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What do we know about the day of the summer solstice? He has long been highlighted by almost all the peoples of the world, acting as a source of different beliefs. Because the movement of the sun across the sky played a leading role in the planning of agricultural activities. From year to year has seen the culmination behavior of the light and advancing the longest day of the year. This phenomenon was attributed a positive value in many cultures.

the longest day of the yearFrom the standpoint of science this astronomical event is not particularly remarkable. Just this time, the duration of daylight begins to decrease, and the night becomes longer. For the Northern hemisphere of our planet the longest day of the year always falls on the 20th or 21st of June. In this day the shortest night of the year.

The Earth's motion along the trajectory of the closed elliptical orbit around the centre of the system - the Sun, twice light year reaches the points of greatest distance from it. The solstice itself lasts only a moment. But opened all the longest day of the year to be called by that term. Second - winter solstice - marks the beginning in the Northern hemisphere the longest night and shortest day of the year. It always occurs at the end of December – 21, or 22. And for the southern hemisphere the situation is reversed. In those days of June there is the winter solstice, and December – summer.

Being in the mid-latitudes of the Northern hemisphere of the planet, you can see that from the moment of the winter solstice the Sun each day is all above the horizon line. The highest point of the Orb reaches the summer solstice, and then rises every day less high. I.e., the degree of inclination of the Earth to the Sun, we have the maximum in June and minimum in December (for Moscow it is more than 57°, and 11° respectively).


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how long is the longest day of the yearAsk how long is the longest day of the year? Directly it will depend on the geographical coordinates of the place of observation. Accordingly, from the angle of the Sun above the horizon. For the Moscow latitudes the length of day is 17 hours and 34 minutes. Dawn was already beginning to 4-44 in the morning and sunset happens at 22-18 in the evening. For Krasnodar length of the longest of the year in daylight hours – almost 16 hours (20 minutes) to St. Petersburg - nearly 19 hours (10 minutes).

In the Northern latitudes these days the Sun does not set completely, bringing polar day (66,4° and further North).
the longest day of the yearTradition to celebrate the solstice were developed in many Nations. Revered and ancient Slavs. Every year on the longest day of the year accounted for the Midsummer holiday, signifying the end of spring and arrival of summer. Then came the celebration of the solstice, when there are three of the longest days of the year. All the festivities were dedicated to the most distinguished in Russia God-Perun. Emphasized and two astronomical milestones of the year – the days of spring and autumn equinoxes, when day-length is equal to the duration of the night.

I Have since high school stuck is not the most pleasant Association connected with the astronomical date of the solstice. In memory firmly etched in 1941, it was June 22, Nazi Germany suddenly attacked the USSR. The attack was preceded by the longest day of the year, and then came the solstice.

However, according to the assumptions of some esoteric, it is a bad choice for the date of attack brought Hitler to such a collapse. The attack on the Union, on Russia, in the days dedicated to the heavenly protector of the Slavs-the God Perun, was his first mistake. Russian people with the aid of the divine the Thunderer was just unbeatable.

I do Not know whether the right mysticism. But probably all peoples of the world could not be wrong and yet there is something sacred in the longest day of the year.

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