What it says about the person's handwriting: features, examples, explanation and recommendations


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Few people know that tells about a person's handwriting. But in fact, the signs in handwriting can be equated to syndromes in medicine. The size and slant of letters, spacing and pressure of the pen can tell about a person's character even more than he knows himself.


Not so young as it seems at first glance, the science of graphology will tell you about what handwriting says about a person's character. It has been a detailed study of the inclination of the letters, the distances between them, and location them on paper. The analysis reveals not only personal qualities, but also future prospects or inclination.crooked handwriting that tells about the person

In fact, the connection between handwriting and a person's character was seen in the middle ages. The basis of graphology is considered to be a book written by Roman historian Suetonius in the 16 th century. A couple of centuries of data on graphology was systematized by Michonne. The final proof of this connection were the experiments conducted by V. Prayeron using hypnosis - he inspired the same man that he has different traits, and experimental handwriting radically changed.

General organization of handwriting

The analysis first to verify the evenness of the handwriting. Depends on which side (positive/negative) will be considered one or the other feature of the person:

  1. Smooth and perfectly-organized handwriting shows active and focused person who is always confident in their own abilities and has no inclination to frequent failures.
  2. Large, but not quite organized handwriting says about impulsiveness.
  3. Small and organized says that the owner reasonably uses their own strength.
  4. Indecisive and timid people, is showing small and very poorly organized handwriting is insecure personality, retreating at the first hurdles.


On the relation of man to his fellow men will tell large or small handwriting. What says man of the small size of the letters - you want to know many people, because statistics show that the number of individuals with small handwriting is slightly higher than the number of people who used to live in big letters.talking about bad handwriting


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The first step is to define the boundaries of the medium are considered to be letters, up to 3 millimeters in height. Accordingly, small - up to 3 mm and from 3 mm.

  1. Owners of large handwriting is always sociable and active, they can support any conversation and amuse even the most boring company.
  2. Too small letters speak about modesty and reluctance to draw attention to himself. Although it should be noted that people who write in small handwriting, I love reflections, but bold action from them to wait is difficult.
  3. And the letters are medium in size go to the people who can always find a compromise. They really appreciate their strength and can adapt to any situation.

Lines and lines

No less important are lines and lines characterizing the human reaction to various external stimuli (surrounding events). Here plays the role of the unconscious man, as the line to spell a word is not on the physical level, namely the subconscious.

  1. Smooth lines comply with a reliable person who will always fulfill the request of a friend and will not fail in difficult situations.
  2. Pretentious smooth lines indicate too many issues of knowledge control.
  3. Uneven lines observed in those who are deprived of a strong inner stability.
  4. Directed the line up speaks of optimism, and points down the line the owner of the pessimist.


Certain distances between lines and words gives the characteristics of the behavior and thinking of the person.what does the handwriting of the person transcript

Constantly confused people more love between the lines to make the spacing small. Handwriting that tells about the person attentive and the host informed decisions is a large spacing between lines.

The Amount of mental and physical space to show spacing between words:

  1. The Same space between words is the person able to perceive the appearance and with respect to social inequality.
  2. Distance of a different size say of an unstable personality, which is only dealing with any people, and the rest are simply ignored.
  3. Narrow gaps characterize a closed person to allow others close to him. Such a person does not need too much personal space and prefers to be around other people.
  4. Large distances between words reveal the fear of the owner before communicating with others. To meet such a person would be very difficult, but when you approach him, he seems to be rather interesting to talk to.


Special attention is paid to what it says about a person handwriting, if the pressure of the pen or pencil can be quite different from one and the same individual. You should know that the pressure is a characteristic of this emotional state:

  1. Strong press writer object on paper guarantee emotional consistency and stability in all senses.
  2. Weakpush shows the owner as a person, easily influenced others. Usually such people choose for themselves the intellectual activities, they are susceptible to other personalities, deep feelings are completely absent.


Characteristics of the handwriting tells us about the level of emotional reactions, and degree of understanding of others. what it says about the person writingPeople with perfect calligraphy find quite difficult, so the most frequent request - "talking About bad handwriting?" In fact, before you consider your handwriting is bad, we should understand the characteristics and the arrangement of the letters:

  1. Strict verticality of the letters hides a cool and calm man who is often indifferent to others at a time when others are experiencing very different feelings.
  2. If the letters are slightly tilted to the right, then this is direct evidence of a mild reaction to the environment. Such a person cannot be called restrained, because before the manifestation of emotions he initially all good, considering.
  3. Reinforced slope to the right shows the emotional intensity and impulsivity.
  4. Cool men tip letters when writing on the left side. They protect themselves from irritants and often selfish towards others.

How to select staff

In some European countries the staff is selected according to clear rules, one of which is handwriting analysis - it will be the last step in the test. The final decision on acceptance of an employee to a position taken only after the chief knows exactly what he's talking about a person's handwriting (examples are below).

Financial positions in the United States take only worthy people. They have to pass some pretty tough tests where handwriting is important. Graphologist can conclude that man is prone to cheating, and then he will be denied.

To Pass the examination is not always easy. For example, people, the hallmark of which is a clumsy handwriting that tells about the person prone to quarrels and instability are unlikely to be awarded a prestigious position in many countries.small writing that tells about the person


Proactive and creative person is usually considered for the position of Director. But in order to take this place, should have the right handwriting: the letters should be wide and with different size, also requires the presence of the right balance between curves and angles. In addition, the required feature of the handwriting for the position of Director is a straight or slightly raised line.

Top Manager

The identity of the Manager and sociable person, discreet and patient. Therefore, to obtain such a position the administration has to know that you can tell about a person in his handwriting and if it is suitable for working as a Manager in a decent company.

Letters when writing must be decorated almost imperceptible amount of decorative elements, their perfect size is average, and each letter needs to be rounded.

Head of PR

Cold-Blooded and brave man is perfect for a similar position, but the ability to communicate with people in writing must also be present. The handwriting of the head of public Affairs should be as clear as possible and have its own characteristics: fast paced writing, wide handwriting, letters are connected. Most often, the signature of such a person ends a touch small in size.


Employee of the financial sector must be able to quickly focus and to have a stable mind. This is what it says about the person's handwriting that is easy to read. The letters must be large in size, and the distance between the words is a valid large.


The Man who dreams of working as an engineer, you must have a lively mind and quick reactions. Handwriting is such a personality is characterized by rounded letters, where there are some angularity. The distance between words and lines large enough, and the letters themselves are not too narrow.what does the handwriting examples

Household employee

A Smart man with common sense can easily fall into the economic position of the employee. But more luxury companies still have to figure out what it says about the person writing. The candidate for this position should write at a fast pace, while carefully practicing each letter.

A Short test

You Can optionally pass a short test to find out what does the handwriting of the person (transcript is below):

  1. To write to fast and then at a slow pace sentence of 4-5 words.
  2. To Draw any animal.
  3. To Represent a geometrical figure.
  4. Send the arrow in any direction.

what can you tell about a person by his handwritingResponds Quickly to changing environment of people, handwriting is no different from his usual in the first exercise. Emotions drawn animal is the patronage of the emotions of the author. The presence of the angles in a geometric figure about said failures, and roundness - developed will power. Straight arrow shows the presence of the correct purposes and winding - indicates that a man lovesto talk than to do anything.

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