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What birds arrive first in the spring? Perhaps the answer to this question may be of interest as inquisitive adults and curious kids. So who are these birds, which I can say, bring spring on their wings tired?

Section 1. Any bird can be called a migrant?

what birds arrive first in the springEvery educated person knows that birds – a warm-blooded creature. Their body temperature averages 41 degrees centigrade. Theoretically they can remain active at any time of the year. However, in cold weather they need more food, so many are literally forced to leave their homes with the arrival of cold weather and head to warmer climes for the winter. First birds arriving in the spring, as would be the guarantee that winter is over and the heat is inevitable.

In General, the number of migratory birds depends on how much in this area differ in their conditions of livelihood in summer and winter. Of cities and forests birds leaves approximately half, and the inhabitants of the marshes, fields and ponds to leave their homes in much larger quantities. This is understandable, because if the winter in populated areas has a chance to find the grain and the remains of bread, insects they did not find.

If we talk about what birds arrive in spring first, not to mention rooks, ducks, starlings and greenfinches. They are considered harbingers of the retreat of the cold winter and the arrival of long-awaited spring.

Section 2. Rooks have arrived!

what birds arrive in the spring the firstThis look is very easy to confuse with ravens. By the way, many of us do, especially if the birds are high up in the trees. But remember the difference is quite simple: the ravens always remain to winter, but the birds fly away. Ie it turns out that in the winter our cities inhabit only the first but the second appears later.


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By the Way, if what birds arrive in spring first, ask the older generation like our grandparents, they did not hesitate to call the rooks. Their return was always seen as the coming of spring and warmth. It is such good news they had a reputation as Pets, they always tried to feed and especially joyfully met in their gardens and orchards.

Know what birds arrive first, little. It is advisable to get acquainted with some of their characteristics.

For example, have you heard anything about so-called "white beak" the rooks? The source for this name is since ancient times, when the ploughmen and then the tractor, started loosen the soil with the arrival of spring. Rook was their non-replaceable companion, because, like the very workers he was engaged in laborious business, snatching out of the land of insects-beetles, larvae, spiders, and bugs. That's why rubbing due to the constant picking, the rook was formed “a white beak”.

Rooks, and all the birds of the Raven family, a very clever and smart. Thanks to their care, they learned how to make butter and the milk left in the package, as well as to soften stale bread in the puddles.

Section 3. What birds arrive first in the spring? The ducks, of course!

what birds come firstThose birds, like geese, we are waiting with great anticipation. And early spring on the streets and then you can meet people who are trying to consider someone high in the clouds. “Look, duck back, they notice. - Ended, therefore, winter”.

If we talk about what birds arrive in spring first, and to cite the example of the ducks, not to delve into the peculiarities of their physiology. Why are they not afraid of the cold? The thing is, that ducks have the legs no blood vessels and nerves. It allows them absolutely comfortable to feel, to swim in freezing cold winter water and easily walk on snow and ice. By the way, thanks to the webbed feet of a duck is able to move pretty quickly.

But that's not all. Duck feathers are waterproof oily coating that allows them to get away with it in the truest sense of the word. Not everyone of us know that duck quacking under appropriate conditions echoes. Such a feature few can boast.

By the Way, depending on the sex, duck males are called drakes, ducks-females-ducks and their young offspring – the ducklings.

Section 4. If your birdhouse?

the first birds arriving in the springWhat birds arrive in spring first, primary school children very often do not learn from the lessons of natural history, and classes on labor education. Why? Yes, because that's where the teachers are trying not just to acquaint the kids with the outside world, but, as a rule, invited to take active part in it, such as erecting a bird feeder or build a real birdhouse.

By the Way, oddly enough, but these birds ordinary citizens are known not so much. For example, most did not even realize that the male starlings during the breeding season appears an interesting ability: he loses almost all his feathers from his head. Of course, then the feathers grow again.

Starling differs from the female in shiny, iridescentblack feathers. But in females they are more brown and look much more modest. In the wild starlings can repeat the sounds of others speaking relatives, but in captivity they are able to imitate human speech!

Section 5. Modesty is always a price. Zelenushka

what birds arrive first in the springWe've already told quite a lot about what birds arrive in spring first, but do not mention this bird impossible. By the way, zelenushka has a different name, most common among people and forest Canary.

To Meet the bird can be anywhere: in parks, in gardens and on city streets. Their nests they usually make on fruit trees, but do not disdain conventional, however, giving preference to those that grow on the edges.

Zelenushka only from the side looks weak and defenseless, in fact its beak it can crack even hard-shell nuts. And this bird is very peculiar drinks: it gathers in its beak a small amount of water, and then throws her head below the water flowed further into the throat.

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