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In many countries, and Russia is no exception here, the facts are revealed electoral fraud. Technology their conduct is very diverse:

  • Voting under supervision;
  • Rewriting and substitution of voting records;
  • Voting for people who are no longer alive;
  • “the electoral carousel” – voting according to a pre-filled ballots.

There are many other methods. All of them are illegal and punishable according to the legislation up to criminal liability.

Detection of election fraud

electoral carousel is

The validity of the election is always and in all countries of the world is a big problem. Allegations that the elections were rigged, often come from candidates who did not receive the necessary number of votes. In such cases in the press and broadcast increasingly heard terms such as “the electoral carousel». To identify such violations can sometimes be problematic, because it is due to the fact that it is necessary to prove the fact of vote rigging. For example: when the counting of votes, the members of the electoral Commission deliberately shift the ballots cast for the candidate Sidorov in a pack for Ivanov. The difficulty here arises, in order to catch the hand of the member of the Commission, which is made purposefully. The person has committed a misdemeanor, can refer simply to his fatigue. It is as difficult to prove that employees received their net ballot before coming to the station, went into the booth and dropped in a ballot box previously received and filled. However, such facts are detected, and they are called “the electoral carousel». To fix such a case you can simple install a surveillance camera in the booth of the voter, but again there is evidence of, and why people who took part in the elections, got some paper and put the others back into the inner pockets of clothing.

“the Electoral carousel" on the ballot in 2014

electoral carousel psaki

After the events of March 2014, when the result of the referendum, the Crimean Peninsula seceded from Ukraine and was incorporated into the Russian Federation according to the statements of the American observers, were held the so-called “the electoral carousel». Jen psaki, press Secretary, U.S. Department of state remembered worldwide for his statements that "Western Europe pipeline delivers gas to Russia» and «6th naval fleet will moor to the shores of Belarus”, mentioned at the briefing about “roundabout”, but what it is, distinctly could not explain. It was after her statements, the term has acquired a special popularity.


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Substitution of results of voting, without voter participation

One form of electoral fraud is the substitution of a results. This occurs for the following schemes:

  1. Shuffling of the results. In this case there is a replacement number of votes received by one candidate, votes of another candidate, who received less.
  2. So-called “Bag”, when the calculation of results is a substitution of a certain part of all ballots. For example, intentionally of bales of spoiled forms, the ballots are passed to the stack for the right candidate. In this case, outsiders should control the accounting process forms that are recognized as valid and not subject to accounting.
  3. ‘Tricky fingers”: this way of getting rid of votes in favor of unnecessary candidate. This occurs, as a rule, thus: bandage the finger or hand or other means attached to the hand of a ballpoint pen, slate pencil. Doing all this to spoil the valid forms for the objectionable candidate unnoticed from the eyes of the other participants of the election Commission. Spoil them by applying any of the dashes, ticks, dashes on the form, thereby converting it to invalid ballots.
  4. “Flick”: in this case, attach the forms of ballots for other candidates to number of votes for the right person.

electoral carousel

Electoral Fraud by direct voter participation

This form of substitution results array requires more attention. Because the violations occur before the polling station. These types of fraud include:

  1. Bribery of voters before entering the voting precinct.
  2. Organization of carousel voting. This method is one of the common methods of substitution of results of voting. “the Electoral carousel” is a method in which there is falsification of the results by bribing the voters. The method operates according to the following scheme: the voter gets pre-filled newsletter that he puts in the ballot box, and received a blank passes it back to the scammers.
  3. Voting by absentee ballot. Occurs in cases of change of residence or domicile of the voter. This method is legal. However, violations occur with these coupons, which in reality could not be received by the voter.

electoral carousel what is

Summing up

There are quite a number of methods of election fraud, and they are used, unfortunately, to the present day in some countries. However, each state to protect citizens are various tightening in legislation that impact including on phenomena such as “the electoral carousel». That such fraud is unacceptable and should be dealt with in the most drastic way, declares every democratic society. Also high priority is given to the development of technologies that help make the electoral process more secure from unscrupulous people who are trying to get the election results in favor of themselves or others.

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