Fear is not a sin, but cowardice is a Vice


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Man, like any living creature subject to fear. It is quite a normal phenomenon, which reflects the instinct of self-preservation. That's only in life there are circumstances that require a person to overcome this fear, that is, the suppression of a primal instinct. This task is not easy, it is not surprising that people are showing cowardice. This concept will now consider.

Implying cowardice?

Cowardice is a human behavior in a certain situation when he refuses to make decisions or actively act out of fear or other phobias. Cowardice, no doubt, driven by fear, and this concept should be distinguished from caution or prudence. Once Rumyantsev noted that the cowardice – escape from possible danger without having adequate evaluation.

In psychology, cowardice is considered a negative quality. It is a mental weakness that prevents appropriate action.

this is cowardice

Understanding of cowardice on Theophraste

The ancient Greek philosopher Theophrast said that cowardice – it is spiritual weakness, which does not allow the person to confront my fears. A cowardly person can easily take the cliffs of the rocks for the pirate ships, or to prepare for death as soon as you begin to climb the wave. If a coward will suddenly go to war when seeing his comrades die, he must pretend that he had forgotten the weapon, and return to camp. There is a coward I'll hide the sword, and will portray an intensive search. He will do anything not to fight with the enemies. Even if you hurt any of his comrades, he will take care of him, but when it begins to return soldiers from the battlefield, no doubt, a coward will run out to meet them, all smeared with the blood of his friend and will tell that has literally brought him from the hell of battle.


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Here is a striking example of cowardice leads Forest, trying to uncover the essence of this concept. But no matter, now or thousands of years ago, human nature has remained unchanged – cowards behave the same way.

examples of cowardice

Cowardice and courage

The Feeling of fear known to all men. There has never been and never will be the person who is afraid of nothing. Here are just some in the face of danger retreat, while others break themselves and go towards your fear. Such people are called courageous. But if the person had not done so, and after a while he is forced surrounding to a particular action, then no doubt, he will get nickname coward. The inability and unwillingness to cope with their fears forever put on the person the appropriate label.

To Defeat cowardice is not easy. The courage to show courage – such actions have the potential every person, but if it is already firmly entrenched cowardice, he becomes her helpless slave. Cowardice is doing everything to not show itself, that invisible shadow with great destructive power.

You Can recall many examples of cowardice: a friend is sticking up for a friend because I was scared of the fight; man does not change the hated job, fear of losing stability; or a soldier escaping from the battlefield. Cowardice has many forms, hiding behind the rules.

what causes cowardice

Dante's Inferno

In Dante's guide through the afterlife in this classic description of cowards. In the shadows of the Underworld crowded faceless souls, once they were people afflicted with cowardice. It is indifferent onlookers at the feast of life, they knew no glory, no shame, and the world should not remember them.

If a person is getting into a dangerous situation, thinks only of escape, while ignoring the voice of reason, he is stricken with cowardice. Cowardice always chooses what is convenient and safe. That does not solve the problem, but hiding from it - that's the basis on which is based the concept of cowardice.

the concept of cowardice


To hide from life's problems and decisions, cowardice finds discharge in entertainment. Hiding behind the endless succession of feasts, watching funny videos, cowardice continuously accumulates the number of unpleasant situations that require resolution. So what causes cowardice?

If she has become a manifestation of personality, then it is safe to say that this person is not capable of courage or sacrifice. He becomes timid and fearful, and he had forever silenced the conscience. Do not fear just lunatics. To avoid the danger – this is a reasonable thing to do, but away from a specific problem – it's cowardice.

The Coward will think ten thousand times before taking a decision. His motto is: “Like if something happens”. Following this principle, the man turns into this egomaniac who is doing everything possible to hide from the threats of the outside world. Cowardice is short-circuited in his loneliness, a scared ego that is more important than his own safety, willing to go to any meanness. This is a betrayal. Paired with cowardice any human Vice takes an exaggerated view: the stupid turns into an incorrigible blockhead, becoming a false accuser. That's what causes cowardice.

cowardice is the worst Vice

Terrible Vice

Inmost cowardly people are cruel. They bullied the weak, thus trying to hide from the public its “timid affliction”. Accumulated anger and resentment coward throws on the victim. Cowardice deprives people of the ability to think sensibly. Brutal killings that even the seasoned techs thrown in a cold sweat, often committed under the influence of fear. That is why cowardice – this is the most terrible flaw.

Because Of its excessive fearfulness a person can live whole life not knowing what he was capable of. Everyone has the potential brave man, but refusing to make decisions or take necessary actions, a person is gradually turning into a coward. Fear – is not a sin, it reveals the human weaknesses, which can be quite successful to deal with, but the cowardice – is already a crime, which is unjustifiable.

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