Man-Libra woman-Leo compatibility in love and marriage


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Man-Libra woman-Leo, Virgo or Sagittarius – why some couples are literally doomed, that they will have to leave, or to spend our lives together? To answer this question will help Libra woman Leo

Zodiac Signs

In fact, the signs of the zodiac represent twelve different sectors, separated by a dot, which are the fixed stars. Astrology began in ancient Rome, and even then astronomers were not only able to describe the character of a person depending on his date of birth but also to predict more global events for the country.

Already the most successful marriages were the ones where the signs completely match each other, although there were exceptions to the principle of “opposites attract”. Therefore, man-Libra woman-Leo, for example, could be a few with the signs opposite to its value. Since then, little has changed, and now many people consulted astrologers to find out how a potential partner is suitable for marriage. Of course, thanks to modern technology, you can more accurately determine the position of the stars and, based on this, compile a more detailed horoscope for each.


Born under this zodiac sign people are diligent behaviour. They are intelligent and respect the cultural norms of morality.Leo and Libra

Characteristics of men born under the sign of Libra

Endowed with intelligence, very knowledgeable and very communicative – here what are the main characteristics of male-Scales. The female lion, in turn, is also characterized by high intelligence and ability to react quickly, but more on that later. So Libra men are a lot of ideas, which they are happy to tell everyone around. Sometimes such frankness plays against them.


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Despite the quiet nature, the Scales like to argue and don't miss the opportunity to prove his point, but never go too far. Because of the natural sociability of such men perfectly cope with any conflicts. Libra - a great business as they are able not only to communicate with people, but also because they always find the optimal solution which will satisfy all participants in the negotiations.

Sometimes the calm gives way to apathy and depression, this can happen if someone decides to start to command them that does not like male-Scales. The female lion is in this respect just the same can cause it irritation, as due to his lion's nature she will try to take a dominant position in the family.

Man-Libra in dealing with women

Friendly and gallant, he is able to charm at first sight. Because of the erudition and erudition to impress a Libra woman will not be easy. Never improves the tone, is not concerned with pressing issues during a conversation, an ideal companion and a perfect gentleman will charm you even if he looks not very attractive. Before proceeding to any actions, he carefully calculates and selects the most optimum position in order to achieve their Libra and Leo

This feature sometimes fails him, as when you need to act quickly and decisively, man-Libra falls into a stupor. Therefore, in such situations, he prefers to take a neutral position.

The Men of this zodiac sign, attach a relatively high importance of public opinion, so he tries to please everyone. But you can't always be the good guy, and sometimes the Weights have to deny people what they usually do survive and try to return the favor of a man that had to hurt.


People born from July 23 to August 23, are all qualities of a true leader. Strong, powerful and active Lions always achieve their goals and know what they want.Libra Leo woman

Characteristics of women born under the sign of Leo

The Lionesses are very reasonable and optimistic. Despite its nature of a leader, in the company are usually kept quiet. A leader by nature, the female lion holds a leading position in relations but nevertheless in society she always kept behind her husband.

Against the Lions, rather, allow yourself to love. Appreciate that they fought and sought leniency. If the man managed to win the heart of a Lioness, he can be sure that the passion never goes out, since women born under the sign of Leo, differ in the temperament and activity.married woman Leo man Libra

What are the values of female Lions

For such of the Queen of important things, not words. It may be pleasant surprises, unusual dates, expensive gifts, etc. By nature strong Lioness appreciate the man power and dedication.

Relationship between Leo and Libra

Despite the fact that these zodiac signs are quite different, lions with Weights formed durable unions. Complementing each other, they do find happiness. Love Libra and Leo support due to the constant interest to each other. Strong, powerful and impulsive Lioness always listens to the advice of wise and peaceful men born under the sign of Libra. This Union is dynamic. Leo and Libra is a perfect example of how sometimes the differences in the characters harmoniously "coexist" with each other. Libra male LeoOf Course, its influence not only stars, but also other factors. Besides, it is worth considering that if the Lioness was born in 20th August, in her nature will touch next on the list of zodiacal constellations. The same applies to all other people.

Marriage: Leo woman + Libra man

However, as in any relationship, maintaining love requires some effort, so each of the partners have something to change.

Man-Libra will be happy to get rid of the burden of responsibility and trust decisions the Lioness, which, in turn, will readily share his energy with her husband. The female lion can be always sure that her spouse will support her, and even if it is not loudly arguing and yelling at her offender, he will find a way to defend her Libra woman Leo

In the marriage of these two characters learn from each other and are constantly being improved, so every year their relationship is moving to a new level. Where can't handle man-Libra, Leo-woman definitely will permit, and if the Lioness is in a panic, her husband must reassure his wife and will find exactly those arguments that she needs.

About their shortcomings partners know so they don't have "open eyes" of each other. Support, respect, patience and love-these are the main components of a successful marriage between these two signs of the zodiac.

Leo and Libra love to spend joint leisure time, they enjoy going to the movies, theaters, outdoors, etc. Despite the difference of temperaments, tastes they often coincide.

In conclusion

Finding the meaning of life in each other, such couples become a benchmark of the ideal relationship, where the role of the cold head performs a Libran man. The lion-woman, in turn, is a symbol of a passionate heart, which charms by its impulsiveness and openness. Harmony of this Union will exist for many years, provided that both partners work each day. Motivating each other, Leo and Libra can achieve career heights, thanks to the support and useful advice. Every day of your lives together will be to present this pair of new surprises.


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