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The Story of “Quiet morning” Yuri Pavlovich Kazakov wrote in 1954. When you read the beginning of the piece, it seems that it has a serene plot. But the more eyes run over the letters, the clearer it becomes that in front of the heroes waiting for a severe test, not a calm quiet morning. A brief summary will help the reader quickly become familiar with the product.

Volodya and Yasha

a quiet morning summaries

The Story begins with the description of one of the main characters – Yashka. He lived in a cottage with his mother. That morning the boy woke up early, because he was. He drank milk with bread, took the bait and went to dig worms. On the street it was waited by a quiet morning. Short content brings the reader into the early hours of the village. At this time, almost all in the village were still asleep. Only was heard the tapping of a hammer in the forge. Yasha dug worms and went to the barn. Here sleep his new companion – Muscovite Vladimir.

Before he came to Yashka and asked me to take him fishing. It was decided to leave early in the morning. So guys did. Country boy bantered over the city, he went to the shoes, whereas the local guys in the summer, they run in barefoot.


summary Kazakova quiet morning

So begins the story of “Quiet morning”. A brief summary brings the story to the shore of the pond. That was then, and will unfold the main events. Yasha planted a worm, threw the bait and almost immediately felt on the end of someone gripped. It was a fish. But her boy was not able to strike and I missed it. The second production could not go. Teen caught big bream and barely pulled it to shore. At this time, and rod Volodya danced. He rushed to her, but stumbled and fell into the water.


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Yasha wanted to scold you for this awkward new friend and even took a clod of earth, then to throw into it. But it's not needed. On the surface of the pond desperately floundered boy from Moscow. Yasha realized that he was sinking. Here's a tight plot invented by Y. P. Kazakov. A quiet morning, no signs of trouble, almost turned into a serious tragedy.


Yasha did not immediately realize what to do. He lunged forward to call someone for help. Ran a little, he realized that there is no one nearby, and will have to save his friend. But the guy was afraid to get in the water, as one of his village friends insisted that he saw in the water of the octopus, which can easily drag people into the abyss. In addition, the pond could suck anyone in its waters. Here is the plot of the story "the morning". Short content continues the story.

There was nothing to Do. Quickly throwing off his pants, Yasha ducked. He swam to him, grabbed him and tried to pull him to shore. However, buried often behave inappropriately. So did the Muscovite. Without realizing it, in a fit of fear, he climbed to his Savior. Yasha felt himself began to choke and drown. Then he turned Vova foot in the stomach and sailed to shore. The boy took a breath and looked around. On the surface of the water, he already saw no one.

Then the guy again rushed into the water, dove in and saw the fellow under the water. Yasha grabbed his hand and with great effort pulled ashore. Started to lead him in a sense. Not immediately, but he managed it.

Yu p the Cossacks of the quiet morning

That Is a summary Kazakova "the morning" - a story about courage and friendship.

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