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A good life... What is it, who can tell? How often do we hear this concept, however, in spite of everything, to answer certainly the question of how to live properly, no one can. However, this does not mean you have to throw yourself and your life and let things take their course, not at all.

Below are the most common examples of “correct” in our lives. They touch all: work, study, leisure, entertainment and even health. They are considered the most acceptable, and therefore correct. However, no matter what, everything is relative, and the subject in particular, so you should not entirely rely on written “rules” and forget the most important thing: life belongs to you, and thus dispose of it is entitled to only one person. You. No one else: neither the author, whose advice you read or the TV host, whose recommendation you are watching or parents who have to listen and act on the unloved profession, for example. Only depends on you your existence and what it will be tomorrow and in 10 years.

Self Improvement and self development

How to learn how to liveIn the child daily learns something new. My head is spinning a sea of new issues, want to learn everything at once, starting with the title birds flying past and ending with the principles of the universe and the laws of physics. If a person from childhood to feed the food only, not including in the diet of growing information, and absolutely any, then such a child will grow up mentally retarded creature, not formed as a person and totally unable to live in society.

With age, the thirst for knowledge goes out. School is starting to get to learn, and unfortunately, people are arranged so that the more they are forced, the more they resist. Not to mention the time after graduation. All vital information is obtained, and the person no longer wishes to develop, not realizing how important this is. In the absence of spiritual and physical development and without the self of man is increasingly beginning to think in the style of “how to live”.


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The Right idea

How to live properly and happilyThought not less important than self-development. How a person thinks directly affects his life. And if he asks about how to live properly and happily, then in his head is more negative, because otherwise, if it suits all, it and to reflect on this topic will not be.

first, you need to filter your thoughts. Once you've thought about something bad, then try to switch to something much more positive. Over time you will learn to see the positive even in the negative. It will affect your life in a good way. Yes, at first you will not notice the change, but one will definitely understand that feeling better than before.

second, to think less about how to live. You can get obsessed with it, become paranoid in finding “the” existence and in the end will not notice how all these actions miss the life.

third, dream. It will help to have a couple of large goals in life and simply develop imagination.

The Right way of life

How to liveHow to learn how to live without the care of themselves and their body? No way. The person is obliged to follow him. Means not only the elementary rules of hygiene like brushing your teeth and regular changes of underwear.

Exercise, Jogging, light exercises or something similar – all that the body needs no less water or food, just expressed is not so bright. At least at a young age. In old age lack of exercise still as affect. It is therefore recommended not to forget about your body not only in terms of cleanliness, but also by other parameters. Morning exercise or Jogging, lifting and going to bed at a certain time, a healthy diet, the least possible amount of pleasant “unhealthy” the life like cigarettes, alcohol... Continue the list is very long, but overall idea what should be the “correct” way of life.

Proper diet

How to live rightUseful diet can also tell you how to live. Though not from a psychological point of view. Rather, it refers to the previous paragraph. Just food is so important that I had to make it separately for better comprehension.

everybody understands how a lot of Goodies prepared to buy in the store. Every time I look at another harmful product brain screams "Buy! Buy!” And people are buying, as if hypnotized, and then regret what you did.

you need to eat Right. At least those who believe that you are worthy of good health and happy long life.

The Right relationship with people

How to live with her husbandSome were interested in how to live with your husband, relatives, etc., because sometimes there are situations when it is unclear how to coexist in the same room in peace and harmony with other people. Others want to know how to communicate with an unfamiliar person, when common topics of conversation there, silent and awkward. Third interested in how to learn to meet people and how to behave on a first date. The fourth concerned about how to find the right approach for all people.

to Each his own, however, statistics show that more than half of people just do not know how “right” to chat. What's even weirder, they do not try. Calmed conscience with the phrase ‘what do I know”, they turn in on themselves and cease to make contact with loved ones. It's bad and wrong and all that can be said about this: communicate more. All, all, learn to listen to the other person and develop your speech in front of a mirror. The more you practice, the easier it will be to be in the company.

Right action

How to live
The Question of how to live, means not just ordinary existence, but also the actions, which in my life each person makes many. How to act in a given situation depends on the context, but the General rules state that it is undesirable to do things that can harm others. Why? Of course, you personally may be the value, but still the law of the boomerang in your life works perfectly, so if you have no desire to experience, try to make a more or less good, quality and good deeds.

Correct behavior

How to liveIf you are wondering how to learn how to live, then you should worry about standards of behavior. This item, again, borders on the previous one, but still different. The correct behavior-what is it? It is clear, what not in public places to behave yourself. It turns out, the correct behavior of = ethical behavior.

Wrong to behave at a party like home, despite the famous invitation gavarasana mostly out of politeness. Incorrectly behave rough, rude and to be negative without cause unpleasant subjective reasons people. It is wrong to consider himself above all; self-centeredness will lead to no good. It is wrong to assume, a priori, other people are scum. It is wrong to drink on the street alcohol, drunk to sing songs and to pester passers-by.

Such rules can be a lot, but it's easier to sit and think about what is right and wrong for you personally.

Good life

So based on the above, we can make a brief conclusion of how to live rightly and happily:

How to live properly and happily1. Engage in self-development and perfection in everything.

2. Think positive.

3. Get a purpose in life.

4. Take care of yourself, your health, body and food.

5. Communicate more.

6. Treat people the way you want them to treat you.

7. Show less aggression towards others.

8. Learn to show the positive qualities of his character and get rid of negative traits.

9. Love the people around you.

10. Be yourself.

Now that you understand how to live properly and happily. Go for it! Good luck to you!


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