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The Pious elder, the priest Valentin Biryukov in Novosibirsk diocese refers to those centenarians who can adequately pass a whole generation of your valuable life experience and faith in God's Providence. After grievous sorrow, he has always framed pastoral shoulder people desperate, insecure and weak in faith. Having a good and pure heart, he never doubted the goodness and love of God.

Valentin Biryukov

Atheistic environment

When Val was a student of class 3 conventional Tomsk high school, and it was in 1931 that he first felt the power of God. It happened just before Easter. Children, as direct and ingenuous creation in school, shared experiences and were engaged in a talk about God. However, it is heard by the teacher, which instantly became furious, and spent with the disciples of the atheist conversation that there is no God, and all of this prejudice. In the next lesson the teacher so twisted by a spasm, that she needed urgent medical assistance. After that, she left, and more it nobody saw. Parents Valentina explained to my son that militant atheist so God punished...


Archpriest Biryukov Valentin was born in the village of Kolyvan Altai territory in the summer of July 4, 1922. When it came to collectivization, Biryukov's family, like many other farmers from their village, dispossessed and sent to Narym territory.

Valentin Biryukov grew up in a pious, believing family. His father, like his grandfather, was singing in the Church choir. Uncle also served in the temple, but then he was shot. The godfather of his in the 37th was arrested as an enemy of the people. Then took and father. After several warnings he was imprisoned in the Barnaul prison, and the rest of the family there were four children, was exiled into the forest.

Valentin Biryukov

The war and the hardening

There Valentin Biryukov got a good workout. Poverty and hunger assailed him, had to eat the same grass, but there were always the strength to face the adversities, and this only intensified the belief in God. All this the hard experience of survival he had to endure in the war and the siege of Leningrad.


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At the beginning of the war in 1941 Valentine along with thousands of other young guys, put in a wagon and sent to the training of gunners in Omsk. And then started the road of death on the Leningrad front, where Valentin Biryukov took part in fierce battles and distinguished himself as an apt, the Siberian shooter and the gunner, for which he received awards.

He couldn't even imagine what will be buried almost alive. From his body the surgeons removed the shrapnel from bullets, artillery shells and bombs simultaneously hit him. Biryukov Valentine knew to get out of this hell helped him only God.

Now the priest says all this with a shudder of the heart. After all. when he woke up on the field among the huge number of dead comrades, immediately felt the unbearable searing pain. But, seeing the sky and swallowing the salty and dirty tears, began to pray.

Valentin Biryukov


The Hospital was no different from the trenches of the front line, where were lice, dirt and putrid sickening smell, worms, flies, a loaf of bread from the grass on four soldiers and deadly fatigue. In such a situation people would be reluctant to grasp at straws. People in such conditions have increasingly turned to God.

To Bury people there is nobody there. Those who a little feel better, he had to help others, but the bodies were so many that the soldiers had to burn all the dead bodies of innocent people and his comrades. Foul-smelling smoke was everywhere, I had nowhere to go, heart and soul became numb and accustomed to death. The Germans bombed the 12 warehouses of supplies, the survivors had to collect the land on which were scattered the remains of food. The fat on its surface were filled with water to be able to shoot anything for food, but if the earth was sweet, she went for tea.

Valentin Biryukov priest

Father Valentin Biryukov: the priest and the veteran

When the average Biryukova had a free moment, he tried to spend it on a trip to the library of the theological Seminary in Leningrad. He wanted to serve God, he wanted to know everything associated with It, then to tell it to his fellow colleagues. He even managed to rally the faithful soldiers of some brotherhood, had nothing for the soul except his own conscience and hope of Christ and the virgin Mary.

Valentin Biryukov – a veteran of the war, which killed millions of people. But he survived, in spite of everything, isn't it a miracle of God?! Throughout life he had a few signs of destiny that he will be a priest, maybe that's why God kept it for future generations. Valentine felt this support even in the most unbelievable moments of your life.

Peaceful life

When declared victory, fighter Biryukov was crying along with everyone and falling on his knees, praying. But back home he had not once, had to stay in Prussia, near Konigsberg, to prevent possible enemy sabotage.

He Returned after a year in Narymsky edge of the village of Kolpashevo, and became a parishioner of the Church Sunday p. Togur. His first profession - the seller, but the blockage of veins caused him to pursue photography. However, hestill dreamed of becoming a priest, and was first a chorister in a local Church. Not all of his friends approved of it. Some laughed, others were spewing all sorts of ridiculous rumors, others tried to prevent, and even to excommunicate.

In 1975 he was ordained to the diaconate by the Archbishop of Novosibirsk and Barnaul Gideon. Then he had to move to the Central Asian diocese, and there, in Tashkent, in 1976, the priests already ordained Archbishop of Tashkent and Central Asia Bartholomew. Then he returned to his native Siberia and began to serve in St. Nicholas Church, S. Novolugovoe in the Alexander Nevsky Church in Kolyvan (Novosibirsk oblast).

Biryukov father Valentin, a priest and veteran


All three of his sons became priests, and the daughter's husband is also a priest. In Berdsk Valentin came immediately after distributed here by the Abbot of the Sretensky Church of his son Basil at the end of the Leningrad theological Academy.

Now father Valentin is a provincial priest. He became a spiritual mentor to many priests and lay people, often met with the youth and led to her educational talks about their fate, and about how faith helped him survive.

In 2008, the publishing house of the piously-Danilov monastery published the book of the Archpriest Valentine Biryukova called “On earth, we just learn to live”, which is not invented, touching and impressive life stories.

Valentin Biryukov veteran


Before 1917 Russia was called Holy Russia, but after the revolution, separating the Church from the state, deprived of her heart. Thank God that now access to the Church is free, although not all in a hurry there, stopping worldly vanity and care.

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