Water mites: varieties, features, danger to humans


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We All know that there are mites that live in the forests and represent a considerable danger to humans. Their relatives living in human dwellings, also cause many problems. There are ticks, causing a loss to the national economy: they destroy the plants and feed on animals.

A Subclass of ticks gained is truly a formidable reputation… Some species are so deadly that a person takes all possible steps to destroy them. But on whose side the advantage in this centuries-old war – is the big question.

Amid kindred with a reputation as merciless killers and ineradicable pests water mites seem almost harmless. Many people have not heard about this group. Our article will help fill this gap and will talk about the peculiarities of life of these animals.

General information

The First thing that you should focus your attention, – the species. Some people mistakenly think ticks are insects, but this is not so. They belong to the arachnids.

water mite

The Collection is international in the name of Hydrachnidae. The entire life of these mites associated with the aquatic environment, but in habits they are more similar to terrestrial spiders than to other aquatic organisms.


Consider, how to look like water mites. A photo can help to represent this visually.

Like all arachnids, they have four pairs of legs. The rounded body consists of the abdomen and a relatively small head. Most representatives of the group of small size, up to 2-3 mm.

water mite photo

As a rule, the body of bright colors, from bright yellow to red. Some species of water mites ornamented.

The Chelicerae (jaws) developed and pedipalpy (jaw nogoshchupaltsa) are provided with bristles or hooks. In adults the legs are much longer than the body and provided with bristles that are required for the movement in the water.


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Ticks have two or four eyes. According to scientists, they have excellent eyesight, which helps them to Orient themselves even in muddy water.

Details to consider, how does a water mite, is possible only under a microscope. But the accumulation of parasites on the host can be seen with the naked eye. For example, red spots on the back and sides of the bug-skaters – that's nothing like a colony of maggots.

Hunting and diet

Most water mites — great hunters and predators. They feed on zooplankton, and sometimes attack other invertebrates. Some species are parasitic, while others prefer native plants and detritus.

Most parasitic species feeds on water insects, some dangerous to shellfish. The parasitism of this group of water mites in most cases are not a deadly threat to the owner, however, inflicts damage to his health, impact on lifestyle, and weakens the inconvenience.


Among aquatic plants in shallow freshwater bodies there is a large diversity of water mites. Often these animals live in lakes, ponds, marshes, river backwaters, rarely in flowing water of rivers and even permanent forest pools.

the water mite

Common representatives of this group almost everywhere. A very small number of species can survive in salt water.


All species of water mites breathe by absorbing dissolved oxygen surface of the body. The threshold of the desired concentration is extremely low. Even if a million parts of water accounts for only one part of the oxygen to the mites enough. Due to this, the survival rate in the polluted water are very high.

Mites are Developing with metamorphosis, that is, larvae differ from adults in appearance.

The light appears a tick with six legs. Most species are parasitic in the larval stage. Then the larvae have a complex life cycle. It includes three juvenile stages. The larvae pupate, then turn into a nymph. The nymph is more similar to the imago, and its way of life more mobile. The first attempt to self-adapt to the environment, to learn the skills of hunting. After some time, the nymph turns into a pupa, then to become fully grown.

Immature individuals most of the time is carried out in inert conditions that attach to an animal or plant host and existing at his expense. Free floating can only see Mature water mites.

Who is Gladysh?

Water mites are often mistakenly considered another unusual creature. Actually Gladysh is a water bug. His lifestyle is similar to that of water are arachnids, most of my life the bug-Gladysh also holds in the ponds. But these creatures are not even distantly related.

water mite Gladysh

How not to mix? To estimate the size and count the legs. Gladysh bigger and has only 3 pairs of limbs.

In recent years, this insect attracted high attention of the active users of the Network. Many resources and is rapidly spreading fake news about the mortal danger Gladysh, supposedly able to kill a healthy human in just two days. The reason was the peculiar feature of these creatures. Photo of a male with a brood of eggs on the back looks very unusual, but because many believe the accompanyinga picture of an awesome text.

But no danger this creature to humans is not. However, whenever possible, to grab the hands its not worth it – like many relatives of bedbugs, it could snap if you feel that him or his kids in some kind of danger.

The Danger of water mites for humans

how does a water mite

Not dangerous for humans and eight legged inhabitants of the waters. Ticks can neither bite, nor even to penetrate under the skin. This family eats plant food and plankton. Parasitic types of people also not interested.

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