because of suspension.

Later, in the 90-ies, he scored two goals in the game for “the America's Cup in 1991”. And scored the decisive goal on "the Confederations Cup». The result Canidia received an invitation to the “rum”.


Claudio became friends with Maradona. But instead of training my friends often prefer to walk and have fun. In 1993 Canidia Claudio was accused of cocaine use, and 13 months suspended.

The Continuation of the sports career

The quarantine Period is over before the world Cup in 1994 On him, Claudio was able to get thanks to the help of Maradona. Despite a lengthy absence due to suspension, Kaniga became one of the major players. Scored twice in game with Nigeria, but at 3rd match I got injured. His participation in the 1994 FIFA world Cup has ended.

After his recovery, he played a mediocre season in the «Benfica». Claudio then decided to return home. But not in the “river plate”, with whom he began his football career, and in «Boca juniors". There he again began to play with Maradona. In this command Canidia was until 1998, until any friction with Carlos Bianchi – the head coach.

The world Cup in 1998 Claudio missed for a curious reason. Coach Daniel Passarela ordered his players to cut my hair short. In his understanding it was to raise the morale of the players. Canidia with Redondo refused to comply with this requirement.kaniga Claudio football

In the same year Claudio went to Europe – first in "Atlanta". Scoring only 1 goal, Canica moved to the "Dundee". After a year the Argentine striker is already adorned in the "Rangers". There he recalled his talent and returned to the Argentina national Team. But in his last world Cup Canidia never stepped on the field. Retired from football in 2004, Claudio Canija.

Goals scored over his career for various clubs:

  • “river plate" (8);
  • "Verona" (3);
  • "Atlanta" (27);
  • «Roma» (4);
  • «Benfica» (8);
  • «Boca juniors" (32);
  • “Dundee United" (7);
  • ‘Glasgow Rangers" (12);
  • “Qatar SC" (5);
  • «Wembley" (1);
  • Argentina (16).

Awards, medals, achievements

Claudio Canija – the fastest player in the history of this sport. One-time world championship silver medalist. Winner of several Trophies:

  • America;
  • Confederations;
  • Scottish ligi;
  • Shotlandii;
  • Katara;
  • Libertadores;
  • Nicotineinhaler;
  • Megamarketinccom.

Claudio canija the fastest player in history

Claudio Canija became the Champion of Scotland once and Argentina – twice.


After completing his career Canidia decided to permanently settle in the Spanish city of Marbella. The choice was made for a reason. The player often came to this city on vacation. Him to this place very much – quiet, calm, where you can live a normal family life.


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