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Christopher Robin – with a true character of the famous tale of the English writer, classic of the literature of the twentieth century by Alan Alexander Milne.

The prototype of the hero was the son of Alan – Christopher Robin Milne.

Lonely child

Christopher Robin Milne was born on 21 October 1920 in the family of Alan and Dorothy of Milna. The couple longed for a daughter rosemary (as they like to call it), and even to the birth prepared her a whole wardrobe of Lacy dresses.

Christopher Robin

The Birth of a son to disappoint the couple something they even tried to raise him as a girl, and dressed in dresses.

Perhaps the biggest sign of attention from the mother of the boy received a gift on his first birthday. It was a Teddy bear, a very beloved child, later embodied in the image of Winnie the Pooh in the story of father Christopher.

The Father spent little time with the boy, he was too busy with his writing activities, mainly work on a book “Winnie-the-Pooh and all-all-all”. And mother and is dumped to the education of the son on the nanny.

Christopher Robin grew up a shy kid in school, children made fun of him, and the teacher made him stand out among others. “Star” childhood was not like the boy.

Exposing myths about your childhood

Throughout life, as a child, Christopher was chasing the echoes of the book: in the University and in the front he was treated like a baby, coaxing me to talk about his childhood and comparing with a character from “Pooh”.

This annoyed and humiliated Christopher Robin.

who is Christopher RobinDeciding to refute the myths about her happy childhood and father in the 70's Christopher Robin released his memoirs in three volumes. He, with all the rigidity and sadness talked about who is Christopher Robin, how did your father built a career, breaking his childhood.

The Memoirs caused a wide resonance in the society, many critics began to dig more deeply in the fate of Christopher, comparing it not only with the boy from the book, but with a cowardly Piglet.

Died Christopher Robin Milne in 1996 in a dream. Later his widow, Claire Milne, organized a charity Fund to help children with cerebral palsy, which is the part of the proceeds from the use of the image of a bear Winnie the Pooh.

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