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Tony Maguire - writer, which literally blew up the world with their books. Thanks to this courageous woman managed to attract attention to the problem of violence against children in their own homes. Myself Tony Maguire, of the book which sold millions of copies, were finally able to get rid of childhood memories and horror, shifting the pain to the pages of their works.Tony McGuire

Tony became famous in 2007 after the release of the book "don't tell your mom. The story of a betrayal". It is a recollection of the author about his childhood.

Who is this girl Toni?

If you search the facts about Tony Maguire in the media, there is very little information. The writer tries to keep a low profile, her childhood and youth remain a mystery. If you believe that the plot of her books put personal drama, it is possible to draw a conclusion about where she was born.

Tony McGuire

In the story, Tony lived in the Irish town of Coleraine. From early childhood, subjected to sexual violence by her own father. The prototype of the little girl herself was Tony McGuire. “don't tell your mother” is a work that instantly became an international bestseller and was translated into many languages.

After writing the first book the writer said that it helped her to cope with their negative emotions. She realized that being a victim is not shameful. Tony Maguire believes that the affected topics will make to talk openly and solve the problem of psychological and physical violence in the family.

To date, from under her pen out 4 books, and their circulation is over 1.5 million.

"don't tell your mom. The story of a betrayal"

This is the first book of the writer. It tells the story of her childhood. Tells how a kid got bullied father intimidated her, causing her to remain silent. By the mother no protection and understanding was not. On the contrary, she accused the child of lying and demanded not to embarrass the family. When 14-year-old Tony an abortion, a mystery still unfolding. But this does not bring relief. Tony turned away from all the relatives, friends, neighbors.


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Toni Maguire don't tell your mom

Reviews of the book for the most part positive. Readers will note that the first person narrative makes you empathize with the character deeper. Although there were those who believe the work of this author is too dark. Tony Maguire, a biography which resembles eerie Thriller, couldn't another way to tell the story of his childhood.

"When will dad be back"

This is the second book of the author, it is a continuation of the first part. Tells about his youth, Tony Maguire.

With the return of father from prison where he sat for rape of the daughter, young Tony had to relive the horror. Mother is playing happy families, pretending that her husband repented of his actions. It is extremely interested in the opinion of the neighbors. She tries to make Tony happy. Seeing the whole situation and realizing that the house she cannot find peace, the girl leaves. In the future, she hopes only on themselves.

Toni Maguire books

The Book is as heavy as the first. It's soaked in melancholy. In it, Tony analyzes what happened with her parents, prompting them to behave this way.

"I'll have you for a dad"

This novel by Toni Maguire has written together with Marianne Marsh. The history of the book, as in previous cases, based on real events.

The Story is about a lonely girl Marianne. She grows up in a family where beatings are commonplace, and love from parents not. Friends child can not find, therefore takes the attention from the neighbor. He understands that the child is deprived of love of parents. It all starts with friendship. Then began the inappropriate affection, and as a consequence, frightened Marianne gives birth from a neighbor with two children with an interval of 3 years. Fearing the opinions of others, Marianne gives them to foster families.

Tony Maguire biography

At the Beginning of the book Marianne Marsh is grateful for the support of my husband and children. Glad that they are not turned away from her after learning the truth. Thank daughters, who met with her and given the opportunity to embrace.

"Nobody will come"

Continuing the series of books "Real stories," Tony Maguire writes with Robbie Garner. He and Marianne Marsh, tells the world what happened to him in childhood.

The Book tells of the brutal treatment of children in orphanages who were on the English island of Jersey.

All 4 books are shocking. After reading them, you know, the horror surrounds us sometimes. Surprised and pleased that Tony Maguire, Marianne Marsh and Robbie garner didn't give up. Taking care of yourself, eventually they found the strength to live and love.

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