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Genius always indisputable and flawless, so I guess his fans, denying him the right to be an ordinary man with ordinary weaknesses and quirks. But each of those who went down in history because of the gift of the heavens – talent, lived the same simple life that consisted of the same flesh and blood as any man in the street. Biography of Pushkin says that he is no exception. Was in his life and the simple human passions, and spirituality, and the cynicism and the mystical beginning. What to say – son of the...biography of Pushkin

Pushkin: interesting biography

The Kind of Pushkin – untitled Russian noble family. The poet is not once mentioned in the works of his aristocratic family, who had faithfully served the princes, but not recognized on merit, and even persecuted. The image of a great-grandfather on the maternal side, African Abram Petrovich Hannibal, who was patronized by Peter I, was also reflected in the works of the poet. This relationship is Alexander obliged not quite Slavic appearance and black curly hair. Biography of Pushkin is unthinkable without the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, where he was educated by many great poets. Oddly enough, the future genius took in high school thanks to the patronage of his uncle Vasily Lvovich Pushkin put in a good word for his nephew to the curator of the Lyceum, Minister Speransky. Perhaps uncle not had time to regret this step: oddly enough, Alexander is poorly studied, and only the Russian literature and foreign languages were interesting to him. Grandmother, Maria Alekseyevna Hannibal wrote of him: “I do Not know what will come of my eldest grandson. The boy is smart and lover of books, and studying the wrong; that it will not move, then suddenly turn around and disagrees that it does not kill her: from one extreme to the other rushes, he has no means”.Pushkin interesting biography


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A Biography of Pushkin: the early years

Talent meanwhile has developed its own way, not knowing the obstacles: after all, he had so little time… According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Alexander already in his youth became a famous poet. Rebellious by nature, sympathetic to the Decembrists, and the common people, he, nevertheless, was not with them on the Senate square. He had too much life to be given entirely to one idea. Since the age of 16 he knew love, until the end of his days remained a passionate admirer of women. And was, I must say, very promiscuous. Since our hearts are in love with the small beauty, he could give attention to ladies of easy virtue. Being married to his beloved wife, Natalia Nikolaevna Goncharova, the mother of his children, he is as passionately in love with other women and wrote ardent love. His success with women could be the envy of any secular lion. A very ordinary appearance, small stature, quick-tempered and fickle, with a poisonous tongue, he possessed some unknown power of attraction. His cocky nature was known to all. Remembered that the poet was about ninety duels – it was easy to casually insult the person or be offended by the empty word and to call someone to the barrier. Pushkin believed that his stores Providence. May Providence at some point turned away from the recalcitrant poet. the biography and works of PushkinThe Life and biography of Pushkin's work has always been shrouded in a veil of mysticism and recklessness at the same time. Another of his passion: he was a gambler and always in debt linked that also used the subject of many quarrels and duels. We can only guess what a burden-to be the wife of such a great and complex man.

Mystery of the last day

Seen above that his whole life was marked by a certain mystical light. Alexander believed in omens and talismans (“Keep me, my talisman…”). During a duel he always wore on the finger of your beloved ring, which he regarded as his talisman.
biography of PushkinAnd on that fateful day, going to Black river, put on another ring, with carnelian – the gift of the beloved. As it turned out, the insert was made of the burial stone of the Karaites… in General, this duel with Dantes was a lot of confusion. The cause of the quarrel was jealousy, meanwhile, Dantes was married to the cousin of the wife of Pushkin. The Chronicles wrote that Dantes was saved by a button on his uniform, but contemporaries assumed that he was wearing chain mail. But no further investigation was not.

Nothing is random in the life of a genius – and life and death. Biography of Pushkin was broken in 37 years – a fateful, mystical age Russian poets. Who knows, maybe he left because he did everything he was written. Left their work, their name – and left to stay on century.

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