Feng Shui in the apartment: the secrets of an ancient method


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Feng Shui in the apartmentFeng Shui in the apartment of the majority of Russians and citizens of other countries – the phenomenon is acceptable, but not quite right. This situation stems from the fact that this technique has appeared more than 6 thousand years ago in China and were intended for decorating the graves. In later centuries it was transformed into ways to design and layout of a detached house which was designed according to certain rules.

If people have the opportunity to live in a detached structure, then you can try to apply Feng Shui for home. And you need to start with the surrounding area. Better not to do driveway, directly sent to the house, especially if it is still shrinking in front of the doors. It can attract negative energy. But also better not to place paths far from home, because in this case, the energy does not come in your home. Optimal is a slightly twisty smooth road, the approaching to the entrance. Such options planning area, by the way, was often used in European palaces, where the carriage drove up to the side of the building in a graceful semicircle. Similarly, affect water flows adjacent to the home rivers. Better if the site itself has a square or round harmonious form. If there are sharp corners, it is desirable to overlap the decorative fence, plant trees, plants.

The Implementation of the principles of Feng Shui in the apartment or house begins with the entrance door. It must be the threshold in a couple of inches to avoid health problems in the household. If the door is at the top of the stairs, to attract financial good luck you need to hang a small octagonal mirror. It also makes sense to pay attention to which side of the world are the entrance/ exit of your home. For example, if the door faces North-West, the house to dominate a man, and if the South-West, the great influence of the feminine. The door to the South contributes to the active life, and its opposite – the entrance on the North side, on the contrary, quiet or even passive life, etc. Feng Shui home


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Feng Shui in the apartment can be used in the selection of furniture, fabrics for decor or bedding in the arrangement of some of the decorations. For example, mats can be matched to enhance or neutralize the flow of energy. Chinese masters do not advise you to set the chair directly in front of the door, especially for distinguished persons. It is better to put faces to the front, but slightly to the right or to the left. It is also advisable not to put the chairs backs to the window. If you avoid this, there is no possibility, then on the window sills need to deliver in order to avoid feelings of danger from sitting in them.

The Basic rule of Feng Shui in the apartment, which can stick to any family, is in order. The Chinese sages said: “If it will be cleaned in the house, then there will be order in the country. And if you order in the country, then the earth will be the world”. Clean Windows, washed the floor, spread things contribute to the proper circulation of energies, maintaining a friendly, healthy atmosphere. 

Feng Shui zoneDivision of the apartment into certain sections, each of which is a repository of certain values, – here is another direction, which is engaged in Feng Shui. Areas in the dwelling are determined based on the directions. In summary there are nine sectors:

  • North (position in society, career);
  • Central (wealth, stability);
  • South (reputation family);
  • East (happiness in family life);
  • Western (happiness and luck of children);
  • South-East (prosperity);
  • The South West (relationship with partners);
  • North-East (education, life experiences, mentors);
  • North-West (business connections).

To determine the location of the zones in the apartment, it is her plan to draw the square with nine quadrangular shapes (squares, rectangles), where in the middle of the Central sector, on the sides of the main light side, and diagonally – intermediate. Then the Northern sector has been to impose on the Northern part of the apartment and to the location of the rest areas, each of which must subsequently be issued in accordance with the canons.

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