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Alexander SukharevFamous Russian actor, writer and Director, which was first introduced in the detective series 2002 under the name "Azazel". A distinctive look on stage performance, a wonderful sense of tact and humor. Will tell you more about this remarkable man.

Sukharev, Alexander

A Few words about the biography of actor and Director

Alexander Sukharev – a strong and creative personality. Know him as a good actor, talented Director, screenwriter and producer. And if his film career known to many, the details of his childhood are virtually absent. Thus, according to certain reports, our hero has a professional stage education, graduating from professional school Studio at the Moscow art theatre.

First job and success in career

At the end of the school beginner in Moscow actor Alexander Sukharev (biography It is full of interesting events and unique hits) was marked by the leadership of the Chekhov Moscow art theatre, where he was and invited to work in 1995. And it was there that he realized all his knowledge in practice.

Here Alexander Sukharev received a tremendous stage experience. However for personal reasons the character had to leave so interesting a place of work and in 2005 retired from the staff of the theatre.

He was Later a member of the group theatre “Apartment”, where he began to act not only as an actor but also a Director. It is here a little later, our hero will meet with his future wife.

Alexander Sukharev directed

Teaching Alexander

From 1999 to 2013 Actor Alexander Sukharev decided to share the acquired knowledge with other people. To do this, he wanted to learn a new profession of teacher of acting.


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And while he thought where to go to implement the plan, he was invited to the school-Studio of Moscow art Theater. It was a wonderful place where he previously studied. So he quite easily managed to find a common language with other teachers and by the students themselves.

According to them, Sukharev Alexander was famous for the extremely lightweight style of teaching. He was well educated and can continue any discussion, but only on the topic. For this his students adored and the other teachers are respected and set an example. And it's amazing. Because special education teachers at our hero was not.

photo by Alexander Sukharev

Performances while working in the school

During the work at school at the Moscow art Theater Director Alexander Sukharev has worked on the production of several performances. So, under his guidance was the piece “a Few days in the life of Alyosha Karamazov" the legendary staging of “Othello” (William Shakespeare) and “Notes from underground" Dostoevsky. At the same time for participation on the creation of the latest plays Alexander Nikolayevich was awarded the “Gold leaf".

In addition, Alexander was able to recreate such wonderful productions as Chekhov's "Five poods of love”. It is known that this performance Alexander Sukharev (photo can be found in this article) put together with the well-known Harvard students of the Institute. While a student premiere of the film received huge numbers of positive reviews and was highly acclaimed by theater critics.

 Alexander Sukharev actor

Works of Alexander Nikolayevich

Despite all the love Alexander, it has always attracted large TV screens. Therefore, his theater activities, he is easily combined with a film career. While he began as an actor. For example, Director Alexander Sukharev (biography confirms the information from the life of an actor) starred as a collegiate Registrar's and the second officer in the film "Azazel". And let his part in this film was minor, it gave impetus to the further career of Alexander Nikolayevich.

Almost immediately after the shooting of the picture "Azazel" our hero was invited to the site of the famous television series "Turkish March". At that time, was actively shooting the second season of the Saga, and the Director urgently needed a new face for the role of a young criminalist.

After a little trial Sukhareva immediately included in the approved cast. But because the filming was already in full swing, the hero had to quickly get used to the role, to learn and to be involved in the filming process itself. And it is easily managed. So, our hero and starred in the tenth episode, which was called “the Golden shot".

Then Alexander starred in the film-the play «Sakhalin-wife”. Here he played a charismatic and uncompromising Sergeant. In 2003, he had a small cameo role in the film “Kill the night”. And exactly one year later Alexander had a promising role of the Lieutenant in the film “Moore is MOORE’.

In the period from 2007 to 2008, our hero has appeared regularly in film «Atlantis». And the last time he was seen in the film “My main role in life” in 2013. The more the actor starred in the movie and more acted as Director, Director and producer.

Alexander Sukharev actor biography

Directing activity]

One of the greatest works was the TV series "Medical mystery", filmed in 2006. In the tape tells about a national clinic, which has treated a variety of patients. While the main characters were doctors themselves falling into different situations.

In 2007, Sukharev not only starred in a few episodes, but also worked on the production in the above-mentioned «Atlantis». In this series we are talking about two families whose destinies are intertwined by coincidence. In addition, each of the main characters must return to their ‘Atlantis" and restore the natural order of things.

In 2008, Alexander is actively working on the series “Crazy angel" with Svetlana Khodchenkova in the title role. In 2009 Suharev produces a new melodramatic film entitled “pursuit of happiness”.

Starring in this television movie, our hero decides to use Tatiana Mancino, Nikita Zverev and Catherine Vinogradov. After the premiere the film has received a barrage of criticism. However, this has not stopped talented Director, almost immediately issuing his crown «Olympic village”.

By the Way, in this series, our hero has acted as co-producer and co-writer. For this work, the car has received many positive reviews. Moreover, he won the prize for the most interesting scenario. The award he received during the international film festival in the city of Cheboksary.

In 2012, another directorial work of Alexander was the film “Che”, which was followed by two other films: “to marry at any cost” (2016) and “Hostage” (2017).

actor Alexander Sukharev personal life

The Most striking scenarios of the author

In Addition to directing and acting, Alexander also loved to work on writing scripts. According to his colleagues and the people around him, Sukharev likes to keep everything under control. And to follow the right course of events, in his opinion, can only be doing all the work yourself. That's why the script helped him control the entire shooting process.

During his career Sukharev was able to personally lend a hand in writing scripts for the following films:

  • «Olympic village" (2011).
  • "Lace" (2014).
  • “No wedding journey" (2015).
  • “the fate of the villain” (2016).

Alexander Sukharev Director biography

Actor Alexander Sukharev and personal life

Despite the employment and participation in the filming process, our hero still managed to arrange his personal life. So, during his work in a theater group called "Apartment» in the Moscow art Theater, Alexander met a nice and charming girl by Anastasia Gorodentsev born in June 1983. Fiancee of our hero struck by their incredible grace (at that time she was actively engaged in dancing) and excellent lyric soprano.

Adam was so pleased with the future Director that he almost immediately decided to marry. However, his dreams never come true due to certain circumstances. To implement the plans he managed to have a few years later, when his beloved he was invited to the shooting of the series «Olympic village”.

After the wedding, the actress has repeatedly been invited to small roles in various films under the direction of Alexander. For example, she starred in the TV series "Medical mystery" and the crime drama “Che”.

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