What is a liner and what it eats?


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Liner – an essential item in the Toolbox of every artist. It's not a pen, not felt tip and not a brush, but he can draw all three types.

Who and what is it for?

Answering the question “what is the liner" can not say who need it and for what purposes.

Liner used by artists in order to apply sophisticated touches. Thanks to him, these touches do not need to be fixed, since they are applied very easily. They are used in drawing manga, where every touch can create an entirely different emotion.

If you are not a professional artist, then you can try the technique are observed. It's easy and even beginners can create a masterpiece. Outliners for drawing zentangles a budget and not really going to hit the pocket. There are more expensive professional models but are buying for anything, if you are a beginner.

Also, the liner is used to draw the letters on the cards and just for making graffiti or calligraphy. what is the liner

What is good?

Now that you learned what liner you just interested in the pros and cons of using this “handle”.


  • Low price,
  • Light and smooth strokes;
  • A variety of thickness and manner of application of strokes
  • Water-resistant ink will not melt when in contact with water;
  • Dries quickly on paper;
  • A simplified version of the complex professional handles: technical pen and ruling pen;
  • Many colors.


  • Dries quickly, so you need to use often;
  • Come across counterfeits;
  • Cheap unable to quickly break down.

outliners for drawing

Tips for selecting and using

Painters with great experience can explain to the beginners what is the liner, and to give advice of his or her choice. And each of them says that the focus on price makes no sense. You can buy a cheap liner and it will last a long time, delighting beautiful touches. And you can buy an expensive, throwing money on the wind.


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If possible, before you are going to buy such a pen, test it. Look at how she writes, which gives the line quickly if dries, if not smeared and does not leak when in contact with water. More important than the brand of pen, not the opinions of others, and personally your feelings from her. Such a tool is chosen for the host.

As for use, it must be said that the pen liner requires careful care. It must only be kept closed and in a horizontal position. Also do not drop the pen and press hard when writing and drawing, because the rod can go into the case. It's not the most complex rules, but they will help to keep the handle on for a long time. handle liner

Most Popular models

If you have only recently learned what a liner, or starting with these comfortable and functional handles, a few examples can help to understand how different they can be.

Sakura Pigma Micron – this is an expensive professional model. This liner is made from environmentally friendly material. Ink with a high water resistance and protection from color loss. Line - 0.45 mm.

Faber Castell – more cheap liners, popular artists with experience and beginners. The lines don't flow, dries quickly, easy to apply. It should be noted that the strokes are thinner than stated. For example, 0.8 mm writes as 0.6 mm.

Stabilo – known to many liner, which is often confused with the pen. A very cheap model with a large palette of colors. However, its price does not make it bad: it does not leak, dries well and makes quality touches 0,4 mm.

There are three different versions from completely different categories. However in store you may be confusing the amount that actually exists. As noted above, try not to rely on the opinions or advice of the seller, trust only personal feelings. Trial and error in this case works fine.

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