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Summary “Odyssey” Homer – this is an amazing story long wanderings of the Greek king of Ithaca, brave Odysseus, and his return to his beloved wife Penelope. If the “Iliad” Homer concentrates all the action in Troy and its vicinity, “Odyssey” the scene is dynamic. The reader along with the characters transferred from Troy to Egypt, then – in North Africa and the Peloponnese, is in Ithaca on the Western shore of the Mediterranean sea.

The lives of the characters after the capture of Troy

summary of the Odyssey of HomerThe Story begins ten years after the victory of the Greeks in the Trojan war. Gods not allowed Odysseus right to freely return to their homes. Some time the hero lives in the far West of violet island with the sea nymph Calypso. For a long time the eternal Protectress of Odysseus is Athena trying to beg Zeus for permission to rescue the man, and finally she manages it. Athena in a strange shape is at Ithaca, where Penelope and her son named Telemachus from all sides besieged by suitors. More than a hundred people convince the Queen to choose one of them in men, citing the fact that Odysseus has died. But Penelope still hoped for the return of her husband. Athena speaks to Telemachus and persuades him to go on a journey to learn some information about the fate of his father. Almost immediately he sailed in the direction of Pylos (on the West edge of the Peloponnese), the city of Nestor.

The Beginning of the wanderings of Telemachus

Nestor has Telemachou welcome. He allows the boy to stay in his Palace, and in the evening tells the story of the challenges faced by some of the Greek chiefs on his way back from Troy. With the first rays of the sun Telemachus is sent on a chariot to Sparta, where Menelaus and Helen once again live in love and harmony. Presenting summaries “Odyssey” of Homer, it is worth mentioning that they have arranged a luxury feast in honor of Telemachus, and tell the famous story of the wooden horse, the construction of which the Greeks got the idea from the Odyssey. However, to help the young man find his father they can't.


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The long Awaited release of the Odyssey

At the same time in Ithaca, the suitors of Penelope decided to make Telemachou ambush and kill him. Athena begins to speak about the release of the Odyssey. Hermes, the messenger of the gods, at the instigation of Zeus, is sent to Calypso to demand that she let go of the hero. Then Odysseus started to build a raft and then sail towards Ithaca. But the ruler of the seas Poseidon is still angry with him, because the hero blinded the Cyclops Polyphemus, the son of God. So Poseidon sends a storm to Odysseus ruthless, raft of the hero is shattered, and only with the help of Athena, he manages to reach the shore.

The Journey of Odysseus to the house was not easy

Homer the Odyssey contentNext, summaries “Odyssey” Homer tells us about the events the next morning. Hero wakes up to the sound of maidens ' voices. This is Sheree Princess named Nausicaa and her faithful maids. Odysseus asks Nausicaa for help, and that favorable to the hero – she gives him food and clothing and, in parallel, tells the story about itself and its Royal parents. The maids also Nausicaa says that such a person wishes to see as his wife. The Queen sends the Odyssey to the capital, where he provided himself, admires the splendid Palace and the amazing gardens of the king of the Phaeacians. In the front hall he was greeted king of Alkynes and his wife Aretha – they have a character extremely amiable welcome and listen to his request to help him return home.

The next day in the capital city of the Phaeacians plotting a Grand feast. Talented singer Demodocus recites some ancient legends about gods and heroes. Alkynes, however, asks Odysseus to tell of the Phaeacians people about yourself and what happened to him adventures. Fabulous, astounding story of Odysseus lasts into the night, and the Phaeacians enjoy listening to it. Good-natured people generously bestows his guest, and then provides him a fast ship and sends Odysseus home. The hero is immersed in this time in a deep sleep. When he awoke, he sees that he ended up in Ithaca, where there had been almost twenty years.

Return to Ithaca and meeting with son

At this point, the abstract “Odyssey” Homer turns back on Athena. It has long been waiting for a hero and immediately warns that in the Palace of his danger. Brazen and tired of waiting grooms are even ready to kill the king, if he openly appears in his house. Therefore, Athena transforms Odysseus into a beggar, and she goes in search of Telemachus, wandering on the mainland of Greece. Odysseus at this time stops the swineherd by the name of Evmey. Though he has not recognized her Lord, but treated him very kindly and friendly. Telemachus returns, and Athena helps the boy to know his father.

What then tells Homer? “Ulysses”, the contents of which we learn, continues. After a joyful reunion of father and son together they develop a plan to destroy the suitors of Penelope. Telemachus goes to the Palace, and Odysseus, without changing the appearance of the real thing, goes there a bit later. Some grooms and servants ill-treated him, as a professional beggar IR even causes Odysseus to fight. Odysseus manages to talk to Penelope and her to enter his invention inmisleading. However, outsmart will Euryclea, his old nanny, he fails: pupil woman recognizes old scar on his leg. Odysseus convinces will Auricle to keep the secret of his return. Penelope, and not thinking about who stands in front of her, according to Odyssey about a strange dream that saw her that night, and his intention to arrange for the grooms competition, the results of which it will determine who will become her husband.

Revenge of Odysseus and the reign of peace

Homer the Odyssey a very brief contentFinally, the day of the event. Husband of Penelope should be the one who can bend Ulysses ' bow, pull the string, and then shoot an arrow so that she flew through a dozen rings – the holes for the handles of axes, put in a row. Many suitors had failed, and the beggar (under the guise of which were hidden Odyssey) could do it. He throws with sackcloth, and becomes Telemachus at the entrance to the hall and with the help of two loyal servants of the father and son destroy all the suitors. Penelope first Odyssey arranges a test to be sure that before her is indeed her husband, and then gladly accepts her husband after a long separation.

Close to the end of the story described in the poem of Homer. “Ulysses”, very brief, the content of which is given in this article, ends with the hero goes to see Laertes – his elderly father. In pursuit of him with the purpose of revenge they go to the relatives of the suitors. Along with several loyal servants, the son and the father, Odysseus fails to reflect their impact. And then Athena intervenes with the permission of Zeus and helps re-establish peace and prosperity in the vastness of Ithaca.

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