A touching story which was written by Andrey Platonov. Summary: "Cow" - a work about people and animals


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The Writer Andrey Platonov was born in 1899, 1st of September. His father worked as a mechanic in the railroad shops of the city of Voronezh and locomotive engineer. So the basics of the profession he had known since childhood. It is not surprising that in his story “Cow”, he introduces the boy, whose father was a good caretaker. The Basil – the hero of the story – knew how to make a steam locomotive on the rise not slip; able noise of the brakes to determine whether they worked. This tells Andrei Platonov. Summary (cow Circassian breed - one of the main characters of the story) will give us some idea of this touching piece of work.

The Beginning of the story. Andrei Platonov, "the Cow": a short contents

Platonov. Summary the

The Boy comes to his cow in the barn, talking to favorite, wants to hug her, but she is indifferent to affection. She concentrated on chewing dry grass and thinks about her. What the animal is thinking this day was directed toward the son-the calf. He choked, started to feel even worse, and the boy's father Vasey Rubtsova took the calf to the station to show the doctor. Bob loved his cow, he stroked her udder which gave milk. It is from this episode begins its narrative of Platonov. Brief content (“Cow”, as is clear, is a touching story about the love of animals) brings the reader to the station. As father Basil was absent, the mother asked the son to meet the train. He immediately agreed and went to wait for the part. But the boy wanted the train came faster because it was time to do homework. He studied seven years in school and was a diligent student. The study brought to the child pleasure, as every time he learned something new.

And then, finally, it seemed the train. He walked with difficulty, as the road up the hill. Assistant engineer were thrown under the wheels of sand, so they don't slip. These are the subtleties in the work of the locomotives describes Andrei Platonov.

Short content (“Cow” is quite a sad story), unfortunately, can not fully reveal the character of the boy Basil. However, we can get a General idea about it.

Description of character

summary of story Bob approached the assistant engineer said that he climbed into the cockpit, and he will pour sand on the rails. And so they did. Assistant engineer with respect looked at the child and thought that if he was not his son, that he adopted this boy. Bob and myself liked this work. Moreover, he gave good advice saying that you need to order the Tinker box for sand more, as this fits small. Then Basil asked to see, not trapped or where the car brakes. He coped with this task. That's such a fun guy draws us to Platonov. summary ("the Cow" - short story that speaks about the serious nature of the little men) allows us to introduce a boy character in General.


Tragic denouement

Often the Cow lowed plaintively, as if asking for his son. Vasily's father came the next day and one. The son asked him where the calf. The father said that the doctor helped the calf, but he was sold for meat for a good price. All this time the cow lowed plaintively. She didn't eat bread with salt, which earned her a boy. Next goes to the saddest moment of brief content of the story “Cow”. Platonov writes that on the animal family sometimes plowed land. Since missing her son, the cow became indifferent to everything. She looked for him, often went to the train tracks and went there. One day she was hit by a train. This was a tragic incident says in his work, Platonov.

Summary: a cow was killed - then what?

The father and the son sold it for meat, the boy wrote about his favorite in school essay. Bob wrote that the cow plowed, gave them milk, gave the son, and then his meat. This breaks the narrative.

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