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The Poet Mikhail Isakovsky was born in the village Glotovka in the early 20th century, in January 1900. As a boy from a simple and poor family could become a famous poet? Did he realize all your creative ideas? What was Mikhail Isakovsky? Biography of the writer in this article.

Mikhail Isakovskiy

The poet's Childhood

The Parents of Mikhail Vasilyevich was very poor, and the family Isakovskij had many children. Unfortunately, due to hunger not all children were able to survive, but Michael is lucky, as they say, was born in the shirt. The family suffered very much from hunger. Money all the time is not enough, and memories of little Misha's childhood was far not the brightest.

His Father worked for the post office and often brought home Newspapers, which helped the little boy learn to read and write. Thus, the future poet became the only literate person in the neighborhood. It began to contact people from the neighboring villages that he wrote letters to their families. Undoubtedly, the boy was very flattered, and his desire to learn grew day by day. During the writing of the letters, the boy learned what thoughts and feelings people experience each other at a distance who has what problems and experiences. It helped him to know what sympathy he had learned to Express their thoughts concerning human relationships.

Poetic talent was observed by a boy from early childhood, and this ability to empathize subsequently resulted in the fact that Mikhail Isakovsky has developed his work in the genre of so-called lyric writing.


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This coveted education

the poet Mikhail Isakovsky

From early childhood, the poet found a very serious incurable eye disease. And from the age of thirteen years he began to deteriorate eyesight, constantly threatened with complete blindness. This disease made the boy very modest and shy. In school he managed to go from 11 years old, but in the class above him was making fun of, and he began to study at home, controlled by teachers. Making great strides, Mikhail Isakovsky pleasing parents and teachers.

In 1913, the boy is perfectly finished school and was able to continue training at the Smolensk gymnasium. There he wrote one of his best poems – “Traveler" (1916). Unfortunately, the poet had to quit training in high school, because the family was in great need. He had to go to work to help feed the family.

Alas, education in schools he has to stop and could not, did not give eye trouble. But Mikhail Isakovskiy until the end of his life he was self-educated, read a lot and, of course, wrote poetry.

Working activity of the poet

In the days of the October revolution, the poet began his career. Even without professional education, he was invited to work as a teacher in primary school, where he distinguished himself as a talented teacher.

In 1918 for a poet is very important - it comes in the all-Union Communist party of Bolsheviks. From that moment he began to write.

 Isakovsky Mikhail Vasilyevich biography

A year later he was appointed editor Elninskaya newspaper, which he created from scratch. To write, of course, also had the most, the typewriter was simply not available. Without doubt, this hard work worsened his already poor eyesight.

In 1926 by Mikhail Isakovsky was elected Secretary of the Board of RAPP. Now he often reprinted in Newspapers.

Five years later, in 1931, Mikhail moved to Moscow to become chief editor in the then popular magazine “Farmer”.

His work proceeded very rapidly, he was engaged in journalistic work, was in the party, created their works.

In the 50's and 60's, he visited several times abroad. In other words, was very active and quite Mature.

Difficult creative path

At the age of 12 had written his first known poem: «Lomonosov» and “Way”.

In the 30-ies of the poet gained fame with the songs «Katyusha», «it is Better that no color", "brown Eyes".

To Participate in military action for health reasons he could not, but I encouraged everyone who was at the front, devoting to them a number of poems: “In the forest of the frontline”, “goodbye town house”.

Written Isakovski postwar poem “Enemies burned native hut” has long been prohibited. It was considered that soldiers cannot cry, and must heroically endure all difficulties. But after some time the poem was published, and mark Bernes put words to the music, despite the ban.

The language of the poetry of Mikhail Vasilyevich very musical, clear people clear. He is loved by many for the ability to accurately and concisely Express human feelings and to empathize with everyone.


In his last years the poet is engaged in active parliamentary activities, and also enjoys prose – says “Leninskuy book”.

In 1971 he was seriously ill, carries a complicated heart attack. While in the hospital, he learns that with him there is his friend, poet and writer Twardowski. But come and visit each other, they can not – the health of each is too weak. And after the death of Twardowski in December of the same year Isakovsky falls into a deepdepression, grieving over his comrade.

In July, 20, 1973 dies Isakovsky, Mikhail Vasilievich.

Mikhail Isakovskiy biography

Biography of the poet such a rich and difficult makes us, the readers, to take an example from this strong man. About him as a famous poet of the 20th century was filmed by “Brilliant primitive. Mystery Isakovskogo”.

The poet was Buried at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow. There is a monument to him.

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