Stones for Libra: calm and light from Nature itself


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Elegant, educated and diplomaticstones for weights Libra, as a rule, pay much attention to external manifestations of all life aspects starting from relations between people and ending with the most complicated philosophical concepts. It is because Libra can't stay indifferent to everything beautiful and harmonious, and in some periods of life often put the external above the internal. From birth attractive lady and wonderful interlocutors, these people are insanely talented in everything where you need to show tact, measures the ability to balance the various parties. What are the stones for Libra fits best?


Once our ancestors malachite was known as a magic stone, wish-fulfilling. Bright, clean people he helps in almost all endeavors, good luck. And jewelry with malachite make its owner extremely motivated. Amazing gem helps to discover and develop their creativity and other abilities, to implement all the ideas. Speaking of stones for Weights, it should also be said that malachite will bring to its owner a lot of new friends and acquaintances - both good and bad, and therefore worth a closer look at his surroundings. However, here the main thing - not to abuse the possibilities of the stone, and then he will bring you only positive. In addition, malachite helps to develop communication skills, gives a unique charm, eloquence and friendliness.


First of all, this stone is notable for the fact that his only fields on the planet are located in Russia – anywhere else it is not. Mineral rich purple shades will awaken the wisdom, spirituality and good judgement to avoid many mistakes and losses. Delivered in the house figurine from charoite will allow the family to keep love and mutual understanding, and the same souvenir on the desktop will attract a lot of new creative ideas and inspiration.what is the stone of Libra


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Rubellite (Tourmaline)

There are many shades of tourmaline and all gems for Libra for you. Red represents energy, passion, and especially recommended to the representatives of the stronger sex. Green rubellites are able to attract wealth and prosperity. However, people over the age of 35 green stones to wear is not necessary, as they will significantly cool the passion in the relationship. And most of all tourmalines approach to creative personalities – you can use them to achieve recognition and success in the arts.stones for weights


These stones for Scales is also very good: they help to get rid of worries and nervous tension, protect against bad dreams and give the soul peace and rest.


Often called “soul gem”, he is the best suited for Libra, helps them to build relationships with others and to develop spiritually.


Want to know what stone the sign Libra responsible for the intellect and everything to do with thinking? Feel free to choose beryl. He makes the mind more acute and sharpens the mental processes.amethyst weighing

In Addition, you can purchase amethyst for the Scales (the universal protector against adverse external influences), lapis (gives happiness and helps the owner to fight with their own flaws), opal (protects from extremes and provides the ability to maintain balance) or aquamarine (helps to find a common language with people and keep your hands to yourself even in the most difficult situations).

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